Help Us Make a Big Splash!

by Friends of Otley Lido (FoOL) in Otley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom


£53,000 target 9 days left
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This project will only be funded if at least £53,000 is pledged by 1st November 2021 at 9:00am

Help us fund the specialist studies essential to progress our journey to re-develop the derelict Otley baths into a modern year-round lido.

by Friends of Otley Lido (FoOL) in Otley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Help Us Make a Big Splash!

Help us fund the specialist studies essential to progress our journey to re-develop the derelict Otley baths into a modern all year round leisure venue featuring a 25-30 meter heated lido with a retractable roof. Alongside the outdoor pool our concept includes a gym, cafe / restaurant, health and well-being facilities including a new home for the bowls club, and public toilets for visitors to Wharfemeadows Park.


(Above: Architect's concept - courtesy of 3xa)

Through fundraising and securing other funding we have already raised over £12,000 towards the cost of Phase 1, which comprises of specialist studies and professional services relating to the site. However, to complete this phase we still require £53,000 to reach our overall target of £65,000.  

So, come on Otley and friends and supporters from other areas, we REALLY need your support.  It's now or never in terms of raising the required funds to get us through this tricky first stage.  Once we are through this stage we can explore larger funding opportunities. We strongly believe we can do this together and we need your help now!

This is an 'All or nothing' crowdfunding campaign and your pledge will only be taken if we reach our overall target, so please do not hesitate.  Sadly if we fail to reach the target we can't see how we can continue with the lido project and will miss this historic opportunity.


(Above: Our 'fundraising pool' designed by Zeppo Creative)

If you share our vision for a modern all year round leisure venue in Otley then we would be grateful for your pledge. We've got some swimmingly great rewards for you as well.

If you would like to know more - read on. We believe our vision and exciting plans will convince you to Help Us Make a Big Splash!

History of Otley Baths

The Otley outdoor baths, as it was known at the time, opened in 1924 and was popular with the local community, as well as attracting visitors to the town as travel became increasingly accessible through the 20th century.


(Above: Left c.1960 - Otley baths in its heyday -  Right c. 1970 courtesy of John Morgan)

We have collated many lovely tales and fond memories from people who spent time at the baths despite the cold water and inclement British weather. Some of these memories now adorn the hoarding at the site and feature on our website.


(Above: Memories of the Otley baths - designs by Zeppo Creative)

The outdoor pool, as it became known by the end of the 20th century, closed in 1993. It now stands derelict in Wharfemeadows Park - a popular and otherwise attractive riverside park featuring a children's play area, boats, skateboarding park, tennis courts and scenic walks.


(Above: The current derelict site)

A Modern Lido - heated year round

Lidos around the country are experiencing a magnificent resurgence and we want Otley to be part of this. Our project aims to return the baths to its heyday - albeit in a modern guise. 

The centrepiece of the lido will be an accessible 25-30m heated pool with a retractable roof offering all year round fun. Our vision includes a play area for children and families, cafe/restaurant, gym, space for community activities, accessible public toilets for users of the park and a new home for Wharfemeadows Bowling Club. All of this with a view of the beautiful river Wharfe.


(Above: Architect's concepts - courtesy of 3xa Design)

We want a venue where children can learn to swim but also somewhere which could benefit the local community through improving health and well-being.  The lido will also provide economic benefits for the town, by virtue of it being a destination for visitors from further afield.


Our aim is that the lido will be a hub which connects our community. A destination where families can relax and enjoy themselves. An accessible venue where everyone can take part in activities, have a drink or meal and connect with others. A place where children and adults can learn life lessons through sport and establish a healthy relationship with exercise for the rest of their lives. And who knows, maybe a place where future Olympians begin their journeys! 


Sustainability is key to our vision and integral to our decision-making. We have given great thought and consideration to how our project can be sympathetic to the environment in its design, build and throughout its operating life-cycle. That means not just minimising its environmental footprint but also maximising the positive impacts it can make, for example to the visual aspects of Wharfemeadows Park and the town. 

Additionally, at the heart of our conceptual design are financial sustainability and viability. The venue needs to be self-sustaining  whilst simultaneously being affordable for users - hence our desire to provide a variety of facilities and activities on the site which will provide diversified revenue streams.


The Journey Forward

To bring this project to fruition we will apply to larger funding organisations and seek partners aligned with our aims - this represents a future phase in our plans. In order to do so, we require detailed plans for the site (e.g. architects drawings, costings, planning permission, a sustainable business plan, etc.). This requires professional services and specialist studies / surveys to be carried out on the site - this is Phase 1 which we are fundraising for now. The studies / surveys include elements such as:

  • Site investigation works - e.g. ground investigation, assessment of site clearance, contaminants etc
  • Architectural drawings in readiness for formal submission of planning application
  • Detailed costings
  • Carbon footprint minimisation options during build and operation
  • Flood risk and management of potential flood waters
  • Impact on traffic in the area
  • Ecological study to consider the wildlife and general environment
  • Project management assessment
  • Assessment of the structural design and build
  • Assessment of pool options
  • Geotechnical study
  • Identification, assessment and report on potential funding channels
  • Development of a long term sustainable business plan

Our plan to bring Otley lido to fruition follows a well-established approach - for example, Peckham and Broomhill lidos have adopted similar approaches. We are grateful to our friends and partners at lidos across the country for their invaluable advice in planning and progressing our project and look forward to continuing to engage with them.

Friends of Otley Lido (FoOL)

In February 2016 we established Friends of Otley Lido (FoOL) as a Community Interest Company - a social enterprise that uses its profits and assets for the benefit of the community. We are a group of professional and dedicated volunteers who are passionate about regenerating the site of the former baths into a modern all year round leisure venue. Our vision is for a community owned and run facility that benefits our community.

In order to compliment other initiatives to regenerate or add leisure amenities in Wharfemeadows Park and the town more generally,  we continually engage with our partners and actively seek out new partnerships  aligned with our objectives.

More information about FoOL can be found on our website at

Our Partners and Supporters

We believe our sustainable community owned and run venue will be a fantastic addition - a real asset to Otley and the wider area. Luckily, many in our community, along with our partners and supporters agree.


We have secured a 125 year rent-free lease for the site from Leeds City Council who fully support our aims. Further, we successfully raised the profile of the site, including through engagement with Otley Town Council and are delighted to be included in the Otley Neighbourhood Plan which was adopted after a referendum in February 2020. 

Our support is widespread and includes Leeds City Council, Otley Town Council and Alex Sobel MP (Leeds North West).


We are also grateful to organisations and businesses who recognise the social, health and economic benefits our project will bring and have supported us in various ways. To date over fifty organisations and businesses have provided grants, goods and services or fund-raised on our behalf. 

Our website acknowledges each of these and provides further details on the opportunities available to organisations and businesses.

We are particularly grateful for the strong support of the local community who have have provided valuable ideas and feedback, in addition to supporting our fundraising efforts. Our social media platforms are always busy and we would encourage you to join thousands of others who follow us to demonstrate their support, share their thoughts and hear all our latest updates.

HELP US MAKE A BIG SPLASH! Please contact us if you require any further information. We are grateful for each and every pledge and donation because it is only with your support that we can make this happen


The rewards are offered in good faith. The ‘All or nothing’ fundraising option, means that any monies pledged will only be collected if and when we reach our target of £53,000. Therefore, the tangible rewards such as t-shirts, postcards, stickers and bags etc. will only be delivered if the target is reached. The target date for delivering rewards is mid December 2021. Non-tangible rewards, such as free swims and various membership levels can only be delivered once the lido is built. This is obviously dependent on future funding.

Thank you

The Friends of Otley Lido Volunteer Committee.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£300 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Discount on 12 months advertising space in Otley

Need advertising space? 12 months advertising for £300 on the lido site hoarding in a busy area on the river and near the play area. Included are design, print and installation, plus publicity from us on social media. The panels are 150cm x 50cm with 135cm x 35cm for your design and can be designed by our creative partner Zeppo Creative. This reward is offered in conjunction with Print Crew who are kindly printing the panels at cost price.

£5 or more

£5 to £20 reward

A heartfelt virtual thank you

£21 or more

£21 to £40

2 Otley lido postcards, 2 lido badges and a lido car sticker, 2 tokens for a free swim in the first year of the lido opening

£25 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Printastic 25% discount at Print Crew

Simon from Otley based Print Crew has offered 25% discount on any new orders (minimum spend of £100, no max, one per customer). This is a great bargain at £25. Print Crew can produce anything print related from leaflets to hoarding posters and everything in between. Use your imagination. Any Christmas related printing needs to be ordered by the end of November. See their website for full details ; [email protected] 07775884233

£30 or more

Fundamentals of GCSE Sciences RRP £50

Do you need a scientific boost? Join Dr Nikki James, expert local 4 in 1 science and maths tutor from Wharfedale Tutors for 5 weeks online tutoring. The 5 zoom sessions will be on Sundays 6-7pm starting 14 November. The topics are; biology - cell structure & function, evolution & genetics, chemistry - atoms, bonding, structure and properties and physics -forces. Please see our website for further detail

£40 or more

0 of 2 claimed

Voucher for Landguard Pest Control RRP £50

Do you have any unwanted buzzy, furry, jumping or other pesky friends? Local company, Landgaurd Pest Control are offering a £50 discount on any service, which you can grab for £40. They offer a full range of pest control services. You might not need them right now, but when you do, you will really need them and your voucher would be a great place to start. [email protected]

£41 or more

45 of 250 claimed

£41 to £100

1 Otley lido swim bag, 2 lido postcards, 2 lido badges, a lido car sticker, 5 tokens for a free swim in the first year of the lido opening

£48 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Discount on web improvement - RRP £60

Want to understand and improve your website? Let Etempa Web Solutions put together a comprehensive report on your website to highlight issues and offer suggestions on optimisations. Highlighting SEO, web accessibility, user experience and content issues. Comes with 1 hour free consultation with one of our developers who will go through the report with you.

£101 or more

17 of 250 claimed

£101 to £250

1 Otley lido swim bag, 2 lido postcards, 2 lido badges and a lido car sticker, 10 tokens for a free swim in the first year of the lido opening.

£251 or more

4 of 50 claimed

£251 to £400

1 Otley lido t shirt, lido swim bag, 2 lido postcards, 2 lido badges and a lido car sticker, 10 tokens for a free swim in the first year of the lido opening.

£401 or more

3 of 50 claimed

£401 to £1000

1 limited edition Zeppo designed Otley Lido artwork, lido swim bag, 2 postcards, 2 badges and a lido car sticker, 20 tokens for a free swim in the first year of the lido opening.

£1,001 or more

1 of 50 claimed

£1001 to £2000 - Brilliant bronze supporter

1 limited edition Zeppo designed Otley Lido artwork, lido swim bag, 2 postcards, 2 badges and a lido car sticker, 50 tokens for a free swim in the first year of the lido opening.

£2,001 or more

2 of 25 claimed

£2001 to £5000 - Super silver supporter

We will keep you personally involved with the project by inviting you to a meeting with other silver founding members. Ongoing updates will be sent by email. 1 limited edition Zeppo designed Otley Lido artwork, lido swim bag, 2 lido postcards, 2 lido badges and a lido car sticker, 100 tokens for a free swim in the first year of the lido opening.

£5,000 or more

0 of 25 claimed

£5000 or more - Glorious gold supporter

We will keep you personally involved with the project by inviting you to meetings at key points of the lido’s development with other gold founding members. Ongoing updates will be sent by email. Free unlimited swimming for the first year after the lido is built, 2 limited edition Zeppo designed Otley Lido artworks, 1 lido swim bag, 2 lido postcards, 2 lido badges and a lido car sticker.

£9 or more

2 of 2 claimed

Delightful, delicious, delivered donuts RRP £10

The local online donut shop has kindly donated a voucher for a delivery of delightful, delicious donuts. Check out their menu online - they also cater for vegans and it all looks delicious. The Donut Shop Uk

£11 or more

3 of 3 claimed

Meal deal at Buttercups for 2 children RRP £13

Buttercups Sofplay, Otley have offered an afterschool meal deal for 2 children. It includes entry to the play area and a meal deal for 2 children (adult entry is free). Come along with the kids and enjoy a fun-filled session and support this business's new owners.

£12 or more

3 of 3 claimed

Super Singing lessons - 30 minutes RRP £16

Fancy learning something new or improving your singing? Qualified local music teacher, Michelle Hodgson offers bespoke and fun singing lessons to all ages, including exciting sessions for preschoolers where they can learn rhythm, pitch and reading skills. She works with both children and adults and is offering 3 singing lessons.

£15 or more

2 of 2 claimed

Voucher for Isca RRP £20

Isca is an independent shop in Otley selling a range of beautiful and practical interior accessories including plant pots, candles, soaps, lanterns and cushions. Pledge £15 and you get to spend £20 in this lovely shop. It's very kind of them to support our campaign and it’d be great if you can support them and grab a bargain at the same time. [email protected]

£17 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Voucher for Otley’s The Milk Bar RRP £20

Treat yourself to lunch or coffee and cake at this cool cafe which dates back to the 1940s. They serve brunch, snacks, and homemade cakes, plus delicious coffees and milkshakes. All food is locally sourced and cooked to order. See their retail section which showcases a range of Yorkshire produce.

£17 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Voucher for Like Nana Did - RRP £20

Jo from Like Nana Did has donated a £20 voucher which you can have for £17. The shop is a refill grocery store which is aiming for zero-waste. It doesn’t quite sell everything, but it’s not far from it. If you’ve been, you know how lovely it is. If you haven’t, pop in and restock your dry groceries, cleaning solutions, lotions and potions and lots more. The full voucher has to be used all in one go.

£17 or more

5 of 5 claimed

Voucher for Fika North - RRP £20

Fika North is a cool, friendly cafe based in Far Headingley. They are kindly offering a voucher so treat yourself to brunch, lunch, tea/coffee or a cocktail. Their passion is brewing the finest coffee from independent roasters in Leeds and beyond. They serve pastries, cakes and brunch all day as well craft beers, wines and cocktails. Ingredients are sourced from local independent suppliers across Leeds, Yorkshire & the UK. What’s not to like?

£17 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Calling budding cooks - £20 voucher for Dodgshons

It’s time to ice the Christmas cake, so why buy what you need locally and support an established Otley business. Dodgshons are a well known and popular family run business in Otley and have been offering a warm and friendly welcome to customers for over 25 years. They stock just about everything you need for the kitchen and a wide range of specialist Sugarcraft and Kitchenware and can offer advice and help.

£20 or more

2 of 2 claimed

Voucher for LIttle Munchkins RRP £25

Otley based Little Munchkin children's shoes and clothing have kindly offered 2 £25 vouchers which you can grab for £20. You’ll be supporting a super local business, as well as the lido campaign and can treat your little one to something gorgeous. @littlemunchkinsofotley

£20 or more

3 of 3 claimed

Voucher for Harriet Women’s Clothing RRP £25

Harriet’s have kindly donated a voucher for their lovely shop in Otley. This 3 generational local business stocks both designer and high street womens clothing at a great price. Check out their autumn range and treat yourself or a friend.

£27 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Voucher for Gifted Angel Hairdressers - RRP £30

Gifted Angel Hairdressers in Otley have very kindly offered a voucher for £30, which you can get for a snip at £27.00. Check out their facebook page -

£27 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Handcrafted chocs - Patisserie Viennoise RRP £33

Trevor from Patisserie Viennoise, Otley has kindly donated a beautiful box of hand crafted chocolates in a lovely gift box. It’d make a great gift or a super treat for yourself. The chocolates look amazing and definitely will taste great too. Tel: 01943 467927 [email protected]

£42 or more

2 of 2 claimed

Voucher for Otley’s The Art Works RRP £50

BJ from Otley’s The Art Works has offered a £50 voucher which you can grab for £42. The Art Works is a friendly, modern picture framers and specialise in bespoke framing services. They also sell lovely artwork, cards and gifts. The voucher can be used for framing only. @ArtWorksOtley

£60 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Voucher for Mosaic Mania RRP £75.00

Have you ever noticed the amazing chair outside The Woolpack or the fantastic tiled step at Bloomfield Square? Well, Frances Taylor, professional mosaic artist from Mosaic Mania is fully responsible and she has offered a voucher for £75. This will cover the cost of a fabulous house number, or an animal plaque or go towards the cost of a course (currently not taking place but voucher will not expire)

£80 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Courtyard Planters package - RRP £90

Grab yourself a blooming marvelous reward for £80. Otley's fantastic Courtyard Planters are offering 3 hours 1-2-1 garden consultation with an experienced horticulturalist. They can help you get most from your garden and work with you to find solutions to any gardening questions from creating gardening schemes, looking at designs to choosing the right plants. If you don't need the full three hours up to £30 can be used to buy plants.

£90 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Sparkling voucher for Aura Jewellery RRP £100

How about a £100 voucher for Aura Jewellery for £90? What’s not to like? You support us, you support them and importantly can treat yourself. This is for a new sale and can not be used for repair or remake work. Aura have a wide range of beautiful items and will work with you to find out exactly what you'd like.

£90 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Get fit and have fun at Club Energy RRP £120

Otley’s friendliest gym, Club Energy have kindly offered a 3 month membership which you can grab for £90. You’ll get a free induction and 6 week tailored training programme and unlimited access to the gym and all the exercise classes. They also offer advice and support to help you reach your goals. So, if your bag is weights, HIT, pilates, spin or boxing, they’ve got it. Minimum age is 14 It'd make a great Christmas present

£130 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Season ticket for Otley Boats - RRP £175

Do you enjoy bobbing about on the river? Dive in and grab this fun packed reward. You will be able to use a boat or pedalo for one hour every week between April and September 2022 (weather permitting). You need to be 18 or over to book and standard boats rules apply.

£170 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Discount on a cottage in the Lakes RRP £250

Do you fancy a week away in the beautiful Lake District? For £170 you will get a £250 discount for a week’s holiday at The Old Bothy, Watermillock. The Old Bothy is a charming 3 bedroomed property from 1750 with views of the hills and Ullswater a short walk away. Instructions on how to book will be sent after the Crowdfunding closes. Booking is subject to availability and prices vary.

£300 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Weekend stay for up to 4 in 5* apartment in York

Fancy a weekend away in a quiet, 5* luxury self-catering apartment in central York? Read on! Fab location near Micklegate Bar and the train station. There is one parking space with an EV charger. There’s a large bedroom with a super king size bed (can be made into two singles), a double sofa bed in the living room,TV, kitchen and walk in shower. Includes £20 Bettys voucher, fizz and some breakfast items. Fab-u-lous!

£375 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Brilliant brewing experience for up to 4 people

Join Ian at Otley Shadow Brewery for a 4 hour session to create your own beer in their micro-brewery. Before the big day, meet with Ian at the tap house to discuss, over a pint, what type of beer you’d like to make. On the day Ian will take you through the process. You can name the beer and design the pump clip (subject to approval). When it's on sale in the bar, you'll each get a couple of free pints and £1 from sales will go to the Lido.

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