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Strategies for handling anger and conflict, through positive coping mechanisms, enhancing an ability to engage towards meaning and purpose.

by sjtowey in Eastbourne, East Sussex, United Kingdom

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Throughout history, indigenous cultures understood the value of providing a marked and meaningful Rite of Passage experience to steward youngsters into healthy adulthood. Failing to do so saw youngsters going feral and the beginning of a perilous journey into social decline.

Abandofbrothers is a grassroots, social action solution to the problem of young male disaffection. We connect, inspire, and train local male volunteers to provide men aged 18-25, involved with or on the brink of the criminal justice system, the opportunity to mature, and become valued and contributing members of society.



We offer mentoring for young men in our communities within the context of a five-month contemporary & intensive rite of passage journey. 

Our approach

1.    We provide a supportive, safe & connected space to allow new ways of being to develop, increasing emotional literacy by encouraging the expression and processing of emotion.

2.    We work to create awareness on the impact of one’s actions & develop personal accountability & integrity.

3.    We challenge young men to understand & develop their narrative, particularly the areas that are not working for them.

4.    Our community initiative led by local male volunteers presents accessible support without the stigma attached to therapy.

5.    By establishing enduring groups of trained male mentors into the fabric of a community, the young men have access to life-long support that reaches beyond our structured programmes.

Benefits and Outcomes

Reduced criminal behaviour • 76% reduced their offending behaviour

    "ABOB has helped keep me on the straight and narrow by helping me see I’m accountable for my actions”

Improving mental health • 95% felt improved levels of responsibility and accountability for their lives and actions

    “Definitely - rather than keep things in or allow shit to go sideways. I express things better, more clearly, and get to the root of things.”

Increase healthy relationships • 90% improved the way they deal with anger and conflict

    “Helped me to break out of a self- isolating cycle and get back involved in the world”

Better economic outcomes • 76% were supported to take steps into education, employment or training

    “I'm calmer which makes it easier to not lose my job.”

Improved sense of belonging and purpose • 85% felt part of a local community

    “Now I feel I’m to do with something good and positive rather than drugs and stuff before, which I did because everyone else seemed to.”

Makes communities a safer place for all • 55% reduced their physical violence behaviours

    “Because I can talk about my feelings better I do that instead of lashing out physically.”

Where the money goes

Mentor training: Intensive mentor training and leadership development.

Sustenance: A hot meal after each of our intensive group mentoring meetings.

Venue hire: Weekly hall hire throughout the year.

Marquee and running costs: For the three-day Rite of Passage event in nature.

Supervision: Ongoing weekly support for our volunteer mentors

Programme support costs: GDPR, Safeguarding, compliance, promotional materials.

Cost comparison

Over £50,000 per year to house a young man in prison. Excluding costs prior to incarceration

Only £39,000 per year for ABOB to support up to 16 young men and 8 mentors in training

Every £1 invested in our programmes create £6.40 of social value!


For more information visit 

Website: abandofbrothers.org.uk

Facebook: A Band of Brothers Eastbourne

Instagram@ @abandofbrothers.eastbourne

a Local Perspective -  Yr2023 Outcomes for ABOBs Eastbourne Community

Within the Eastbourne ABOB Circle, we have witnessed significant real-time benefits to the community:

•    Community Involvement: Young men actively participate in community days, engaging in activities such as apple picking, carpentry, litter-picking, furniture painting, marshalling charity events, and volunteering at the Mayoral Quiz.

•    Employment and Training: Many young men have secured employment or entered training programmes, with one currently progressing through an apprenticeship.

•    Family Responsibility: Young fathers are taking responsibility for their families, fostering positive relationships, and breaking old patterns and cycles.

•    Role Modelling: Both young and older men, beyond their Rites of Passage, exemplify healthy values, positive behaviours, and productive actions to newer members.

•    Sustained Engagement: Many men continue to stay with the Eastbourne circle, building on the important work done over the past ten years, ensuring the longevity and growth of this vital community support group.

•    Referral and Outreach: Young men who have completed their Rites of Passage refer others who may need support and a sense of purpose.

These outcomes reflect the profound and lasting impact of the Eastbourne ABOB Circle on individual lives and the broader community.


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