4th July General Election 2024

by Colette Walker in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire Council, United Kingdom

4th July General Election 2024

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ISP are the only Scottish political party standing on abstention , direct democracy , we believe the people of Scotland are sovereign.

by Colette Walker in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire Council, United Kingdom

1716419213_6e6fb03d-cfef-4933-bcf1-56fff774e8c3.jpegAs the  General Election has been announced for Thursday 4rh July Scotland is at a crossroads. It has become painfully obvious that our politicians have no real power in Westminster. We are permanently outnumbered and when it suits, the rules get changed, as they did in the debate on Gaza. It’s time for a new approach. 

The Independence for Scotland Party is offering this. We are the only party offering abstention from Westminster; to turn our backs on the sham of representation that it offers. It is time to shift the playing field from London to Edinburgh and force Westminster to engage with Scotland on our terms. It is also time to stop the gravy train of politicians who are far too comfortable on the green benches and bars of the House of Commons. We need independence soldiers, not staffers. 

This is not the only ‘first’ from ISP. ISP have been consistently ahead of the curve in Scottish politics, leaving other independence parties catching up with our policies. Here’s a few. 

•    We were first to campaign for a plebiscite at elections;

•    We were first (and still the only party) to sign up for all 21 of Common Weal’s ’21 for 21’ pledges for environmental sustainability;

•    We were the first party to campaign against the GRC;

•    We are the only party committed to the sovereignty of the Scottish people through direct democracy;

•    We are the only party whose leadership backs Salvo;

•    We are the only party who are completely opposed to freeports.

We could go on. But we have something to ask you. We want to run candidates in the GE. But it costs money to do this. We’re a small party and we also don’t do big donors, because that would affect our ability to make policy that properly reflects you, the Scottish independence voter. So far, that hasn’t stopped us. Your generosity has helped us to run in other elections and to change the political debate in Scotland. We would humbly ask you again to donate to our cause and we promise that we will continue to be movers and shakers in the fight

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