Alex Brewer for North East Hampshire

by NE Hampshire Liberal Democrats in Fleet, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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Only I can beat the Conservatives in North East Hampshire, and be the MP our area deserves. Please support me.

by NE Hampshire Liberal Democrats in Fleet, Hampshire, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Dear Supporters,

We’re closing the gap. if we raise an additional £1,000 we can do more - especially in the crucial last week of this campaign. Can you donate a little bit more, so we can put in place the plan we need to close that gap even more?

Hello, I'm Alex Brewer.

I am campaigning to be your MP in North East Hampshire.

With your help, I want to raise £5,000 to support my campaign.

Elections are expensive. And Liberal Democrats don't have deep pockets funded by rich benefactors or trade unions. Instead, we rely on the generosity and support of people like you. And we campaign hard to earn every vote. 

Our constituency has more than 70,000 voters in around 45,000 houses - that's a lot of doors to knock on! We want to ensure we reach as many people as possible to share our message that positive change is possible.

With your donation, I will be able to pay for a campaign that reaches every voter in North East Hampshire via leaflets, letters and social media. 

I'm standing because I don't want to be represented by a Conservative MP in Westminster for a minute longer. 

  • We need an MP who understands the challenges people are facing, and will fight to save our precious NHS. 
  • We need an MP who cares about our environment. 
  • We need an MP who listens to local people and represents the area. 
  • We need an MP who brings a wealth of life and career experience in the 'real world' into parliament. 

I'm very proud to have lived in this constituency for a decade. I run a local charity, have been a school governor and our children attend a local school. And I believe my experience in the charity and business sectors, in the UK and overseas, ensures I will be an MP who understands people from all walks of life. 

I'm stepping up because I want to help change the political narrative. I want to end 'Broken Britain' and I want positive change for North East Hampshire. 

With your help, we can change our politics.  Please donate what you can to help my campaign. Thank you.


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