Revive Aid

by Revive Healthy Living in Derby, Derby, United Kingdom

Revive Aid


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We want to create a general fund that we can use to support people across the community facing the most tragic personal circumstances.

by Revive Healthy Living in Derby, Derby, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Its totally amazing to have reached our original goal of £10,000 ahead of schedule, thanks to the enormous generosity of everyone that’s donated. Because we are still being contacted by people who want to donate, we have stretched our initial target in the hope that going into a very difficult winter of rising costs we can help even more people than we had originally planned.

For updates on how we have spent your very generous donations, donors can log onto our Facebook page at the end of each month for details. 

Revive Aid – to combat a cost of living crisis exacerbated by COVID-19

We are facing unprecedented demand to support our most disadvantaged elderly pensioners, those fleeing domestic violence, sick, disabled and vulnerable people and families, to ensure that they can eat and heat their homes during the winter months.

The majority of the households we support have pay as you go meters that require customers to pre-pay up front before they have access to gas and electricity. This is the most expensive way to buy energy, with the highest costs, standing charges and the least amount of choice. Many people aren’t aware that the standing charges apply – even if they don’t have the money to top up. As a result, many switch off their heating only to later find themselves in a downward spiral with a debt that they can’t clear.

Many debt advice charities warn against having a prepaid meter if there are health issues, disabilities, medical equipment or young children, yet 99.9% of beneficiaries that turn to us in desperation are in this position. With a fixed income, they are unable to absorb escalating energy prices, increasing cost of groceries whilst shouldering the loss of the £86 a month Universal Credit uplift.  There’s no doubt, we have a cost of living crisis – even for those that are working.

Just this week we have seen attempted suicides, working parents unable to afford milk and children using blankets and hot water bottles to stay warm whilst they are at home. You can help us to stop things getting worse by offering a lifeline to those in this position.  With your help, we’d like to create a general fund that we can use to support people facing the most tragic personal circumstances, whilst we support them to seek debt and budgeting advice, employment and re-training through our on-site job club. Please help, together we can make a difference.

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