Baggage - A Short Film with NYFA

by NICE LITTLE THINGS in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On 6th July 2022 we successfully raised £4,750 with 103 supporters in 27 days

Support a young and diverse group of filmmakers as we capture a story about love, legacy and London through the eyes of the 60s.

by NICE LITTLE THINGS in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Any extra money we raise will primarily go towards a few things: festival distribution, production design, and cast fees:

  • We at NLT are all young, aspiring filmmakers who would love as many people as possible to see our films. Short film festivals are a great way to do so, but submissions are not always free! Rather, the most prestigious film festivals demand the greatest fees. The extra funding will enable baggage to be seen by as many people as possible.
  • Our locations are very important to our film, and we'd love the interior locations to reflect the characters of their inhabitants in every way. We could achieve this with specific props and costumes which would be more expensive to acquire.
  • Extra funds may allow us to meet the fee requirements of the established actor we will be hiring for our shoot, and to have them on set with us throughout more of the shoot.

In conjunction with NYFA, we will be shooting Baggage this summer in just four days! It's a fantastic opportunity to work with some of the most exciting young filmmaking talent in Britain, whilst also being shepherded through the process by a handful of wise industry professionals.

But shorts do not just grow on trees - we need your backing to enable Baggage to reach it's full potential!



Steve is a dear old man in his 80s and, between you and me, in a bit of a bad way. He has returned to his beloved London, for the first time since the '60s, to restore some sentimental items to their dear bestowers. His excuse for an address book, however, is somewhat out of date, and tracking down his pals proves easier said than done. Instead, he is inadvertently entangled in a group of young Londoners, rife with sibling spats and love triangles.


To evoke the sense of passing time and the past in general, we envision the film to be a softly-graded black and white film that will also unify all of its characters and settings in one palette: t1653587462_crowdfunder_visuals_(1).jpeghe palette of London, a place full of life, death, birth, decay and a population with thousands of different identities who will all be seen through the same neutral greyscale filter.

London itself 1653587488_crowdfunder_visuals_(3).jpegshould feature as much as minor characters, giving the audience the sense that these events are happening in the city and in the modern day, with the intention of adding a strand of realism to the piece.

1653587532_crowdfunder_visuals_(2).jpegWe want this film to communicate itself quietly and subtly through mise-en-scène and many still shots that explore habitats and how characters exist within them, negating the need for extensive exposition in the limited time that we have.

Naturally, the film will lend itself to arthouse cinema-goers, fans of auteurs such as David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch and Joanna Hogg.









1654548430_4.jpgNow, you might be wondering what on earth we would do with £4000. Allow me to elucidate on some of the more considerable costs of production:

1654541979_untitled_design.jpgequipment hire

This is a bit of a no-brainer. It is clear, even now, that the image and sound quality of Baggage is going to be vital to deliver a piece which captures the chemistry and delicacy of its mise-en-scène. We need to have the means to hire equipment which will enable our Director of Photography, Samuel Barker, to execute this (along with our director and sound department).


Important events need important places. We know we'll need a license to shoot in the Royal Greenwich Parks and, as we explore our options, we may need to hire spaces and rent flats, for shooting locations and our unit base as well.  Although there is a chance that we may befall the kindness of the odd tenant, we must be prepared to worship at the church of AirBnb!

actor fees & care

We are very excited at the opportunity to work with a seasoned actor, and to reap the benefits of their experience, but actors need to eat too! At the very least we will be paying equity rates and perhaps a lot more to reel in the talent we're looking for.

thank you!

thank you so much from all of us at NICE LITTLE THINGS for visiting our page. Please share this page with your friends and family, your pets, your old primary school teachers, and your local MP. All the support really does mean a lot to us!


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