Build The Anti Diet Riot Bus to tour the UK!

by Anti Diet Riot Club in London, England, United Kingdom

Build The Anti Diet Riot Bus to tour the UK!
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Build a body positive bus to tour 15 cities, festivals + communities across the UK to help dismantle diet culture and spread body acceptance

by Anti Diet Riot Club in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Ideally, we would like £20,140 to be able to afford to convert the bus to a higher standard meaning we can have running water and toilet on the bus and be 'off the grid' energy wise. This means we can park up anywhere and host workshops!

The extra money would also go towards funding the tour of the bus aka contributing towards petrol and other expenses. It would also allow us to host more free events for the community and not have to focus so much on finding sponsorship for the events.

Open a magazine, turn on the telly or watch a movie and you’ll be faced with ONE type of body, ONE standard of beauty and an obsession with thinness...all of which feeds into what is commonly known as: diet culture.

Check out the below statistics, which are a consequence of diet culture:

In short, the vast majority of diets do not work...but not many people know this! 

Not only does dieting mess with our mental health but it can also permanently affect our metabolism (along with multiple other negative physical side effects) meaning we often gain the weight back plus more. 

So while the industry continues to pump out shakes, laxative pills and expensive diet plans - we keep thinking it’s OUR FAULT that we can’t get ‘a perfect body’.

We live in shame at not having society's ideal body, but statistically and biologically we're unlikely to actually achieve it. 


(Credit to Amy Drucquer for the campaign video & image) 

We're Anti Diet Riot Club and we believe that unrealistic beauty ideals, poor body image and a society obsessed with dieting is doing long term damage to our physical health, mental wellbeing, and capacity to live our best lives.

YOU CAN HELP US stop this toxic culture being passed down to young people and future generations!

For the past 14 months Anti Diet Riot Club has been hosting workshops, events and meet-ups - mainly in London - that create a supportive space for the hundreds of people who are exhausted with hating their bodies. Our events are for everyone but we find young women are especially in need of this message.  

We bring people together who’ve struggled with obsessive dieting, poor body image, and disordered eating and educate them in ways to heal their relationships with food and their bodies.

Through events, workshops and online content we inspire people to STOP waiting to achieve their "goal weight" and start living their life to the fullest NOW.

Our aim, with your help, is to spread this message of radical acceptance as far and wide as possible. We need you to help us try and protect future generations (who will already grow up in a world obsessed with social media) from experiencing the body shame and obsession that has been entrenched in society for too long.


The Anti Diet Riot Bus will be a mobile workshop space and venue hosting our trademark quirky events such as: Body Positive Boob Printing, Riot Club Life Drawing, plus size clothing swaps, empowering photoshoots, panel talks and many more! 

The bus will enable us to take our events to YOU, our community, and to as many people as possible in the UK over the course of 2020 and beyond.

We will be converting an ex-mobility or -community minibus into a mobile workshop space so that we can reach more people with our events and empowering message. The conversion will be carried out professionally and to fit the different requirements of our workshops and community. 

The Anti Diet Riot Bus will ‘tour’ the UK in 2020 with plans to go to over 15 towns and cities throughout the country. As well as rolling into local communities (with permission and in conjunction with community hubs) the bus will park up at co-working spaces, outside schools and colleges, and arts/music festivals and the increasing number of female-led events. 

Here's an idea of what kind of events will be onboard:

Loads of juicy rewards (which are listed on the right or below on mobile) plus some special limited rewards from collaborators, influencers and amazing body positive / mental health advocates. 

PLUS a limited edition ADRC x Emma Zentner WE'RE THE WITCHES TOTE

Special rewards including (more TBA):

Mental Resilience & Mixed Mental Arts Introductory session (£300)

Join Michael Matania from Tough Cookie for a crash course in mental resilience. 

You and your team will be guided through a series of novel experiments to provide insight into how your mind works (and why it can work against you!) Drawing on the latest scientific findings on the emerging research field of psychological resilience, Michael will reveal why our current methods for coping with change and adversity aren’t sustainable. You'll get an intro to 'Mixed Mental Arts’ - a toolbox of practical techniques to begin your own resilience journey. 

A3 digital print by Alice Skinner
Entitled 'At The End of the Day We Can Endure More Than We Think' and inspired by our idol Frida Kahlo

Your generous donations will help us purchase a decent minibus in good condition and with wheelchair access. We're currently sourcing something like the VW T5 Bluebird minibus or similar...

After the purchase, the rest of the £15,700 will be spent on converting the minibus into a bespoke workshop space that fulfils our requirements to run a variety of workshops and events. A portion will also go towards getting all the rewards to you generous lot and the crowdfunder 6% fee. 

All amounts above are estimates and might vary depending on other elements. 

Becky Young founded Anti Diet Riot Club in January 2018 to create an IRL body acceptance community in London (something she was lacking personally). She wanted 'body positivity' to be more than just inspiring quotes on Instagram, believing that radical support networks and practical tools can help people heal disordered relationships with food, exercise and their bodies. 

The launch event with Megan Crabbe (aka BodyPosiPanda) in March 2017 SOLD OUT; it captured the zeitgeist of the moment and was featured in The Guardian, Grazia and The Metro. Since then the community and project has grown rapidly, having been involved in over 25 events & workshops and with over 40,000 online followers.

Becky Young - Founder & Director

Becky first started dieting at the age of 13 or 14, and continued to yo-yo diet and struggle with her body image well into her 20s. For the last 3 years, she's been learning how to take care of herself irrespective of her weight or size and prioritising her mental well being above the desire for thinness. Producing and programming events has been a passion and career for almost a decade.

Harri Rose - Co-creator & Facilitator

Harri Rose is a certified health coach and author who specialises in unapologetic body acceptance. She helps people get un-messed up around food and their bodies so that they can start living their most creative life. Harri co-creates the workshops and talks that Anti Diet Riot Club offers to corporate workplaces, SMEs, festivals and the public.

Thank you so much for getting this far and for supporting the campaign. Please donate either using the tiers listed or pledge money just for the cause and HELP US achieve our mission!

Please get in touch on [email protected] for any press or bus related enquiries.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£7 or more

Virtual Hug

If you just want to give a bit and not receive a reward then we're still grateful. Imagine us giving you a big squishy hug while you're at it (we give great hugs!)

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Thank You + Anti Diet sticker

You’ll get a shout out on our Instagram stories for being the LEGEND that you are (leave your handle in your message & we'll try to tag you too!) and we'll pop you an ADRC sticker in the post!

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Tote Bag + Sticker + Thank You

A limited edition Anti Diet Riot Club x Emma Zentner WE'RE THE WITCHES Tote Bag + ADRC sticker + a shout out on Instagram!

£40 or more

Be Part of the Bus Forever

We'll have your name engraved on the inside of the bus so that your support & generosity will be remembered always AND we'll give you a much deserved thank you on social media!

£55 or more

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Raising Body Confident Kids with Dana Suchow

30 min online coaching session with US-based educator & award-winning speaker, Dana Suchow. You'll leave with tools to raise your children with more body confidence. Worth over $145.

£65 or more

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Become an Anti Diet Riot Member!

Become a fully fledged member for a year! Get free/discounted tickets to all our events for 12 months + an Anti Diet Riot Club original tote bag + access to our new Facebook community group + an invite to our summer launch event!

£160 or more

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Life Drawing Workshop (with a twist)

We will come and hold a 90 min 'body positive' focused life drawing workshop held at your - UK based - home for up to 20 people (not including travel) + you'll get a ADRC original tote bag at the workshop.

£500 or more

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The Bus Comes To You!

If you're based in the UK, we will bring the Anti Diet Riot Bus to you or your workplace. From the bus we will give a talk on Diet Culture & Body Acceptance and you have the option of us hosting our Gratitude Journalling or Life Drawing workshop too. Fuel costs are not included.

£825 or more

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The Bus is Yours ALL DAY!

All day rental of the bus for events, workshops, company outings, or private parties

£2,575 or more

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Corporate Sponsorship

Your company logo will be featured as sponsor inside the Anti Diet Riot Bus, on our website and pride and place at the launch event in 2020. Plus the bus will come to your company/workplace and deliver a workshop for you and your team. This reward is subject to our brand guidelines, please get in touch if you're interested!

£20 or more

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Alice Skinner Illustration + ADRC sticker

A3 Frida Kahlo print from one of our favourite feminist illustrators Alice Skinner + an original ADRC tote bag.

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‘My Shape, My Body, My Rules’ art print

A4 print of this gorgeous print by Andrea Forgacs, a plus size Illustrator, designer, and coach.

£80 or more

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1:1 Coaching with Kat Horrocks

Kat Horrocks is a women's life coach and host of one of our fave podcasts. This reward will get you a 90 min in person, 1:1 coaching and self-care support session with her for a small/independent business owner or freelancer (worth £150 and including a 20 minute Skype consultation with Kat and follow up support and resources via email) Kat's travel expenses from Manchester not included and are to be agreed via email.

£100 or more

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'Power Hour' with Harri Rose

You'll receive a 60 min coaching session (via conference call) with Harri Rose, certified Health & Unapologetic Body Acceptance Coach.

£100 or more

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Power Hour with Harri Rose

You'll receive a 60 min coaching session (via conference call) with Harri Rose, certified Health & Unapologetic Body Acceptance Coach.

£150 or more

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Laura Thomas Intuitive Eating Course + book

The 'Just Eat It' Intuitive Eating toolkit (self-paced online course) & best-selling book worth over £260 from Laura Thomas PhD, the founder the London Centre for Intuitive Eating. You get lifetime access to the course materials, membership to their Facebook group, and the ability to get you game together around food!

£150 or more

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Laura Thomas Intuitive Eating Course + signed book

The 'Just Eat It' Intuitive Eating toolkit (self-paced online course) & signed copy of her best-selling book worth over £260 from Laura Thomas PhD, the founder the London Centre for Intuitive Eating. You get lifetime access to the course materials, membership to their Facebook group, and the ability to get your game together around food!

£250 or more

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Mental Resilience Workshop for your team / company

Michael Matania from Tough Cookie can host a crash course session in 'mental resilience' and mindfulness for your company or team in the UK - worth over £400. Travel expenses outside of London are not included & to be discussed.

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