Alex Diner for Harwich & North Essex

by Alex Diner in London, England, United Kingdom

Alex Diner for Harwich & North Essex

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Let's win Harwich & North Essex for Labour and deliver a Labour government!

by Alex Diner in London, England, United Kingdom

I'm Alex Diner, Labour's candidate for Harwich & North Essex at the next general election. I'm asking you to help us win this seat for Labour, beat the Tories, and deliver the Labour government the country desperately needs.

With the Tories lurching from crisis to crisis, we need to be ready for when the election comes, whenever that is. A recent YouGov poll put Labour on 33% in Harwich & North Essex, with the Tories close behind on 32%. So while this election offers us the first opportunity in a generation to win this seat for Labour, it will go down to the wire.

Every vote will count. So we need to ensure we are speaking to as many voters as possible between now and polling day. To get our message out, we will need high-quality campaign materials and digital campaigning.

I am asking for your help because I know with a well funded campaign we can beat the Tories here. And your donation could help make the difference. Please give what you can. Let's win this together.

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  • I must use my own funds to make a donation to Alex Diner, Harwich & North Essex Constituency Labour Party, or the Labour Party.
  • Donations are not tax-deductible.

This donation facility is provided for individuals to make donations to the general election campaign fund for Alex Diner for Harwich & North Essex. UK companies, limited liability partnerships, trade unions and unincorporated associations may also make donations. Please contact the agent, Louise Armstrong, on [email protected] for more information.

Promoted by Louise Armstrong on behalf of Alex Diner, both at 98 Fronks Road, Harwich, Essex, CO12 3RY.

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