The Abbey Primary School Fundraiser

by Sports For Champions UK (CIC) in Kilwinning, North Ayrshire Council, United Kingdom

We did it
On 10th June 2022 we successfully raised £951 with 40 supporters in 51 days

To support the mental and physical health of the pupils by hosting an inspirational workshop.

by Sports For Champions UK (CIC) in Kilwinning, North Ayrshire Council, United Kingdom

Abbey Primary School are hosting an inspirational workshop with Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist Stephanie Inglis. Can you help us make it happen?

The School 


At Abbey Primary School they consider themselves to be a family of learners, with family values at the heart of what they do.  The school want to work with and for all families to ensure the very best outcomes for all the learners.

Abbey Primary School's Overall Aim 

Ensuring all children and young people experience the best start in life. 

Abbey Primary School's Priorities 

Abbey Primary School will create the conditions for all children and young people to access the highest quality learning experiences from ages 3-18.

Abbey Primary School will support all children and young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

Abbey Primary School will offer opportunities to all young people and their families to play a more active role in school life and encourage more participation in learning.

Abbey Primary School will work with all young people to build their resilience, supporting their mental health and physical well-being.

Who's coming? 



I have loved Judo since I could walk! My father introduced me to the sport at a really young age! I finally joined his Judo club at the age of four which is when my love for the sport sprouted! I remember being so excited to begin training. It was always great to spend time with my father, we enjoyed the time we spent together training!

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games - winning Scotland's first silver medal in the women's u57kg category. This was the proudest moment of my sporting career and life. When I stood on the podium and received my medal and the Scottish crowd roared I just felt so happy that all the hard work, training and sacrifices I had done over years was absolutely worth it and I felt that this is where I belonged.


The first half of 2012 was very difficult. I was completing my final year at university - 4 modules = 4 essays and 4 exams along with completing my 15k word dissertation. It was also the Olympic year in London and I was trying to qualify. I spent my weeks juggling training and my studies and most weekends were spent travelling all over the World to compete for qualification points for the Olympics. I did not qualify for the Olympics which I was extremely disappointed about however I did gain my degree. I felt very burnout and demotivated so I took 1 month out of judo to recover. During that time I reflected on my judo career and felt I had not reached my full potential and wanted to get back into training full time and go after my goals. This was the best decision I made as two years later I won silver at Glasgow 2014 and picked up numerous World Cup medals. 

It is OK to fail or burn out at something, take time to reflect and set out a plan (which will have to be flexible as it may change paths) but don't give up on what you want. Speak with your coaches and family, hit refresh and keep doing your best because even if it doesn't go to plan, you will be happy knowing within yourself that you gave it your all.


My favourite food is anything spicy!! I love going to Nandos and ordering extra hot chicken thighs! I also love chocolate because who doesn’t!? My favourite hobbies including cooking, walking, listening to podcasts and planning my next holiday to Disney World Orlando.



My goal is to be the fittest, happiest and healthiest version of myself. I also want to help as many other people as I can to also become their fittest, happiest and healthiest selves. We don't know what lies ahead of us but whatever that my be, being fit and healthy will give us a head start!! 

I also want to inspire the future generation to go after their dreams no matter what that is - a future Olympic Champion, a pilot, a teacher etc. I want to show them how to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles that they could encounter and never give up on what they want out of their life. 

Who are we?


Sports For Champions UK (CIC) in partnership with Abbey Primary School and the local community are running a fundraiser to help support the mental and physical health of the pupils after the national lockdowns.

Great news! Sports For Champions UK (CIC) will soon visit your school! Youth are invited to join a sponsored fitness circuit led by a Professional athlete, who will educate, enable, and empower participants with a view to inspire them as champions of tomorrow.

While we’re not all athletically inclined we strongly encourage participation, because all youth have talent and require inspiration to pursue their dreams - whatever they may be! After 10 years of success, we can promise a highly memorable event!

Sports For Champions events are held in support of schools, which keep 60% of the funds raised to spend on resources that will enrich young peoples’ education/experience. Professional athletes in need of support are the only other beneficiaries from the remaining 40%. Sports For Champions is an audited organization that is voluntarily registered with the Fundraising Regulator. You can support the initiative with assurance.

During the assembly, Sports For Champions athletes show medals and tell their story, hard work, lessons, and insights shared to capture the imagination of all and inspire healthier active lifestyles. Athletes discuss challenges on the road to success, with resilience, nutrition, diet, and dedication forming key topics. Fitness is essential for every young person’s general wellbeing in physical and mental health. It is also proven to be a strong booster of learning potential or brain power. By inspiring children as champions of tomorrow, Sports For Champions envision youth growing in all walks of life as healthy, [pro] active community-minded talents.

Alongside Team Sports For Champions, athletes invest in local communities to avail of support with training-related costs (e.g. physio/travel). Most world-class athletes train a rigorous 35hr week and struggle to find reliable work that fits their schedule. This is how the funds we raise enable athletes and your school/club to realise their potential. Many pro athletes are unsponsored, lose support, or cannot find it.

Sports For Champions offers schools the benefit of an added investment on resources/facilities, whilst helping athletes with the funds required to sustain their journey with a contribution towards training and competition fees, medical costs, equipment, and more.

Abbey Primary School will be receiving an inspirational visit from renowned Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist Stephanie Inglis on the 10th of June 2022 and we need your support!

The pupils will benefit from Physical activity, an inspirational talk including medal display and a Q&A session.

Why is this important?

Abbey Primary School is promoting health and wellbeing throughout the school and with the help of a visit from Stephanie Inglis , this will be enhanced as a school, they are also focussing on encouraging diversity and raising the aspirations of the pupils through sport.

Abbey Primary School will benefit from the money raised as they will be able to invest in new equipment and fund opportunities for the children in afterschool clubs.

How can you help?

We're asking all parents to help make it a memorable event for the pupils with the help of Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist Stephanie Inglis and to raise funds for key resources for Abbey Primary School.

If you are a local business or a friend of the school and would like to contribute to help us get to our target then please do make a donation and share our project as far as you can.

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