Nick and Lou's 40km walk

Nick and Lou's 40km walk


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Started on 8th November 2020 Faversham, England, United Kingdom

On 12th December, we are walking from Faversham to Hythe (40km) to raise money and awareness for the Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN).

About KRAN

KRAN's vision is for young people seeking asylum and as refugees in the UK to be safe, belong and build hope for a better future.

On our walk, we'll be reflecting on our inherent privilege that enables us to walk the distance, to have safe and comfortable homes to set off from and arrive at, and how travelling the distance on foot feels. 

KRAN works hard to enable cohesion between young refugees and asylum seekers and our local communities. The organisation strives to enable young people to live fulfilled and independent lives. Importantly, it works to prioritise the voice of young refugee and asylum seekers who are so often marginalised, discriminated against and unheard in wider society.

"I remember when I first arrived in UK I was taken by the police officers and separated from the people I came with, all the way through the hard and dangerous journey.

I was sent from house to house, I felt broken, like a criminal.

I tried to get settled into this new country. Go and do my shopping, start new chapters in my life. But sometimes people treat you differently, because to them, I am different.

I can’t speak your mother language to explain my pain but can you read my face." - excerpt from a recent blog post 'Refugee Week Project: Daniel'

An Opportunity to Reflect

As professionals, we both use the therapeutic process of walking, and the life cycle metaphor of travelling a journey within our counselling work. This will be an opportunity to think about how this process fits within wider society whilst promoting awareness, thoughtfulness and, of course, raising much needed funds at the same time.

Support the Movement

Anything you can contribute towards KRAN, including sharing these words to raise awareness and support for KRAN, and to amplify the voices of refugees and asylum seekers would be massively appreciated. 

Thank you.


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Amazing effort. Well done!

15th December 2020 at 12:15pm
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40K - thats a good hike! Well done to both of you.

13th December 2020 at 1:07pm
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Well done both of you. Great effort!

13th December 2020 at 10:09am
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Great Stuff

12th December 2020 at 8:23pm
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