ASN: the Next Level

by abortion-support-network in Coventry

We did it
On 12th January 2015 we successfully raised £14,067 with 259 supporters in 42 days

Your support today will help move ASN to the next level, making sure we're here for women in Ireland in 2015 - and beyond!

by abortion-support-network in Coventry

New stretch target

12th January: YOU DID IT! Our staff costs for 2015 are now FULLY FUNDED! We're so excited for what this year has in store for ASN and the people we help. If you pledged, watch out for an email from us this week about your rewards! 

11th January, 9:18pm: with a cheque in the post and 17 awesome people pledging amounts from one hour to one day today, we're now 98.7% funded. 7 more half-day pledges will get us to 100% - but they must be before 11:42am tomorrow. Please click that lovely PLEDGE button now to join us on the Next Level!

Update 10th January: with less than 48 hours to go, you're getting us ever-closer... Less than £1000 away from our goal! If 18 more generous souls could sponsor a half-day (or more!) we'd be there! And to help sweeten the deal, anyone who can pledge anything is in the draw to win an exclusive edition of Emma Campbell's haunting photobook When They Put Their Hands Out Like Scaleswhich also features our own Mara Clarke (sample page below). 

Update 9th January: thanks to some awesome support over the past few days, there's just £1,288 to go! We just need 24 more awesome supporters to sponsor a half-day... could it be you? Anyone who pledges a half-day or more is in with a chance to win an original sketch from Swedish artist Daniel Novakovic

Update 6th January: Thanks to more donations elsewhere and donations here over the past two days, our Crowdfunder target is now £13,900 - that means we have just £2,722 left to raise with five days left. The countdown is on! 

Update 23rd December: Thanks to all our supporters this Christmas: here's a seasonal message - shot on location! - from me!

Update 16th December: WOOHOO! Thanks to donations here on Crowdfunder and some cheques in the post, we are now funded from January to September, that's 75% of the way! Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged. Next up: October. 

Update 6th December: You have helped us raise enough for eight months of next year - THANK YOU! Next stop, September. Watch our update video to see why it's so important.


Our overall target is the whole shebang: 12 months of staff costs, an overall amount of £16,500 (not including the £10,800 we have already raised offline). 

Yes, it's a lot - but we need to be here for women in Ireland and Northern Ireland for all of 2015 too, and beyond. Remember, more money means more funds raised, and more women reached: more access to safe abortion for the people who have no other way to get it. 

What is The Next Level?

Watch our launch video to see, or read on...

This year, ASN turned five years old. In that time, we’ve helped over 1,600 women and families to get the information, practical advice, a place to stay, and most importantly the money they need to get safe and legal abortions in the UK.

In 2015, we estimate nearly 700 more women will contact us, and we want to be able to  help them, and reach out to even more women who haven’t heard of us yet. We need to be here not only next year but for the next three, five, ten years and beyond. To do this, we need to move ASN to the next level – we need to raise enough money to pay at least one part-time staff member. We have already raised £10,800 from some generous (and anonymous) supporters  - now we need your help to raise the rest.

 ASN greeting cards 

ASN greeting cards - yours in time for Valentine's when you sponsor a day or more of our work. 

You have questions - we have answers!

Why do you need to pay anyone - isn’t ASN a volunteer charity?

Whenever we do anything at ASN Towers*, we ask one question: will this help more women?

And the answer is a big YES.

Moving from an all-volunteer charity to one which is almost-all-volunteer is not a step we have taken lightly, but it’s one that’s best for ASN and the women we help. This will allow ASN to think and work more strategically, and meet the growing demand for our services. With a Director paid more accurately for her time working for ASN, we could raise more money, reach out to more women who we know need us, contact more press: ultimately, help more people in Ireland and Northern Ireland access safe abortion.

And we want to do this while still having enough cash to meet client demand. We haven’t had to turn a woman away due to lack of funds in nearly two years – and we’re sure you’ll agree that’s something to be proud of, and not something we want to change.

Our volunteers are still absolutely essential to us and we couldn’t do anything without them. In future, we’d ideally like to expand the number of paid ASN roles, but as this is something new for us we want to start with one (part-time) role.

*We don’t actually have towers. In fact, we don’t have an office. Everything runs from our Director’s and volunteers’ homes.

Why now?

Put simply: it’s now or never.

For the past year our Director has gotten a small stipend from ASN’s funds plus a grant from the Feminist Review Trust. But this grant funding runs out in December 2014 - and this doesn’t reflect the amount of work our Director actually does for ASN.

It’s also not sustainable. The number of women contacting us keeps increasing, so we need to make sure ASN is able to keep helping them for the long haul: not only next year but for the next three, five, ten years and beyond. After all, we can’t bet on the Irish and Northern Irish governments letting us close down any time soon…!

Demand for our services has been growing since ASN was founded in 2009, and it’s time for us to go to the Next Level for women who need us. We need to ensure we’re here for the long haul for women in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

ASN tote bag

Show off your pro-choice awesomeness with this tote bag when you sponsor two days or more!

What's the amount you need to raise, and why that much?

We have assessed the Director’s workload as approximately the equivalent of 3.5 days work per week, calculated as £27,400 for 12 months. We have based our target on a reasonable amount for the type and level of work our Director’s role entails. For comparison, the average full-time salary of a UK charity chief executive in 2013 was £60,000.

What happens if you don’t reach your target?

Of course, we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t think we could reach at least our minimum target.

But if not, we have two options. The first would be to pay for staff costs from our existing income. However, the risk of this is that there would be less money available to fund women who need us. The other alternative would be to reduce the amount of work ASN’s Director does to reflect the amount we have managed to raise.

Both of these options might mean that next year we would have to turn women away, stop answering calls at times, or limit the amount of money we can give women (our average grant is £100-200, but we don’t currently cap grants).

This would mean helping fewer women, not more, at a time when more women are calling us than ever. With your help to reach this target, we can help more women.

Why are you offering rewards?

Rewards are a great way to show you how much we appreciate your support. We’ve tried to come up with rewards that money can’t buy: the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes insight into your support and show you exactly how you help.

Where the rewards include physical stuff, we have chosen cost-effective and fun things that will be both useful for you and help spread the word about ASN.

If you want to contribute but don’t want a reward, please just let us know  – we won’t force you to accept our teatowels! And THANK YOU!

ASN teatowel

 But they are pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves

I want to sponsor - how do I pick my day(s)/week(s)/month(s)?

Thank you so much! We will contact you when the campaign finishes to ask for your preferred dates; or if you have a special one in mind, you can contact us at any time after you have pledged to let us know. Just email with the username and email you have used - and of course the date(s) you would like!

I want to sponsor, but anonymously. Can I?

Of course! You can select to give anonymously on Crowdfunder and your name will not be displayed publicly here or anywhere else: just choose the topmost 'Pledge' button on this screen under the total, and then choose the top left option on the next screen; the one that says "I would like to pledge anonymously and don't want a reward". The default amount for anonymous donation is £13 but you can top that up to whatever you'd like! 

If you're happy for your name to be displayed here but don't want it on our Twitter, Facebook or Annual Report, please email us at the project owner to let us know. 

I can’t afford to give, can I still contribute?

YES! Of course. You can help us spread the word about The Next Level: not only on social media, but in person, too. Word of mouth is so important, so you have our heartfelt encouragement to talk the ears off your pro-choice, pro-fairness, pro-women friends and family.

You can also hold an event and donate the proceeds to the Next Level campaign - something as simple and fun as a movie night in your home! We have dedicated volunteers ready to help you and a toolkit to get you started. As long as you can send us what you’ve raised before the deadline, you’ll still be eligible for all the rewards at that level! Just email us at the project owner  to tell us that you want the money you’ve raised to go towards this campaign.

ASN Badge

Every little helps - even two hours of support gets you this Pro-Choice Superstar badge!

If you have any questions that aren't covered here, please email the project owner and we'll be happy to answer them! 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£13 or more

£13 Reward

One hour of our Director's time in 2015! You'll get a personal email Thank You from our Director and Board, plus a shoutout on our Facebook and Twitter so everyone knows how awesome you are!

£26 or more

£26 Reward

Two hours! As above, plus we’ll put your name on our website as a funder when the campaign reaches target, AND your very own ASN badge.

£52 or more

£52 Reward

Half day! All of the above, plus your name will appear on the list of funders in our 2015 Annual Report, and you get an invitation to our AGM and launch.

£78 or more

£78 Reward

Three-quarters of a day! All of the above, plus a handwritten Thank You card from our Director and Board. We guarantee our handwriting will be legible…

£105 or more

£105 Reward

ONE WHOLE DAY – YAY! Pick a date in 2015 to sponsor: you’ll get exclusive behind-the-scenes email update on what you’ve helped us achieve that day. PLUS exclusive ASN greeting cards (perfect for Valentine’s!) and, of course, all of the above.

£210 or more

£210 Reward

Two days! You pick two consecutive days in 2015 to sponsor: you’ll get a daily email update on how you’ve helped women in Ireland and Northern Ireland on those days. Plus an amazing ASN tote bag for when you just have too much pro-choice awesomeness to carry. And… you guessed it… all of the above.

£315 or more

£315 Reward

Three days! As for two days, except… three days! And everything else, too, of course.

£525 or more

£525 Reward

ONE WHOLE WEEK ! How awesome are you? Not only do you get everything above, you’ll sponsor a week of your choice in 2015. During that week, you’ll get an email update from our Director AND a phone call from the Director or one of our Board so you know exactly how your support has helped. Oh, and an exclusive ASN teatowel… just like the ones we use to clean up after Ireland’s messes. You’re welcome, Ireland.

£1,050 or more

£1,050 Reward

TWO WHOLE WEEKS!! Exactly like one week, except… two weeks of your choice. AND we’d love to meet you and take you out to lunch, if you’ll let us!

£2,275 or more

0 of 12 claimed

£2,275 Reward

ONE WHOLE MONTH!!! You choose the month in 2015. We send you weekly email updates on exactly how your support is helping that month, as well as a personal phone call from the Director or Board, plus everything from previous levels - except we’d love to take you out to dinner instead of lunch, to chat about all things abortion access over food and a drink. There are only twelve of these available – it’s the calendar’s fault – so if you want to get the inside track on how your support helps over the weeks, please click now.

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