BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A BRICK, 31st Aug @ 7:30pm

by SHEDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL in London, England, United Kingdom

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BACK OF THE HEAD... is raising money through SHEDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL to help the next generation of artists make it to the Fringe

by SHEDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL in London, England, United Kingdom


31 AUG @ 7:30pm BST 


BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A BRICK is part of SHEDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL a brand new online festival and fundraiser presenting the very best of the Fringe stalwarts of theatre, music and comedy, and the best new acts, all performed live from sheds across the country and streamed into people’s homes this August. 

Every week after work, Sean visits his friend who’s been sectioned at the Highgate Mental health hospital. On the way there he passes the flat that used to be his nana’s, now occupied by a man his dad planned to murder, by hitting him in the back of the head with a brick.

Today’s visit is just like any other, but when heavy days like this accumulate, the weight gets harder to carry. Sean tries to find solace in all the pockets of London he knows, wanting to express himself and love as much as he can, while keeping the defence mechanisms that helped him survive intact. 

This is a story about how punishing and forgiving London can be. From the mutual friends behind cafe counters, to old school friends you bump into at McDonalds, realising the class clown is now a dad. It’s about falling in love with someone that will take you away from the only life you’ve ever known, and learning that a part of growing up is about moving on.

You can listen to the companion piece mixtape to BOTHWAB, SAD Lamps on

The show is produced by Sean Mahoney and Strike a Light.

The dramatrugy for this show is by Steven Camden, Sophie Devrie, and Grace Gummer.

Age guidance - 14+

Trigger warnings - Suicide, depression, violent imagery. 

Running time - 1 Hour


Tickets fare purchased as donations to the SHED LOAD OF FUTURE FUND, starting from just £4. There is no limit to what you can donate and we kindly ask that if you are watching with multiple people, you consider making a donation per person. 

You’ll be able to book tickets until 3:30pm on [DATE OF PERFORMANCE] after which time we’ll need to close booking to allow us to get everything ready for the performance. 

Tickets are limited so don’t wait or you may miss out. 


All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the SHED LOAD OF FUTURE fund for the preservation of the Fringe: financially supporting future artists and creatives with grants to help them make it to Edinburgh for the first time next year. 

Your donations are a direct investment in the future creatives able to make and take work to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

If you want to make a direct donation to the fund, you can do so through our dedicated SHEDINBURGH page here:


You’ll receive an email from the SHEDINBURGH box office on the day of the performance with a link and instructions of how to watch. 

All performances are streamed online via Zoom so you can watch from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.



SHEDINBURGH is a programme of live-streamed socially distanced performances from sheds based at either The Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, Soho Theatre in London, or from the homes of those artists unable to travel at this time.

Acts have been asked to revive and reimagine past performances for a shed, rather than a theatre, with minimal staging and with a digital audience. A challenge worthy of the Fringe, our performers are taking on quite the task. 

At a time when venues face an uncertain future and artists are struggling SHEDINBURGH will shout loud about the Fringe’s vital role in global culture, celebrate its past successes and breakthrough artists and provide a platform for the talent that would have been on this year. 

SHEDINBURGH will take place between 14 August – 5 September with daily events including ‘one night only’ performances from established Fringe favourites, slots for new artists through Open Call Submissions and industry panel discussions. 

Featuring shows from Helen Baer, Tim Crouch, Rosie Jones, Adam Kashmiry, Yolanda Mercy, Deborah Frances-White, Gary McNair, Sara Pascoe, Steen Raskopoulos, Jack Rooke, Joe Sellman-Leava, Mark Thomas and more. 

For the full schedule and more information you can visit


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Twitter: @ShedinburghFest #Shedinburgh

Instagram: @Shedinburgh_Fest

Facebook: Shedinburgh-Fringe-Festival

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] 


SHEDINBURGH is presented by Francesca Moody Productions in association with Popcorn Group. 

Supported by Traverse Theatre, Soho Theatre, National Student Drama Festival, Crowdfunder and Solid Media

Sponsored by Beer52, Mighty Small , Homebase and Mercia Garden Projects.


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Here at Team Shed we can’t get enough of Sean, that’s why we put him in the programme! And now, he’s only gone and kindly offered to have a virtual cuppa with YOU. If you’re interested in Sean’s work, want to chat about BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A BRICK, or just have some questions about poetry and being a writer - pick this one-off reward for your very own Zoom chat (or perhaps another video platform) with Sean.

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