Ian is sailing solo round UK and Ireland

Ian is sailing solo round UK and Ireland


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Started on 18th March 2022 Cowes, UK

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Ian Is Sailingtrilleen Solo Round Britain & Ireland posted an update on 1st April 2022

Thank you to all who have donated

I've just published a little update on my, and Sailing Trilleen's preparation to sail Round Britain and Ireland. It's so very easy to get stuck down in the weeds, but a post from the amazing Pip Hare reminded me to keep my focus on the big picture. Read more about Ian's journey @acfsailing.

Please do pop over there - You can explore the work the Andrew Cassell Foundation does and find my YouTube content. 


  • The plan

Since 2020, Ian Wyllie has been planning a solo Round Britain and Ireland sail in his 27 foot sailboat Sailing Trilleen in aid of the Andrew Cassell Foundation who coach disabled people to become independent disabled sailors and sail racers. 


They have made a massive difference in Ian’s life and restored his love of the ocean. The charity is in a position to expand their work and Ian would love it if you were able to help them do so. 

What will my giving help fund? 

Your gifts will enable Andrew Cassell Foundation to continue and expand the work it does helping disabled people become independent sailors. This specialist charity already makes an outsize, often life changing, impact in its participants lives, and they would love to be able to help more people. There's more detail further down this page. 


What and when

Ian sets off to sail round the United Kingdom and Ireland from Cowes during August 2022 in his aged Vancouver 27 Trilleen and will return in 2023. 

The Route

In 2022 Ian and Trilleen will sail from Cowes to Glasgow via the west of Ireland. Trilleen will overwinter in Scotland before Ian completes the trip in 2023. In 2023 Ian will visit some areas in the Irish Sea before heading north round Muckle Flugga, Shetlands and down the East coast.1645397429_artboard_2-nw.png

On the way Ian will visit marinas and yacht clubs to talk about disability inclusion in sailing and the work of the Andrew Cassell Foundation. In key locations Ian will be visiting current supporters of the Foundation and exploring future ambitions.


More about the Foundation & what your giving will fund

You are helping get more disabled people sailing sooner

The foundation has survived COVID-19 and continues to achieve at a high level of integrating disabled people into able bodied sailing along with great performances, placing boats 3rd, 4th and 10th in class in Cowes Week 2021 and the UK Class National Championships.Your giving will make a material difference to allowing the Foundation to inspire more disabled sailors. While your giving will go to support the most urgent needs, they anticipate that being able to employ additional part time coaches will be the most useful tool in enabling disabled people to be included in sailing.

Foundation participants value the sailing, racing and coaching highly. They travel long distances due to the lack of infrastructure and support around the UK for integrated disabled sailing. Most participants have additional needs and costs resulting from being disabled and have restricted incomes. This drives the passion of the Foundation to create the inclusive and cost effective environment for participating sailors to sail on equal terms with abled bodied people. 

What sailing does for disabled people?

Through sailing disabled people can acquire social skills, develop independence, and become empowered to act as agents of change in their life and the management of their disability. Sailing can be an inclusive sport where disabled people get to take part on equal terms with their able bodied counterparts and, if they wish compete on a level playing field. My experience is that sailing with the Andrew Cassell Foundation has been incredibly motivating and has helped me improve my cardiovascular fitness, social confidence, mental health, range of motion and empowered me to manage my disability in different ways.

Even more benefits!

This Round Britain and Ireland sail will also be giving talks and hosting informal sharing sessions at yacht clubs and marinas around the country with the aim of informing them about the work of the Andrew Cassell Foundation and improving the conditions for disabled access to the water. 

Contact Ian or the Foundation if you would like to book a session or find out more: [email protected]


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