Re-Elect Councillor Alison Teal

by Sheffield Green Party in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 23rd March 2018 we successfully raised £4,150 with 136 supporters in 42 days

Raise funds to help re-elect Cllr Alison Teal in Nether Edge & Sharrow for 4 more years!

by Sheffield Green Party in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Thank you to everyone who donated to pay for the basic cost of my  election campaign - I really appreciate your support. Can you help me  get to £4,000 so we can fund some extras for the campaign like picture  posters  and boosted social media posts?  Plus please help fund the campaigns of my  Sheffield colleagues Kaltum Rivers and Martin Phipps who have a great  chance of being elected on May 3rd as well.

It’s not easy being Green in Sheffield City Council, but it’s well worth it!

The night of the count in May 2016, when I got elected, was so tense. I was elected by eight votes. So when anyone tells me their vote makes no difference, I can tell them, first hand, how much it matters ! 

As a Green Councillor for Nether Edge & Sharrow, I’ve stood beside residents on their streets during one of their most distressing times in recent history. People who’ve lived on tree lined streets for 50 years and children who love the tree outside their home ask me to stop the destruction of ‘their’ trees. I’ve done everything but climb those trees to protect them. And if I could, I would. 

The best thing about being Green is summed up by the saying, “Think global, act local.” That’s what I do. I support our community by getting to know as many local organisations as possible, and asking them, “how can I help?” I don’t just go to meetings and listen. I get involved. Recently I’ve been weeding and planting in a local pocket park, helping clean up Common Ground, litter picks, supporting Tenants & Residents Associations, helping to organise a Play Street, and working towards reducing anti-social behaviour. 

I work hard to do a good job, so being a councillor takes up all of my time. There’s an endless stream of case work, and the needs of the tree protection campaign have been relentless too. I want to keep doing this work, but I’m going to need your help. 

The Green Party are funded by members and supporters. We don’t have the backing of big business or trade unions. This means that we are free to put the needs of people and planet first. We don’t owe any favours to big organisations. It also means that we rely upon volunteers and the generosity of individual donors. So I’m hoping that you can help?

Donations to Sheffield Green Party to fund my campaign until the election on May 3rd will pay for newsletters, leaflets, posters and social media. 

£10 will pay for 250 window posters

£25 will pay for an election leaflet to 1000 households

£50 will pay for a campaign newsletter to 2000 households

Wherever you are in Sheffield or elsewhere, please help if you can, and please ask others to chip in too. Every pound will help.

Thank you 


Cllr Alison Teal

IMPORTANT : All levels of donation are gratefully received, but please note that under Electoral Regulations we can only accept donations of £50 and over if you are currently on the UK electoral register. We then need to check your eligibility and provide your information to the Electoral Commission, which may publish donors' details.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£10 or more

This will pay for 250 window posters!

Our thanks for your kind donation. Every penny will be put to good use.

£25 or more

This will pay for 1,000 election leaflets!

Our thanks for your kind donation. Every penny will be put to good use.

£50 or more

This will pay for 2,000 campaign newsletters!

Our thanks for your kind donation. Every penny will be put to good use. (NB - For donations at this level and higher we need your contact details please.)

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