Another Fine Fest 2022

by Another Fine Fest in Ulverston, Cumbria, United Kingdom

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The twice world record breaking, free, multi-arts family friendly festival is back.. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

by Another Fine Fest in Ulverston, Cumbria, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 10th March 2022 we'd raised £11,685 with 412 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

This would really take the pressure off!

We work hard to attract funding from as many different streams as possible. This includes sponsorships, advertising and grant applications but none of this is guaranteed.

Your crowdfunding contributions usually equal around a quarter of our total costs, help to unlock funds from grant givers who ask for match funding and enable us to pay everyone a fair wage

The more we raise via crowdfunding, the more sustainable we become. You could really help us futureproof our festival for many years to come!



On 18th and 19th June with your help, Ulverston will once again erupt in a multicoloured feast of live music, DJs, circus, street theatre, live street art, window painting, yarnbombing, stand up comedy, spoken word, interactive workshops and a new world record attempt as well as a cornucopia of various other weird and wonderful activity. 

Yes, that’s right, the twice world record breaking Another Fine Fest is back to rock the cobbles with the 7th installment of our free multi-arts festival where we celebrate till the sun goes down!


After just 6 years, AFF has established itself as one of the firm favourites in Ulverston’s festival calendar. It is also one of the most well attended with estimates of up to 18,000 revelers flocking to Ulverston from all over the world for the 2019 installment. 

Some claim that we're now the biggest festival in town?! We'll let you be the judge of that..

1644335554_aff2019wm-92.jpgCELEBRATING AN ICON

We are the only event in Ulverston which celebrates Stan Laurel, the world famous comedy icon born in this very town in 1890. 

In his honour we create an annual celebration which gives a platform to hundreds of acts upon multiple stages and from the entire spectrum of creative disciplines!

World class touring acts rub shoulders with the best of our local and up and coming performers. You can check out the kinda shenanigans that we like to get up to right here



We are a not for profit community group who love this town and want to see amazing things happen on our doorstep. The type of magical activity that you would usually have to travel to the cities to experience. It is your generous donations that help us to "rock the cobbles!"



We work hard to attract funding from as many different streams as possible. This includes sponsorships, advertising and grant applications but none of this is guaranteed.

Your crowdfunding contributions usually equal around a quarter of our total costs, help to unlock funds from grant givers who ask for match funding and enable us to pay everyone a fair wage.



Your quids help us to afford all those things that go into creating the event, multiple outdoor stages (including the wonderful Melodrome, tech such as amps and speakers, wood for art zones and paint for the artists as well as the boring but absolutely essential stuff such as toilets, security, insurance & licensing etc..

The vast majority of the people and the companies which we employ are from our area so your money continues to circulate within the local economy.



Your currency allows us to book a multitude of acts representing Rock, Indie, Jazz, Blues, House, Techno, Breakbeats, Hip Hop, Disco, Reggae, Funk, Folk, World, Country, Psychedelic and more late into the night! 



Your coins assist us in bringing Ulverston to life in an explosion of vibrant creativity and paint it several shades of every colour with live street art displays, yarnbombing and window painting on at least 20 shop windows. 

These stunning artworks have become tourist attractions in their own right with people travelling from all over the UK to have pictures taken alongside them.



We are inclusive and fully interactive, offering workshops for everyone to learn. We particularly like to reach out to those who may be suffering a disadvantage in life and offer a safe space to feel a part of something welcoming and positive and ultimately rather special.

Previously we have taught circus skills, poetry and rap, song creation, music production and promotion as well as prop and costume making.

We wish to procure the services of many more professional practitioners in order to educate and uplift the young people from the Furness area and beyond. 



As well as having a jolly good time we will also be using our shenanigans as a way to generate much needed funds for local charity. This year we will be collecting for St Mary's Hospice once again, as well as Ulverston Food Waste Project and with your help we hope to smash all previous figures!



Our 2019 Crowdfunding Campaign generated £6,437 GBP from just 312 generous backers.

In 2022 we aren't asking a single person to contribute more than you have done previously - we know all too well how tough things have been financially.

But just imagine if a larger number of people could contribute just a small amount. Just a few quid each from everyone that has ever enjoyed our events and we would not only obliterate our target but safeguard the future of our fest!

To create something truly spectacular we really need your help! Together we can make amazing things happen...



If you would like to trade, play, paint, busk or perform in any way at the festival or if you would like to volunteer, please contact us via our Facebook page or message [email protected].

If you want free tickets to our Edinburgh Fringe preview shows please go here


Please help us by sharing this campaign and our social network posts. Every little helps and we will love you forever and beyond if you could simply spare us a click :)



This project offered rewards

£5 or more

Band Aid

Wear your wristband with pride and show the world how much you love Fine Fest!.. Collection from the museum between now and the festival..

£12 or more

Don't Be A Mug

Don't be a mug, buy a mug... Featuring the infamous Stan & Ollie artwork created at AFF 2019 by Reasm & Seca..(See updates tab for pic.) Super stylish slurping awaits! Collection from the Museum from 1st May

£20 or more

Laurel Lover

Two VIP adult entries to the Laurel and Hardy Museum with drink of your choice included and personal tour from the curator... The wonderful museum is the home of all things Stan Laurel and the venue for our free Edinburgh Fringe Festival preview shows.. Redeemable from the second that you purchase!

£25 or more


Bestow upon us 25 English, and we'll print your name on the thanks page of our official programme. 25,000 copies of which will be distributed throughout the North West and beyond. Be immortalised forever and let the world know that you are a real philanthropist and proper Fine Fest lover!

£25 or more

Feel The Love

Your own personalised, hand stitched love heart :) Your heart will be joined with the others to form a string of bunting filled with festival love. Our main stages will be adorned with the bunting for all to see at the fest. You may collect the heart from the Laurel & Hardy Museum one week after the festival is complete. (Mail us if you'd like a name other than your own to be sewn.

£30 or more

Mad Hatter

A limited edition hand painted bowler hat (the hats are plastic and are more of an art piece that a wearable - but still truly beautiful! Only 40 of these brilliant bowlers available, personally crafted by our street art specialists & window painters. Many different designs available - first come first served.. Collection from the Museum from 1st June.

£40 or more

Comedy Royalty

Get the VIP treatment at one of our Edinburgh Fringe preview shows courtesy of Ulverston's comedy club Planet Mirth.. Grab 2x front row seats, a glass of bubbly for you and a laughter loving friend as well as a shout out from the act!

£350 or more

Hilarity For An Eternity

Bag yourself some laughs for life! Free entry to all Planet Mirth & Friday Night Live comedy events in Ulverston FOREVER - yes - till the day that you shuffle off your mortal coil. Never again will you need to pay to wet your trousers... Marvellous.

£50 or more

Window To The Soul

Have your window decorated in a dazzling fashion by one of our talented team of window painters. We'll send one of our arty wizards to paint a window in your house just like we do upon the shop windows in town on the weekend of the event. Liquid chalk pens or gouache paint will be used thus easily removed! (Must be in a 10 mile radius of Ulverston)

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