Turn 30% of our ocean into no take zones by 2030

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Help us wake our world leaders up at COP26. Before we're all sleeping with the fishes.

by Seaspiracy in United Kingdom

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Wakey wakey, Boris! Bottom trawling releases as much carbon dioxide as all air travel combined. 

Deep sea fish remove one million tons of carbon dioxide each year from UK and Irish waters.

It's simple. More fish in the sea. Less climate change. Join the fight to turn 30% of our ocean into no take zones by 2030.

Help us wake them up. Before we're all sleeping with the fishes.


Our seas are dying, there’s no other way to say it. We need you to join our crew so we can turn the tide on this destruction.We must take action NOW.

We are asking world leaders to establish and enforce the protection of at least 30% of our oceans from industrial fishing by the year 2030.


Establishing and Enforcing ‘No-Take Zones' will protect habitat and vulnerable wildlife whose populations are in a state of collapse, and will ensure these habitats have a chance of recovering.

It’s important to understand the difference between ‘marine protected areas’ (MPA’s) and ‘No-Take Zones'. 

No-Take Zones prohibit extractive and destructive fishing operations - the single most destructive industry in our oceans. Without this enforcement MPA’s continue to allow marine devastation. This raises the question, do MPA’s even do anything? The answer in many cases is a resounding no.

In fact, 97% of UK Marine Protected Areas continue to be plundered by bottom trawling - perhaps the most catastrophic form of fishing. The story is the same around the world.

The Solution is Simple...

No-Take Zones have profound benefits to marine wildlife and habitat. Indeed, it is the only measure shown to actually work in allowing ecosystems to recover and rebound in a meaningful way.

1623084754_30by30campaign_ali_quote_v2.jpgHOW DO WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN?

We are creating an explosive international campaign which will manifest in the form of huge awareness raising stunts. That’s right… think, massive billboards, airplane banners, loud sound installations, light projections onto landmarks, bus adverts, and more. You name it, we will probably be doing it!

We know that when enough people understand the reality of what is happening to our oceans, change is inevitable. An incredible seachange of consumer behaviour has already taken place after untold millions of people watched the groundbreaking Netflix Original Documentary, Seaspiracy [Released in March 2021]. However, this campaign is taking the message one step further.

This campaign is a demand to world leaders to do the right thing; a demand to become the stewards of the oceans they claim to be. This year many governments have taken pledges to increase the number of MPA’s, yet the fine print of these promises reveal no mention of banning fishing operations from these areas of our seas. This is outrageous, and quite frankly, pathetic.

This would be like creating Rainforest Protected Areas, and taking no measures to protect the rainforest from it’s leading threats of deforestation!

We ask that you join us and turn our campaign into ‘OUR’ campaign! 

1623084778_30by30campaign_billboard-mockup.jpgWHERE DOES YOUR MONEY GO?

This problem won’t be solved overnight, and we know politicians will need all the encouragement they can get to deliver on this. Here’s how we’re going to do it.

We will be starting our campaigning at the G7 Summit in Cornwall, England this June 11th, and keeping sustained pressure on politicians around the world all the way through to COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, in November this year. From there, we will announce other dates and events we will be present at. 

Funds will pay for:

1. A major billboard campaign which we’ll ensure we are seen far and wide, starting with the UK [It’s a big year for politics in the UK!]

2. Light projections onto world landmarks - These will include hard hitting facts from Seaspiracy, animations, and perhaps more excitingly, video messages from you! That’s right. You can send us video messages asking world leaders to take action, which we will blast onto huge landmarks.

3. Eye catching publicity stunts - we’d love to tell you more, but this would ruin the surprise!




We've designed and created seven "blood money" banknotes, one for each of the leaders of the G7. There are 3030 of each one, and no more will ever be printed. We are going to distribute a small number of notes in Cornwall to catch the attention of the leaders at the G7 summit and the rest are available to you, during this Crowdfunder only. Each note is £30, and your pledge will be matched £ for £ making your contribution to the campaign worth £60. 

Individual notes will be posted out at random but you can buy multiples for an increased chance of getting the bank note with your "favoured" leader on. Or, buy the complete set of seven for £150 contributing £300 to the campaign once matched.



Unless we act now we will live to see the death of the oceans, and our children will never know the wonder and beauty of our once thriving blue planet. We can’t fix this on our own. Now we need action, and that’s where you come in.

Every £ pledged will be matched, meaning your donation will be doubled! 

Please chip in what you can and please share our Crowdfunder. 

We can only change this together.


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Blood Money Banknote

We've created a series of collectable banknotes depicting each G7 leader and the related fishing atrocities in their respective countries • Pledge £30 to receive one of these rare banknotes at random • Your pledge will be matched £ for £ making your contribution to the campaign worth £60.

£150 or more

Pack of 7 - Blood Money Banknotes

We've created a series of collectable banknotes depicting each G7 leader and the related fishing atrocities in their respective countries • Pledge £150 to receive the complete set of 7 limited edition G7 leader banknotes • Your pledge will be matched £ for £ making your contribution to the campaign worth £300.

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