Annie McIndoe SNP for Central Ayrshire

by Annie McIndoe SNP for Central Ayrshire in United Kingdom

Annie McIndoe SNP for Central Ayrshire
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Lets get Annie McIndoe SNP elected for Central Ayrshire.

by Annie McIndoe SNP for Central Ayrshire in United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Thank you to everyone who has donated  to the Crowdfunder;  an amazing 24 hours. We are all so grateful.  Everyone in the team is delighted.  You are all Amazing! 

We have now stretched our target  to £3000 the additional target will pay for boosting social media, contacting supporters via telephone, towards the election address. Be in no doubt every penny will be spent.

Thank you!. 

Annie & Team

Annie McIndoe SNP for Central Ayrshire

I am Annie McIndoe, and I am delighted to have been selected to stand in the general election this year as the SNP Candidate for Central Ayrshire. 

Following the retiral of Dr Philippa Whitford MP, who has worked tirelessly on our behalf, I am honoured to have been selected to carry on her work for all the people of our beautiful constituency.

Over the past 10 years it has become clear that we Scots need the opportunities which will only come as an independent country away from Westminster control.

Scotland needs to have control of our own resources which will allow us to tackle the cost of living crisis, protect the Scottish Health Service and bring an end to Austerity policies which we across Scotland have been living with since 2010. 

Our towns and rural Ayrshire communities need investment and development in order for them to flourish for the benefit of all and this can only be achieved by Independence. 

We need to chart our own course in the world to reach our full potential.

Ayrshire is in my bones, and I am determined to win the Central Ayrshire Constituency. I hope you will help me. Please join the campaign to help us retain Central Ayrshire for SNP at the 2024 Westminster Election. 

I would be very grateful if you would consider donating to my Crowdfunder.   Every donation large or small is appreciated and will be put towards winning this constituency for the SNP.

Times are tough at the moment so if you are unable to donate please do consider volunteering for my campaign. 

Please do email me on [email protected] if you can help. Together we can do this!

What will the Crowdfunder be spent on?

  • Campaign literature. In the next few weeks which will help us target our supporters. It's important to get accurate information out to voters and to make it easy for them to get in touch with us. A leaflet or survey card through the door means everyone will have the information we want them to have.
  • Letters to voters. While the purpose of leafleting is to ensure a blanket delivery of information across the constituency, writing letters to voters is all about targeted communication and following up on contacts we have made. Our campaigners have already contacted many electors in Central Ayrshire and we will contact thousands more in the run-up to the election It's very important to stay in touch with those voters, so we will follow up the initial contact with personally addressed letters.
  • Posters & banners.  A good display of window posters and banners ensures everyone knows there is an election on and encourages SNP supporters to get out and vote.
  • Social Media – Both promoting and rebutting information.

Every penny raised from this crowdfunding effort will only be spent on our Westminster Campaign and nothing else.An effective local campaign requires money and we want to have the best campaign possible.

The constituency

The constituency is centred around the historic burgh of Irvine and stretching north to cover part of Kilwinning and south to cover the coastal resort towns of Prestwick, Troon and their adjacent hinterlands alongside part of Ayr. It also includes the villages of Annbank, Bogend, Benslie, Dreghorn, Drybridge, Dundonald, Failford, Loans, Monkton, Mossblown, St Quivox, Springside and Symington.

The candidate

I am first and foremost proud to be Ayrshire born and raised. Born in Kilwinning, brought up in Loans and currently residing in Troon. I have been a caseworker and constituency worker for both Dr Phillipa Whitford MP and Allan Dorans MP. I also have experience working for multinational companies in London and a Charity in Glasgow.

The campaign

Local SNP members are gearing up to help me and my campaign team fight the 2024 election. In fact, my campaign has already started – but will need your help to win.  My local campaign will be supported entirely by the members  of Ayr North SNP, Cunninghame South SNP, Kilwinning SNP, Kyle SNP, Prestwick SNP, and Troon SNP.   I'd love you to help our campaign in any way you can.

I regard representing all the people of Central Ayrshire as a great honour. Our campaign will reflect that.

Rules and conditions

 • Donations of all sizes are very welcome. 

 • Your name and address will be checked against the electoral register to ensure that you are eligible to donate. Your name, but not your address, will be made available to the commission on request after the election.

• If you are kind enough to donate more than £50 to our campaign please contact us [email protected]  with your name and address as this is a legal requirement. If you do donate £51 or more then your name and address will be on the election expenses form, which anyone can ask to view for up to 2 years.

 • Large donations to this campaign will be ratified by SNP HQ prior to acceptance

 • We are not allowed to accept donations of more than £50 from anyone not on the UK electoral roll

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