Our Future, Our Choice! (OFOC!)

by Lara A Spirit in London, England, United Kingdom

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OFOC is a youth movement pushing for a people's vote on the final Brexit deal.

by Lara A Spirit in London, England, United Kingdom

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OFOC needs your help!

We're in the final stretch. Just months ago, the idea of giving the people a say on the Brexit process was laughed at. Now it is firmly within our grasp.

We started OFOC back in January, as three young people sat in a coffee shop in East London. We've been overwhelmed with the growth of the campaign since - we now have a fantastic core team working tirelessly each day. In under a year we have:

  • Hosted over 100 events in schools and universities across the country, from Belfast to Port Talbot, with many including local MPs
  • Featured spokespeople on national media almost every day – from Sky News, to BBC’s Any Questions and everything in between
  • Shaped the national debate to reflect the huge stake young people have in this issue – whether it be through stunts and interventions, grassroots campaigning or mass lobbying exercises in Parliament 

The clock is ticking. With no majority in Parliament for any form of leaving the EU, the only responsible solution left is to give the decision back to the people.

Young people overwhelmingly want to Remain, and we will continue to push for a People's Vote as the only way to safeguard our futures.

We are proud of what we've achieved so far. A genuinely grassroots youth campaign, set up and run exclusively by young people determined to change the course of history.

To secure a people’s vote this, though, we need your help. The government is determined to push this as close to the wire as possible, and we must be ready for whatever comes next.

MPs continue to fight amongst themselves about what comes next. Meanwhile, with your help over the coming weeks, OFOC will:

  • Take our bus to even more corners of the country – we have hundreds of volunteers who are keen to lobby target MPs
  • Expand our grassroots network through regional organisers – Doire in Belfast and Paul in Sunderland have been instrumental in bringing a local voices to the national debate and mobilizing more young people in their area
  • Massively scale up our school events, launching a new project to fight for the vote to be extended to 16 and 17 year olds in the case of a new referendum

With public backing for a People's Vote at an all time high, your support has never been more crucial. Please give generously and share, as we continue to stand up for the future of our country.

Let's make 'Our Future, Our Choice! (OFOC!)' happen

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