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by Vonnegut Collective in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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A creative sharing process, connecting audiences with musicians and composers in a new and exciting way.

by Vonnegut Collective in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

It takes forty-eight hours to rehearse one 20-minute piece by Thomas Adès. 

'48 Hours' will be a brand new piece by Tullis Rennie, incorporating recorded sound from those rehearsals into live ensemble performance.

Through hearing '48 Hours' audiences will be given a rare chance to enter the rehearsal room, to be right there with us.

This is us, this is real.

Help us make it happen, sponsor an hour! And come and have a listen...



This is our 'sponsor an hour campaign' for 48 Hours, a project running from January-November 2020. During this time we'll learn, rehearse, perform and record the incredible piano quintet by Thomas Adès. It takes forty-eight hours to rehearse, which is quite a big deal, and we reckon it’ll be a challenging and interesting process...

...So we’ve commissioned the awesome Tullis Rennie to come to all those rehearsals, record them, and then make a new piece of music for us, based on that process! 

The new piece will be called, yes you've guessed it, '48 Hours', and it will include recorded instrumental sounds, chat (probably us saying things like “oh blimey, this is really difficult”/”I’m lost/late/confused/playing the wrong notes” etc etc), plus some live instrumental sounds. 


Get ready for a short soap-box moment...

Loads of people we meet feel like new music/contemporary classical music/contemporary art music (call it what you will) isn’t for them. Sometimes people are put off by sounds that are harsh or unpredictable, things they claim they don’t understand. To this we say “no, no, no.” Think about it - contemporary composers are the ones who are most relevant to us as musicians and audiences alike, they are writing music about their experiences of the world we are living in right now. And yes, sometimes it is harsh and unpredictable, but sometimes you find peace and beauty in the most surprising places, and we want to share these with you! In this project audiences are welcomed into the process in a very real and warts-and-all kind of way. By the time they hear the Adès, in concert or the recording we’re going to make, they will have already heard how we got to the point of performance, musically and technically, but also just as people trying to do something we are passionate about, and do it well.


We have a performance of both pieces in London in May 2020, and are hoping to repeat that in Manchester in the following October. Between those two concerts we will make a recording to be released in the Autumn. As well as being available to buy/download in your usual way, the CD will do a unique little tour of the country later in the year - a living room tour - where the musicians involved invite you to listen to this music with them in their homes, then have a chat about it all. And we’re a friendly bunch I promise! 

Supporting us today will give you the chance to be involved in some or all of that, as well as help us to make the whole thing happen.

"Cracking performances and the new work was inspiring." Mark, audience member

"The workshop was well organised, inspiring and engaging – we would definitely have the Vonnegut Collective back." Tom, teacher

"Incredible pros, who include all who wish to be a part of making contemporary music." Tullis, composer

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England, also financial and 'in-kind' support from City University and The University of Salford, and now by you, our friendly backers! THANK YOU!


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