Art Exhitbition Titled 'AdaNisi'

by Eleni Nicolaou in Potters Bar, England, United Kingdom

Art Exhitbition Titled 'AdaNisi'

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I am an artist and am raising funds for an Art Exhitbition in Kefalonia, Greece. The title is 'AdaNisi', which means island.

by Eleni Nicolaou in Potters Bar, England, United Kingdom

A BIT about me

I was born in the UK in 1971 but my parents are Greek Cypriot. The first time I went to Cyprus was in 1978. The aftermath of the 1974 invasion/intervention was very present in my fathers village and there were many stories of sadness, fear and anger, but also hope, optimism and determination. 

In 1983 I started secondary school where I met my best friend, a Turkish Cypriot girl, Ozden, and we became and remained lifelong friends. Through her I understood the sadness, fear and anger they experienced, as well as the hope and optimism.  

We are Cypriots and for many years shared the island and lived in peace. Ripped apart we now share a history and a sea of emotions. 

The Project 

I have an opportunity to exhibit my work at the Ionian Art & Culture Centre on a small Greek Island called Kefalonia.The title of the exhibition is 'AdaNisi', which translated means 'Island' in both Turkish & Greek. The island of course is Cyprus.

I am very fortunate to have this opportunity and eventually hope to take my work to Cyprus also. 

Why now? 

This year (2024) will be 50 years since the Turkish Invasion/Intervention,  however the troubles between the Greeks and the Turks started way before this. My project is not political or historical, yet it feels like a good time to reflect on how past, present and unknown future events have affected the people of the island, and so my aim is  to display and communicate the 'emotions' shared by 'Cypriots' from both communities. 

Some feel sadness, grief, anger and passion, while others have hope, feel peace and joy, and optimism for the future. And some feel a combination of all of these emotions. Despite all, there are many examples of bicommunal friendships and unity. 

Do we focus on the past or the future? The decision is ours. 

The exhibition will consist of paintings, sculptures, photos and music. 

How will funds raised be spent?

The target amount is for the venue, refreshments including wine, installation fee and posters advertising the exhibition.  

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