Help me tell amazing stories about your business!

by studio in Eastbourne

Help me tell amazing stories about your business!
We did it
On 25th May 2016 we successfully raised £5,105 with 27 supporters in 56 days

Tell amazing stories of your business.! Help Phil Burrowes buy video equipment to help you and your business on social media & websites.

by studio in Eastbourne

New stretch target

Wow! This has been an incredible journey! 


So, as we are on target to exceed the original plan, I can continue to gain pledges and now look to investing even further in Avant Photographic.

There is a whole range of video and film making equipment, even if I had £250, 000 I could still manage to spend it all on cameras, lenses, tripods, microphones, software, computers and high end tech. 

Initally, the plan was to become capable of providing dynamic and engaging videos for social media use. With the stretch Target now in sight, I can look to developing skills and buying equipment to extend my professional video offering to broadcast standard featurettes and longer films for companies to showcase on their websites. 

Thank you all for believing in me and my skills. 




Project aim

I need to raise funds for new photographic equipment to produce video for businesses to use on their websites and social media. 

About the project

I currently provide high quality photography for businesses to use on their websites and social media. My business is growing. I find myself:

  • Photographing nationwide for architects.
  • I photograph projects for local councils.
  • I help start ups get their company website populated with fantastic photos to help gain customers.
  • I work with international clothing brands.
  • I produce content for businesses to tell stories on social media.

 I want to offer video as part of my service package!

To do this, I need to raise about £5000 to invest in new video camera equipment to provide top quality videos for my cust

My business is growing rapidly and the next step for Avant Photographic is to invest in new equipment to produce amazing videos to tell the story of companies large and small. Videos and high quality photography is devoured on social media, potential reach is massive. Short films and videos telling stories about businesses encourage enquiries and  They are eagerly shared by social media users and are a great way for businesses to diferentiate themselves from competition.

Avant photographic is a well established business, mainly serving the South East but regularly covering the whole of The United Kingdom, clients include:

  • Kings Place Events
  • Jaguar - Jagtechnic
  • Skinny Chimp Gym Wear
  • NCP Car Parks ltd
  • Aedas RHWL
  • Cyclr
  • Towner Art Gallery
  • Eastbourne Borough Council

Avant Photographic had a huge project featured on the BBC website last year click here to view the article on the BBC website and has seen the interest in having high quality imagery provided by photographer Phil Burrowes increase dramatically. The decision to offer video has come from being approached on a weekly basis by companies wanting to excite and engage customers online with vibrant and unique imagery featuring their businesses - All it needs is a nudge of help to enable him to invest in new equipment in order to do so. 

 I do a mean line in Profile portraits, too!

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and even Tinder suggest professional portraits are better than a rubbish selfie taken on your mobile.. So, I produce high quality, dynamic and engaging portraits for people to use on their professional networks, or to get a date... 

Seriously, though.. You and your team should have professional portraits to show customers and clients who they are engaged with.  Profile portraits are now available as a reward for a £50 pledge!

Click here to see more profile portraits

Photo of a commission in July 2015 to document a charity driving experience raising funds for St Wilfrid's Hospice, arranged by JagTechnic - Jaguar Technicians. The images from this full day shoot are some of my most engaged with images published on social media in 2015. The images now adorn JagTechnic'c new premises and a new website is being built featuring them, and others, produced for JagTechnic. 

See more of the images by clicking here (opens new window)


Chefs prepare for the lunchtime rush at Yummy Noodle. Image produced as part of a Day In The Life project for a complete website overhaul, which is now one of the most unique looking websites for a restaurant in Sussex. With loads of images to show customers the experience they will have eating at Yummy Noodle. Bright, vibrant and engaging, the photographs show brilliantly what an amazing restaurant this is. Only with such a unique project, like The Day In The Life Project could such a result be achieved.  

See Yummy Noodle Website

Your business can benefit from my amazing photography and videos, too! Help me reach my goal and begin to tell the story of your business.

Tell the story of your family

As you may know, I also produce unique and emotive artistic family portraits. You can tell the story of your family with an Avant Photographic location shoot. Spend some time together as a family and let me produce an incredible set of images that will capture the beautiful moments you and your family have together. 

See Avant Photographic portrait website


So, whether it be to tell the story of your business, for social media and website promotion, or to tell the story of your family, be part of something and please support my crowdfunder to get new equipment,

thank you so much,






This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

4 of 10 claimed

£10 Reward

Acknowledgment on Avant website and social media

£50 or more

11 of 20 claimed

£50 Reward

Come to Avant Photographic for a new, shiny profile photo for your website and social media. Your thanks you includes a shoot and TWO prepared profile images, sized and ready for upload to your networks. And Acknowledgement on our website.

£100 or more

2 of 20 claimed

£100 Reward

Location shoot and FIVE 10x8 prints! Choose the beach or local woods to have an amazing shoot to tell the story of your family (within 20 miles of Eastbourne)

£100 or more

1 of 10 claimed

£100 Reward

How to use Instagram. Bring your smart phone to a consultation to learn how to use your smart phone camera to take better photos and how to post and gain followers and drive traffic to your website with Instagram & Twitter

£150 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£150 Reward

How to tell stories about your business on social media. An hour with Phil to learn how and why to tell stories on social media to engage followers and get new business from your social media and website with the use of photography and video. Consultations will take place at Phil's office.

£200 or more

3 of 5 claimed

£200 Reward

Exterior and interior photography of your business premises. Ideal for Google Places, Google maps and other sections of your websites.

£400 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£400 Reward

A location shoot and 20 digital images to tell the story of your family (within 20 miles of Eastbourne)

£500 or more

4 of 10 claimed

£500 Reward

A FULL Day In The Life Project at your business (within 50 miles of Avant Photographic). 40 professional photos for you to use on your businesses website and social media to tell the story of your business. (SAVING £195! - normal DitL price) And profile portraits of up to 5 staff. And Acknowledgement on our website AND a blog featuring your company's Day In The Life shoot.

£995 or more

0 of 5 claimed

£995 Reward

The full works! A Day In The Life shoot of your business and a video using the new equipment, perfect for promoting your business across every social network. And profile photos (up to five staff) And feature blog on our website, which will be promoted and shared on social media channels.

£100 or more

5 of 5 claimed

£100 Reward

Got a team at your business? Pledge £100 and have up to 5 of your staff photographed for your website. Including one group shot and professional profile portraits of each member of your team. (limited to within 30 miles of Avant Photographic). And acknowledgment on our website.

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