Action in Defamation

by [email protected] in Bradford On Avon, England, United Kingdom

Action in Defamation
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From January 25th 2021 many people have said things about me online which are untrue and used this to attack a serving politician.

by [email protected] in Bradford On Avon, England, United Kingdom

On January 25th I was suspended permanently from Twitter for saying

"I have a pretty good idea I know exactly who Frank is. One of his group was convicted for harassing me. I just have to be patient and they will author their own misfortune soon enough'. 

I have no idea why I was suspended other than perhaps misgendering, so I  appealed. 

Twitter emailed me on January 28th 2021 to say that they had reviewed my suspension, had made a mistake and my account would be restored. However, I remained suspended. On 31st January 2021 I was sent the same email from Twitter at 11.19am and 14.34pm to say my account @SVPhillimore had been suspended for attempting to evade permanent suspension. 

I have appealed against this, saying I do not understand it. Twitter had told me that I had not been suspended so I could not be evading anything. 

Shortly after my suspension it was clear that a group of people were characterising my suspension on Twitter as due to 'anti Semitism' and 'transphobia'. When Joanna Cherry QC tweeted in concern about my suspension, she was attacked as supporting an anti semite. 

I think I have been victim of serious misrepresentation and defamation. 

Using lies about me to attack a serving politician 

On February 1st 2021 Joanna Cherry QC was expelled from the SNP front bench and many commented that this was because of her support for me a 'known' anti Semite and transphobe. Many are now commenting that I have been suspended from Twitter as a Holocaust denier. This is a lie. 

I think this is wrong and must be challenged for the following reasons:

1. It is an attempt to harm my reputation by saying things about me which are untrue and very damaging. 

2. It is an attempt to harm the reputation of an elected politician and therefore the democratic process by spreading lies.

3. It is an attempt to silence other women from speaking out as it is clear what will happen to us if we do. 

4. It is relying on a word 'transphobia' which has no settled definition and which some would appear to argue means anyone who disagrees with any aspect of gender ideology. 

I think sex is real and it matters. It is immutable. Women and girls are entitled to the protection of sex segregated spaces for their safety and dignity. Saying this does not make me 'transphobic', this is exercise of my protected rights to political speech pursuant to Article 10 of the ECHR. We have to, as a society, find a way to talk to one another about how we all live in this world together; not seek to silence those who don't agree by threats and lies. 

I wish to bring action in defamation against those who have published and spread harmful lies about me, and used me as a weapon unfairly to attack a serving politician. I think this could be very useful for the current poor state of debate as it would mean that the court would have to decide the meaning of the word 'transphobia' and decide if my conduct brought me within it. 

I deny that I am either an anti Semite or a transphobe. It will be for those who allege I am either, to prove that this is true. 

Actions in defamation are complicated and expensive. I am a family lawyer. I need help with the procedure. If I am going to do this I need to get the application and pleadings right. I need your help to pay specialist lawyers to get this action started. If the money runs out I will then represent myself. 

I would be grateful for any help you can give. 

What will happen to the money if I don't proceed?

Sorry, editing to add this as I forgot - if I don't proceed I will divide any funds between Harry Miller's case with Fair Cop, Allison Bailey's legal fees, Ann Sinnott and The Vancouver Rape Relief Centre. 


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