A Memorial Bench for Keith Adams in Pembroke Park.

by Friends of Widmore Green Spaces in Bromley, England, United Kingdom

A Memorial Bench for Keith Adams in Pembroke Park.

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We are raising funds to install a memorial bench in Pembroke Park, for the whole community to enjoy, to commemorate the life of Keith Adams

by Friends of Widmore Green Spaces in Bromley, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Anything we raise over and above the cost of the bench will be put towards improvements to Pembroke Park (also known as Widmore Rec), to benefit the whole community.

We are raising funds to install a memorial bench in Pembroke Park, to commemorate the life of Keith Adams. Throughout his life, Keith was a very active and well known member of our community. As Group Leader of Bromley 15th Scout Group he had a hugely positive impact on generations of local children. He was also well known to many via his plumbing and building business. 

Keith was integral to the setting up of Friends of Widmore Green Spaces, allowing us to use the Scout Hall for our very first meeting. Having grown up just around the corner he had many fond memories of Pembroke Park from both going there as a child himself, taking his own children there, and using the park for Scout activities. Keith's life was cut tragically short in 2020 and he is greatly missed by all those who knew him.


The Bromley 15th Scout Group have already raised a significant amount of money towards the cost of the bench and we hope the community can find the final £300 needed to make this happen. 

Pembroke Park is a wonderful natural space, open to the whole community. The Friends of Widmore Green Spaces are actively working to improve the facilities on offer. A new bench where people can sit and enjoy everything the park has to offer will be an invaluable addition to the park.


Friends of Widmore Green Spaces

Who We Are:

Friends of Widmore Green Spaces are a Bromley based "park friends" community group. We were set up to preserve and enhance our local green spaces, so that they support local wildlife and biodiversity and bring local people together.

Our volunteers are currently focused on making improvements to Pembroke Park (also know as Widmore Recreation ground), a small and previously unloved suburban park which nevertheless is used by a wide cross section of our community. Over time we hope the expand our efforts out to include other neglected patches of green space within Widmore and Bickley.

What We Do:

Our park management plan, agreed with Bromley council's landscaping partner id verde, has two main goals:

 - To improve park facilities for all. We do this by raising funds to add seating areas and other equipment that will bring people together and enhance their experience of the park. We also make sure the council maintains the existing facilities and equipment that it is responsible for. This includes children's play equipment, our basketball courts hoops and markings, and the few seating areas we already have.  

- To increase biodiversity and support nature. We do this by using the space to create and improve natural habitats. Our plan includes planting natural hedges, designating a naturalised meadow area, planting bulbs and wildlife friendly perennials shrubs and adding bug houses. 

Any additional money raised from this Crowdfunder will be spent on improvements to the park for the benefit of the whole community. 

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