A horse to replace Benjamin Bootle, RIP

by Netty Miles in Bath, England, United Kingdom

A horse to replace Benjamin Bootle, RIP
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A speeding driver hit and killed traveller Rose's treasured driving horse.

by Netty Miles in Bath, England, United Kingdom

Rose is a horsedrawn traveller who has been on the road since the 1980's. She's a great horsewoman, well known in her community for her warmth and kindness to horses and people. 

A few weeks ago, she and her partner stopped overnight on a wide grass verge near a small town. They travel with a wagon and a spinner (open cart) for their kitchen and other belongings, with one horse pulling each. That night their horses were tethered out as usual. 

Just before dawn, in wet weather, a van came down the road very fast. The driver was cutting a corner and on the wrong side of the road. The force was such Benjamin was hit and pushed 100m down the road, and sadly this killed him.

Apparently there is no chance of any compensation from the driver.

Rose is now stranded, with the grazing having run out for their remaining horse, and of course she and her partner are devastated. They are very proud and don't want to ask their friends for any money, but a few of us said we wanted to donate so she could buy another horse, so here's the chance to do so.

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