Al Pinkerton for Surrey Heath

by SHLD in Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom

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Only I can beat the Conservatives in Surrey Heath, and be the MP our area deserves. Please support me

by SHLD in Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom

For me, standing for parliament is about serving the interests of my community, my constituency, and my country. That means campaigning hard to share the very best ideas; to fix our broken politics; to think and plan for the long term; and to work justly in the pursuit of a liberal, open, tolerant, accountable, internationalist and successful United Kingdom.

That starts here and now in Surrey Heath - the place and community where my family and I live.

Since first being elected in 2005, Michael Gove, our current MP, has abused the trust of Surrey Heath residents as much as he has the good will of the British people; promising to deliver faster rail services and improved infrastructure; promising a great financial dividend from the retail property bought by his local Tory councillors; promising to live here and to be part of the Surrey Heath community. Nineteen years later: our rail connections are as slow as ever and our road network even more congested; those retail investments have gone bad, leaving Surrey Heath the sixth most indebted Borough in the UK.

Only I can beat the Conservatives here in Surrey Heath.Only I can deliver a Fresh Start for the people of Surrey Heath.

Why I can win…

  • I ran in 2019 and achieved one of the largest swings away from Conservatives in the country and have continued to campaign tirelessly for Surrey Heath ever since 
  • My Liberal Democrat team achieved over 50% of the vote in the May 2023 local elections and took control of Surrey Heath Borough Council for the first time in its 49 year history
  • Over 3,000 doorstep conversations with Surrey Heath voters between Jan and March 2024 has shown his voter base evaporating
  • Surrey Heath residents are desperate for a Fresh Start and proper representation in parliament.

I have an amazing campaign team to help me beat the Conservatives, all we need to make this happen is your help to finance my campaign

Help me to achieve a Fresh Start for Surrey Heath, and to restore faith in our politics.

Thank you!

Al Pinkerton

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