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by Bolla in Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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Our little cafe has outgrown our current space, so we're raising funds to kit out and open a new bigger cafe on Fore Street.

by Bolla in Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Help us launch Bolla Porthleven!


Here at Bolla, we have big dreams with strong roots in our local culture. Our aim has always been to be a cafe ran by local people, for all people, and we want to continue bringing culinary experiences, a sense of community, and a place for creativity to the people of Porthleven. But both our dreams and our business have outgrown our little space in The Shipyard Market, and to keep the Bolla journey going, we need your help.

We’ve got the perfect space, and we’re building the perfect team…but we need a little bit of help from our community to not only continue providing the delicious food, coffee and wine you all love, but to grow into what we’ve always dreamed Bolla can be.

So we’ve launched this crowdfunder to help us kit out the kitchen where the magic is made, find the perfect tables and chairs for you to sit, sip and share, and to enable us to put on workshops, private events, wine tastings and more.

 It’s a big dream, and we might be mad, but we know we can create something that goes beyond tourism and becomes a staple in the village for local people to enjoy.


Where Bolla Started...

As many of you know, Bolla started it’s journey as Poké Food - a small, homerun food delivery business based on the principles of good nutrition and delicious world food. Bolla founder Jaime started Poké from her home kitchen in December 2019 with the dream of not only supporting people’s nutrition and fitness goals - but doing it with delicious food. 

After years of working in the catering and events industry, the aim was to cater events and fitness competitions, but when a certain pandemic took over, home deliveries took centre stage. Desperate for the dining out experience, customers across West Cornwall ordered grazing platters, summer rolls, bao buns and bottles of organic wine from Poke for all their special events - from birthdays to Zoom parties, picnics to New Year’s celebrations -  and almost every customer became a fan and regular customer of this personalised, fully catered service. Poké thrived, and from here, the ideas of the perfect cafe started to grow.


In February 2023, the opportunity to take on a small but mighty cafe space within The Shipyard Market arose, and Jaime jumped at the chance. Having previously been the legendary Radish Cafe, there were big shoes to fill, but throughout the year Jaime and her team honed the perfect menu, learnt what the locals wanted and needed from this little cafe, and quickly became a destination for locals, tourists, foodies and coffee lovers across Cornwall.

The addition of a concession from Scarlet Wines and a deli full of ingredients from across the globe only added to the lure of Poké food -  and soon, it was time for a rebrand as the business evolved: Bolla was born.


Our Vision

Taken from the Cornish for “bowl” or “mug”, the vision was a menu of seasonal bowls of delicious food, evolving as the seasons change and providing the goodness and nutrition we need throughout the year. Locally sourced meat, cheese and vegetables blended with exotic spice blends and fermented food, Bolla now creates delicious, gut-loving dishes which excite the tastebuds and nourish the body.  

Our dreams have now outgrown the little box in The Shipyard Market - and whilst it’s served us so well, we know now we need our own space to create without boundaries. We want to become a stylish but relaxed place to meet with friends, work on creative projects, learn more about food and celebrate with loved ones. 

The plan is to provide a space which can take you from early morning coffees and breakfast bowls, to work-day lunchbreaks, and straight on to candlelit evenings with great wine and gorgeous plates of food to share with friends. 


With local designer Luci Ward (you might know her from Hand and Palm) designing the new cafe, and woodwork wonder Alec Short helping us with carpentry and heavy lifting, we’re already deep in manifesting the perfect space. An oasis of calm, combining fun and uplifting decor with natural textures and repurposed materials. It’s a long way off (which is why we need your help!) but it’s slowly becoming the most beautiful space, created by, and for, the local community.

Located in what was the lovely Hidden Harbour cafe on Fore Street, we’re excited to provide outdoor seating as well as our cosy cafe. We can’t wait to restore some original details in the space, including the loveliest tiled floor hidden beneath layers of laminate, and freshen up the outside to add cosmetic value and a sense of laidback style to this historic part of Porthleven. 


Open early til late, comfortable benches with shared seating and an atmosphere of creative calm. The new Bolla will be a year round hub of community support, providing work for local people, and working with the people of Porthleven to give them somewhere special - whether it’s for a bit of WFH variety or a special celebration.

Our Community Goals

Our biggest inspiration is the community and rich culture of our little village - and we want to help our hometown thrive and survive. From providing jobs to locals to hosting a space for local meet-ups, groups and clubs. Half of the passion is great food and drink, and the other half is the people of our amazing village.

We want to host more of our iconic wine tastings, fermentation workshops and culinary classes. We want to provide a space for local creatives to share their work with events, workshops and meetups. We want to welcome sea-swimmers to warm up in the winter with hot coffee and dreamy breakfasts, and to provide walkers with the perfect pitstop on blustery coastal hikes.

By creating a multi-use cafe space, we know that our dreams of becoming a centre of the community, a space for locals to enjoy fabulous food and delicious coffee, are in reaching distance - but we need just a little bit more help.


How You Can Help

Our aim is £4,000 - which is a huge aim and to be honest, if we manage to raise £50 we’ll be chuffed to bits - but if we manage to raise our full target, it’ll help us start on the right path to our Bolla dream.

We’ve got the keys and have already started work painting and building the bones of the space - but there’s so much more we need before we’re done. We’re sourcing the perfect lighting, stocking our delicatessen full of delicious picnic and kitchen essentials, sourcing the perfect crockery and decor, and planning all the kitchen equipment and licensing we need. 

From polyfiller to grout, from primer to paint. There’s a lot we need before we can open, and it all adds up (trust us, B&Q can vouch for that!) so we’re boldly and humbly asking you to help - however you can.

If you’d like to help us financially, we literally can’t describe how much we appreciate it - and whether you choose to simply donate, or buy one of our many brilliant rewards, we’ll be incredibly grateful.

However, we know that times are hard and not everyone can afford to help financially, so here’s a few other options that go a long, long way in helping us achieve our goals:

  • Share our Crowdfunding posts on Facebook & Instagram to your friends and family
  • Like and Comment on our Instagram  posts
  • Recommend us to a friend
  • Help us by putting up a poster in your window or local noticeboards


Thank you, grazie, and Ciao Bolla!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£2 or more

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Bolla Postcard

Pledge £2 or more and recieve a Bolla Postcard designed by Cornwall based illustrator Luci from Hand And Palm. Each postcard will have a handwritten message of thanks from our team to you for being a part of the Bolla Dream.

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£5 Gift Voucher

Use it to buy your lunch or as a cheeky gift for someone to say have a Bolla on me!

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Coffee & Cake Gift Voucher

Keep it for yourself or treat a friend to this special Coffee & Cake combo voucher, whether it's a speedy espresso and a piece of banana bread or a luxurious latte paired with a brownie. Coffee & Cake are the ultimate comfort coupling.

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Bolla Tote Bag

Pledge £15 or more and you'll get to own one of our exclusive Bolla cotton tote bags, hand printed in Cornwall with designs by Cornwall based illustrator Luci of Hand And Palm.

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£20 Bolla Gift Voucher

Get yourself a Bolla Gift Voucher to be used on your next trip to the new Bolla! Full amount must be used in 1 transaction and is eligible for use on food, drink, and deli items.

£25 or more

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Learn to make the Perfect Coffee with Latte Art

Join us for a lesson in making the perfect coffee at home. Join us a Bolla where our baristas will teach you how to dial in and pour the perfect coffee - and create your own too-good-to-drink latte art. Great for budding baristas and coffee aficionados!

£50 or more

£50 Bolla Gift Voucher

Get yourself a Bolla Gift Voucher to be used on your next trip to the new Bolla! Full amount must be used in 1 transaction and is eligible for use on food, drink, and deli items.

£60 or more

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Bolla Cheese & Charcuterie Platter

Host a hassle free dinner party with this reward! Our team will craft you a showstopping Bolla Cheese & Charcuterie Platter to be delivered to your door on a date of your choice. Plus, we'll throw a hand picked bottle of wine to charm your friends and family with for no extra charge. Summer Supper: Sorted!

£70 or more

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Luxury Appointment with Hannah Toon Hair Stylist

In this kindly donated reward, you can have a complete hair care consultation combined with either a full cut, blow dry and style OR an occasion hair up for your next special event in the comfort of your own home.

£100 or more

Bolla Wine Club Membership

Join our Wine Club and get 5% off every wine purchase - for life! Perfect if you're aiming to try all of our Scarlet Wines concession, or if you're the type to enjoy a glass each night with dinner.

£420 or more

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Private Wine Tasting with Small Plate Supper

Gather up to 12 of your favourite people and hire out the cafe for an evening of wine tasting and delicious small plates, Bolla style! You'll not only get to taste a selection of organic wines and learn about what makes them so fabulous, our team will also provide a selection of complementary small plates to tickle those tastebuds even further! Working out at just £35 per person, it's an affordable and fun way to learn something new with friends.

£500 or more

One Year Exclusive Coffee Membership

If you're a regular coffee drinker, this is the reward for you! Get a free coffee every day we're open for a whole year - that's the whopping £1241 worth of coffee for less than half price! Perfect for if you're in need of a dose of caffeine on your daily dog walk or sea swim from beautiful Bolla.

£1,100 or more

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A Very Special Bolla Paella Party!

40 of your finest friends and family, a feast of hearty Spanish Paella with delicious salads, breads and sides, and exclusive hire of the whole cafe for an evening. Get your favourite music on and celebrate! Drinks aren't included, but we'll open up the bar exclusively for your guests and design a drinks menu just for you. A perfect pledge for any big birthdays, parties or gatherings you're looking to host.

£10 or more

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£10 Bolla Gift Voucher

Get yourself a Bolla Gift Voucher to be used on your next trip to the new Bolla! Full amount must be used in 1 transaction and is eligible for use on food, drink, and deli items.

£20 or more

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Hand And Palm: Sip & Sketch Workshop at Bolla

Enjoy a private evening workshop inside the new Bolla, hosted by the lovely Luci from Hand And Palm! With wine in hand, Luci will guide you through a few sketch warm ups before letting your creativity loose and creating your own masterpieces inspired by beautiful still life centre pieces of fruit, jugs and flowers. All materials provided, no art experience required, it’s all a bit of creative fun! Drinks & snacks will be available to purchase.

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