1000 Miles for ConfiCo!

by Confidance in Ashford, England, United Kingdom

1000 Miles for ConfiCo!


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Margot & Thomas are walking 1000 MILES to spread positivity and raise funds for ConfiCo, where Thomas works as a professional dancer.

by Confidance in Ashford, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 30th April 2021 we'd raised £1,040 with 49 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

New stretch target

With a stretch target of £2000, we will be able to: 

* Develop even bigger and better performances!

* Offer more training for our artists to develop as facilitators, leading to more employment opportunities 

* Reach more audiences, through our online and live work in 2021

This money also allows us to apply for larger amounts of core funding to support the longevity of ConfiCo's work. Anything you can give helps to ensure the future of the company!

The Story

Since the first national lockdown in early 2020, Margot and Thomas have been on a mission to stay fit, stay sane, and spread positivity through these turbulent times. 

They decided to start taking note of how far they were going on their daily walks, keeping track in their lockdown diaries (full of positive things from each day!) and soon noticed that the miles were stacking up! So they decided to up the ante, setting themselves the goal of walking 500 miles - which they wonderfully achieved in December, and celebrated the only way you could, with the Proclaimers!

So now, with 650 miles under their belt, Margot and Thomas have set themselves the target of walking 1000 MILES! This is the same as walking 38 marathons or over 5000 times round a football pitch!

To make it even more meaningful, they are asking for your support, to raise money for ConfiCo - Confidance's professional company of dancers with learning disabilities. 


Thomas has always loved dancing and performing, and began dancing with Jo Frater, Artistic Director of Confidance, around 5 years ago. Since ConfiCo's formation in 2019, Thomas has been working as a professional artist and is looking to raise funds to support their training, performances and future ambitions.

Why should I support ConfiCo?

ConfiCo dancers work collaboratively with the Confidance team to create powerful pieces of contemporary dance, which they perform at festivals, theatres, and in schools. Alongside ConfiCo’s training as performers, Confidance work towards developing and articulating dancers’ creative voices through continual exposure to the wider dance world, careful attention to learning preferences, and consultation with our artists about their professional ambitions.

Throughout the lockdowns, ConfiCo have continued dancing weekly over Zoom; whilst the nation was told to isolate, ConfiCo reconnected online. They created "In Limbo", a piece which celebrates the tenacity, integrity and creativity of ConfiCo dancers, who co-created the work in a very different (dance) world. A piece that embodies joy, play and connectedness whilst the world found itself in limbo. Watch it here: 

The Confidance Mission:

Confidance deliver high quality dance work with integrity, creativity and integration at its heart. Working in schools, community settings and arts venues, we make dance and performance for, with and by dancers with learning disabilities. Confidance are based in East Kent, and we are resident at The Wyvern School and Quarterhouse, Folkestone. 

Our vision is of an empowered and united society where people are paramount and difference is an asset.

Confidance, the not-for-profit organisation dance organisation behind ConfiCo, are not in receipt of any regular public funding, and rely on donations and support. Your money will go towards rebuilding crucial funds used to survive the lockdowns, and allow us to reach more dancers with and without learning disabilities.


What are we hoping to raise?

Our hope is to raise £1 for every mile walked, with a grand total of £1000! 

Currently, Thomas & Margot have walked 650 miles, so we would love to raise at least £650 to celebrate their achievement. Over the next few months, Margot and Thomas will keep walking until they reach 1000 miles (and maybe even beyond!). This money will go towards keeping ConfiCo running, supporting the cost of training, performing, costumes, workshops with young people and opportunities for artist development. 

Thank you for reading!

To learn more about Confidance, visit our website at www.confidance.org.uk - or follow us on social media @Confidanceinclusive on Facebook & Instagram!


This project offered rewards

£50 or more

The Marathon... and back again!

To thank you for supporting Margot & Thomas to walk the length of TWO MARATHONS, we will give you a shout-out on social media, a personal thank-you video from our walkers, updates on progress, including a celebration video when they achieve 1000 miles!

£15 or more

Ashford to Canterbury!

Pledging £1 a mile, you will support Margot & Thomas to walk the distance of Ashford to Canterbury! For supporting our walkers, you will receive a thank you shout-out on our social media!

£25 or more

The Vegas Strip!

At £1 per mile, Thomas & Margot could walk the Las Vegas Strip six times with your support! To say thank you, we will give you a shout-out on social media AND updates on our walkers progress, including a celebration video when they achieve 1000 miles!

£75 or more

The English Channel!

For supporting Thomas & Margot to walk 75 miles, just over the length of the English Channel, we will give you a shout-out on social media, a personal thank-you video from our walkers, updates on progress, including a celebration video when they achieve 1000 miles, AND put you on priority mailing list for ConfiCo's next performance!

£100 or more

Mount Everest!

100 miles is the same as walking the length of Mount Everest... 18 TIMES! To thank you for your generous support, we will give you a shout-out on social media, a personal thank-you video from our walkers, updates on progress, including a celebration video when they achieve 1000 miles! You will also receive 2 FREE tickets to a ConfiCo's performance of your choice.

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