Coventry skatepark renovation & extension

by WMRR Campaign in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 4th October 2020 we successfully raised £1,600 with 53 supporters in 64 days

The War Memorial skatepark is too small and too old. We want to raise money to design a new state-of-the-art skatepark for Coventry.

by WMRR Campaign in Coventry, England, United Kingdom


The WMRR campaign is led by a group of young skateboarders and BMX riders who are tired of travelling outside of their city to find decent skateparks to ride. They love the community they are part of and see how having a small and deteriorating skatepark has meant that the community is becoming fractured as everyone goes to other places outside the city to ride. We want a skatepark that reunites the action sports community and encourages others across the city to take up a new sport and enable our community to flourish. 

The WMRR Campaign has the full support of Coventry City Council, the Friends of the War Memorial Park and, more importantly, the action sports community in Coventry. We are working closely with Coventry City Council in our efforts to raise external funds for the build of new skatepark. But we want OUR COMMUNITY to design the park and get the park WE want. That is why we are Crowdfunding for the funds to work with a leading skatepark builder to work with us to design the new skatepark. The community has been trying for at least 15 years to get a decent skatepark for Coventry, so it's imperative to design a landmark park, not just for the city, but for the region.

Having designs in place and funded by the community will help us in our efforts to secure funding for the build of the new skatepark. The current COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we could not hold our planned event or apply for funding for the build (as funding is on hold), but we want to get this project off the ground!!

We want a state-of-the-art Skatepark for Coventry

Although Coventry has 5 ‘skateparks’ across the city, they are all small, dated and in need of renovation. The skatepark at the War Memorial Park is the city’s most central and accessible. As the skatepark is now nearing 20 years of age, it is showing serious signs of wear and tear. 


The park also lacks the challenge and interest of newer builds meaning many people choose to ride street spots in the city centre or near their homes. In short, Coventry is in desperate need of a larger and better quality skatepark!

Our petition, presented to the council in June 2019, achieved a magnificent 1,425 signatures. A new skatepark in Coventry would have a significant impact on the community as it would provide the space and variety required to stimulate the community and encourage the next generations to take part. The action sports community is incredibly diverse; with age, gender, ethnicity, ability, socio-economic background being no barrier to inclusion. Action sports promote resilience, mental and physical well-being, confidence, and social skills. Such a positive community is exactly what needs to be nurtured in Coventry right now.

We conducted a survey of almost 300 skatepark users:

  • 1/3 do not currently use the skatepark 
  • 80% say they do not use it because it is old, small and dangerous
  • 96% are more likely to use an improved skatepark

Voices from our community:

"at the skatepark it is encouraging to see kids getting along and finding new friends. The skate park is deteriorating and the concrete fracturing putting a health and safety risk to all using the park. A new skatepark will encourage kids to get active in a fun environment and learn skills in a safe place"

The skatepark "has been home to a huge, thriving skate scene in the past, but as skateparks got better less and less people started to use it. The build quality is just poor and the design offers nothing inspiring or interesting for most skateboarders. Coventry deserves better!"

"I moved to Cov from London four years ago. I’m shocked there’s not a half decent skatepark here. I travel to London, Long Lawford and Corby on a regular basis to ride a decent skatepark. Build a decent one here, and I guarantee people will travel to it"

"if the skatepark was updated you would not only just see the younger generation use it you would also see the older generations brush of the dust from their bike, board or even roller skates and the skatepark would look more like a place for the many not the few"

This is just step one of the project. Once we get the design done and have raised money for the build, we won't stop there. We are committed to the legacy of this project, which will include free lessons, coaching training, events and competitions.

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