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Raising funds to purchase 14 specialist trikes in Manchester. Make Dreams Come True for some amazing children in your community.

by 14 for £14,000 in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

14 trikes for £14,000

Introducing our latest campaign - 14 for 14! We are raising funds for 14 specialist trikes in Manchester and we would be truly grateful if you could donate towards the purchase of these dream trikes for children with a wide range of special educational needs.

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Who are Dreams Come True?

Dreams Come True is a national UK charity which has been delivering dreams to children and young people (CYP) with serious and life limiting illnesses for over 30 years.

We absolutely believe that every child and young person has a right to dream, no matter who they are, or where they live. Sadly, not everyone has that opportunity and when serious and life limiting illness occurs, those who are less fortunate are being left behind. The impact of Covid-19 has only magnified the loneliness and despair of these families.

In the United Kingdom it is estimated that there are over 55,000 CYP with life limiting and life-threatening conditions. And sadly, too many do not have long to live, with every year an estimated 18,000 requiring access to end-of-life care.


What makes us different?

To ensure we focus on where the need is greater, we directly support those living in the hardest to reach and most deprived areas of the UK. No other Wish Granting Organisation is singularly focused on supporting the most disadvantaged communities in such a manner.

Today, there are over 30,000 CYP living in the areas of highest deprivation with life limiting or serious illness; We estimate that in the North West there are 4,700 CYP, and in Manchester 2,000, all of whom qualify for and deserve a Dream.

What is a Dream?

Delivering the right Dream is a very personalised process. Our caring, experienced team go to considerable effort to tailor the dream to the child’s wishes. They work closely with families, carers and health and social care professionals to ensure the Dream selected makes a positive and lasting difference.

A Dream can be for equipment such as a specially adapted trike allowing a child a sense of freedom and independence or it can be for a bedroom or garden makeover to create a special and safe place the child can call their own. 

Above all a dream offers hope for the future, it builds mental resilience, it improves wellbeing, it helps stop a feeling of isolation, and it delivers improvements to day-to-day life.


14 Trikes for £14,000 – we need your help!

We are running a campaign in Manchester to raise funds to purchase 14 specialist trikes for The Lancasterian School in West Didsbury. This amazing school provides a quality, inclusive education for pupils aged 3 – 16yrs with a wide range of special educational needs including physical difficulties, complex medical conditions, communication needs and autism as well as associated learning difficulties.

The school were referred to us to have their dream fulfilled as the need for 14 trikes is a costly one, something they are unable to fund themselves. 

In talking with the school, we have identified that each class desperately needs a specialist trike to allow students with mobility issues the opportunity to access outdoor spaces and better engage in physical activities.

These trikes will improve the day to day life, mental health and well-being of the children that receive them. We can receive match funding for these trikes which have a total cost of £28,000.


The impact of a Trike

Andrew, a recipient of a Dream Trike, is a happy boy who has autism, a learning disability and hearing impairment. Communicating with him and understanding Andrew’s efforts to communicate can be very difficult, even for his family. They can never be quite sure how much of the difficulty is due to his autism and how much is his hearing impairment.

Although he is 11 years old, Andrew functions at the level of a 2 year old, needing guidance with most activities. He’s on the go constantly and he needs to be monitored at all times to ensure his safety. He has no sense of danger and doesn’t seem to process pain in the usual way, not realising when he’s been badly injured. 

Andrew enjoys being outdoors and adores using the adapted trikes at the weekly sessions he attends through a local charity. He loves the feel of the wind and sun on his face. His dream is to have a trike of his very own.

Andrew’s parents, Laura and Rik, say: "Andrew’s bright red Tomcat Fizz was delivered on a wet Saturday morning in March. This was his tricycle, from his shed, that he can ride in his neighbourhood. He was beaming from ear-to-ear on that first ride.

As parents, we are all determined to do the best for our children. For Andrew, that means we try to give him fun experiences and fantastic memories, whilst slowly working towards independence. Cycling gives him the body movement that he craves, whilst pedalling teaches him cause-and-effect. This tricycle is definitely one of the best gifts he could ever receive."

Why are we crowdfunding?

COVID-19 is sadly disproportionately affecting those from deprived backgrounds. The more disadvantaged you are, the worse the impact. And when you have a child with a serious or life limiting illness on top of that, it has an even more devastating effect.

75% of families reported delays to routine health appointments for their disabled child. With over half of them stating that these delays are having a negative impact on their child’s condition. As a result of these delays, families reported additional problems with anxiety and behaviour, sleep, and loneliness, more than 3 in 10 families felt their disabled child suffered from depression. 

In the last 12 months our income dropped from £1,000,000 to £700,000 (we receive no regulatory funding and rely on donations). Which, coupled with lockdown restrictions, meant that in 2020/21 we were only able to deliver 85 Dreams against an initial target of 228.      

Get involved!

We would be truly grateful if you would donate towards our campaign; 14 for £14,000.

Hit the 'Donate' or 'Support Us' buttons on the top right and bottom of this page to give £10/£20/£30/£50 or an amount of your choice.  Your donation will help to change the lives of some amazing children in your community.

Together we can make Dreams Come True in Manchester.

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