by Ebony Gayle in London, England, United Kingdom

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9to5workrebels aim's to be the UK’s No1 platform that helps unhappy people stuck in a 9-5 find their passion and live life on their terms.

by Ebony Gayle in London, England, United Kingdom

9ot5workrebels.com was born out of my passion to help others escape the 9-5 as I did after feeling trapped, depressed and stuck.  I started my own independent consultancy business with £100 as I wanted to work on my terms. With my consultancy success, I decided to share my story and wrote the book ‘How to become a consultant, a guide to free yourself from the 9-5’ which was published last year. Surviving outside of the normal 9-5 social norm ignited a passion in me to share my story & help others escape the 9-5 culture and do their own thing. My vision for 9 to 5 work rebels is for it to be the UK’s No1  platform that helps unhappy people find their passion and live life on their terms.

My motto is 'work is what you do and not where you are'. My aim for the platform is to help refer, signpost, and connect every day unhappy people (particularly those with an entrepreneurial spirit and from disenfranchised communities) with business experts, helpful resources and information and people that can help them to succeed. 

I truly believe there’s not only one route to success nor is there only one way of doing things. Research has found that over half of the UK workforce are unhappy and people are looking for alternative options to the prescribed 9-5 lifestyle.  I’m on a mission to help those that may feel stuck or at a careers crossroad to explore other options and routes to create the life they want.

I know there is a need for this platform, without pushing promo the 9to5workrebels page on Facebook already has almost 10k followers and my following on the website is increasing significantly. 

I currently have a youtube channel for 9to5workrebels (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpx5Kk-TateyK_EK-xP8sDA/featured) and have plans to take it to the next level but crucially need funding to make it happen. 

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