WIN: OFFICIAL 22/23 Autographed LIVERPOOL FC Shirt

by Association For Children Damaged By Hormone Pregnancy Tests in Wigan, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

WIN: OFFICIAL 22/23 Autographed LIVERPOOL FC Shirt
We did it
On 3rd April 2023 we successfully raised £2,060 ( + est. £257.50 Gift Aid ) with 97 supporters in 21 days

Our AIM is to raise enough funds by the end of April, to continue our legal action in the Royal Courts of Justice, on 2nd May.

Project by Association For Children Damaged By Hormone Pregnancy Tests

The prizeAn official new Liverpool shirt autographed by 13 players in 2022, with a Certificate of Authenticity! 


What Liverpool fan would not want to win this OFFICIAL Liverpool Football Club shirt autographed by 13 players in 2022?! This FANTASTIC shirt comes with a certificate of authenticity, original price tags attached, and it has never been worn, with the exception of our lovely model for about 10 minutes.

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The CelebrityRicky Tomlinson!

One lucky winner will be picked by Actor Ricky Tomlinson LIVE on Facebook!

The winner of this fabulous Liverpool FC shirt will be drawn via a random number generator LIVE ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE on Sunday, 2nd April from 7pm (GMT) onwards by our #patron4primodos and much-loved actor and comedian, Ricky Tomlinson; a staunch supporter of our charity, Association for Children Damaged by Hormone Pregnancy Tests. (ACDHPT). Registered charity (276658) 

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Our storyOur Story and why we need your help

We are fighting for the right to present our evidence in court as we believe we can prove that the pregnancy testing drug, Primodos was responsible for the same life changing effects, as those suffered by Thalidomide babies. The manufacturers of this product are among the biggest, if not the biggest, pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

  • Our AIM is to raise enough funds by the end of April, to continue our legal action in the Royal Courts of Justice, on 2nd May.

  • We are fighting with limited time and funds, against huge Organisations with unlimited funding and time.
    BUT!!! with your support and YOUR donations you CAN make a difference. Please help.

  • We thought we would have our day in court to expose the truth about the devastating effects of these synthetic hormones which although an unnecessary intervention, were very lucrative to the Manufacturers and the UK Government.

  • Our families were left with babies, who suffered dreadful life limiting birth defects, but survived.

  • Mothers of these damaged babies have suffered immense guilt for decades, while their children, now adults, have had their lives ruined.

  • As their carer-parents age, they will soon be left alone.

  • Many of our babies did not survive, but were stillborn, miscarried, or declared incompatible with life, e.g. born without the top of their heads. Yes that really did happen and yes that was on the death certificate.

  • We must not let this happen again, and the only way to make sure is to acknowledge the mistakes made and compensate for the harm caused.

  • These families need your helpto ensure this never happens again.

  • Please share our message and support our campaign if you can – every single pound donated can make a difference. Thank you.

  • We have the right but not the might, but YOU CAN help us.

You may not have seen the brilliant Sky News documentary, A Bitter Pill, where investigative reporter Jason Farrell stated that this was clearly 'one of the biggest pharmaceutical cover ups in history!'. Watch it on YouTube.

It is inconceivable to realise we have been fighting since 1978 to gain justice for our families. Justice has certainly been delayed, but WE will not be denied. Our families and many supporters will not give up and the fight will continue with your help.

Your donations

How much money do we really need?

  • We hope you will use YOUR money NOT to support the Government in their attempts to shut us down, but to support our RIGHT to a fair hearing in Court.

  • WE ARE FIGHTING not only the Manufacturers, but our own Government, who are using YOUR money to defend their action by applying to strike out our case on 2nd May, which will prevent this evidence EVER being heard in Court.

  • The costs to continue our action are far more than we have currently raised, BUT with your help we can reach our target of £150,000.

  • It is notoriously difficult for ordinary families to take legal action against large Pharmaceutical companies, especially in the UK.

  • It’s rarely a question of who is right, in our case there is doubt, but more about who has the resources to manipulate the system.  

  • At present we are in a battle with not only the Manufacturers, but the UK Government, just to get our voices heard in Court.  

  • We are in a 21st century battle between David and Goliath and we NEED YOU to level this playing field, with your donations, your support and your kindness.

You did us proud in our last fundraising project, please help us to do it again. Become a #patron4primodos today!

Our #patron4primodosAbout Ricky Tomlinson

Ricky Tomlinson is known for celebrating the lives of survivors of the Thalidomide scandal. Now he’s joined many MPs and celebrities who are helping to drive our campaign, by making a heartfelt video in support of families affected by Primodos: a drug that we believed caused similar catastrophic disabilities that the government has done little to redress and drug companies have scandalously covered up.

Our #patron4primodos, Ricky, is famously known for his roles as Bobby Grant in Brookside, DCI Charlie Wise in Cracker, and Jim Royle in The Royle Family, and playing the title character in the film Mike Bassett: England Manager (2001). Plus heaps more!

1678410575_sign_our_petition_banner.pngTo protect patients and make our health system safer for our children (Our petition - Please sign!)


Together, we can build the pressure and break this radio silence. If we can create a groundswell of people power, they’ll have to listen.

Thank you, so much. Your support means EVERYTHING to our members.

Thank you!

One last thing

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