by manjitskitchen in Leeds

We did it
On 30th May 2014 we successfully raised £4,761 with 154 supporters in 28 days

**Overfunding**To convert a blue horsebox into a kitchen and fund secure storage, a trailer test and employ a new team member

by manjitskitchen in Leeds

We are "Overfunding"- here is what we will do if we can raise £8000!.

We did it. We hit our £4000 target in only 5 days.

A massive thank-you to everyone who has supported and backed our project so far. It has been an amazing response and we really appreciate what has happened here. We can now say with a strong voice that the blue horsebox will be transformed into a kitchen.

However...we still have 21 days to go and have therefore decided to raise our target, so that, we can fund some other essential things we need to get us back out onto the road in tip top shape.

If we can raise another £1000 we can get secure storage for the horsebox  so the vandals cannot get anywhere near it.  This costs £65  month so will give us approx 12 months secure storage.

An extra £2000 above target will enable me to take trailer driving lessons and the licence test. (approx £800-  if i pass first time!)

If we raise another £4000, our final target. I can put money into a reliable towing vehicle which will get me where i am supposed to be! And I can take on staff. I will be able to recruit and train staff and be able to put the systems in place to become an employer, payroll etc. My final aim is to  create an opportunity for someone to join Manjit's Kitchen.

Thank you for reading  - I look forward to serving you food from the horsebox. 



  MANJIT'S KITCHEN - Horsebox to Kitchen Project

Hello - I'm Manjit Kaur and I am the owner and operator of the indian Street Food business Manjit's Kitchen. I set the wheels rolling in 2010 and I have traded all over the UK - I am based in Leeds. 

(For more info on the business background, see 

I am a regular at the British Street Food Awards  and last year i travelled to London to feed a group of illustrious and hungry judges as a finalist at  the Young British Foodie Awards (YBF's)  I can and have dished up my trademark Indian street food anywhere and everywhere, often with modest means, for the YBF's I served out of a suitcase!

(See blog here > ) .

Manjit’s Kitchen has catered at markets, pop-ups events and festivals and this year i planned to to become bigger and better. Since Christmas, I have been working on a new vehicle and set up. The plan was to launch this month 

with a packed programme of festivals and events. But best laid plans don’t always come off. I was 

good to go and ready to roll with the new, improved Manjit’s Kitchen set-up. All was going well. Maybe too well; because last Tuesday night the vehicle was vandalised beyond repair 

(see blog here > ).

 The vehicle has been towed away and written off. 

No vehicle = no economically-sound means of trading. No means of trading = loss of revenue – something I’m already suffering as a direct and immediate consequence of the crime.

But I am determined not to let this stop m I am the new owner of a bright blue horsebox, whose destiny is to become an Indian-style food station and kitchen. All being well, the money from the insurance will cover the cost of a towing vehicle; but Manjit’s Kitchen will need support from all sorts of skilled people in order to convert the horsebox into a working kitchen. The sooner it all happens, the sooner I can get my show back where I want to be – on the road. I calculate the cost of conversion to be £4000


Design and cutting of the horsebox: £1500

Equipment (Cooker, Sink etc) & Installation:




Electrical work: £500

Branding & painting: £1000.

I am also seeking  investment in terms skills, time, advice, information which will be just as valuable as i go about building Manjit’s Kitchen again. I want to turn this bad situation into a massive positive! Thank you reading. I hope you can help and I look forward to seeing you along the way.






















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A massive Thank-you from us. Listed on our website wall of supporters and an invite to a grand "re-opening" event.

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We will bring the horsebox to your event/birthday/wedding and cook for up to 50 people. - 50 ish miles radius from Leeds. Have a chat with me about this before you pledge - to ensure the logistics are possible.

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Name the Horse Box. A unique marketing opportunity for an individual/company to name the finished horsebox. Your chosen name will painted onto the horsebox and promoted across all our networks. Replace the #bluehorsebox with your #name.

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