The Black Door at Britannia House

by Jaroslaw Szenher in Scunthorpe, England, United Kingdom

The Black Door at Britannia House
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The Black Door at Britannia House is a one time opportunity to bring Scunthorpe nightlife back into 2020. We want to open the doors!

by Jaroslaw Szenher in Scunthorpe, England, United Kingdom



...I've sat for an hour writing and deleting this segment. I don't want to write something which is just trying to be a bit out there and try and catch peoples attention. I want to be honest and I want you to help me bring Scunthorpe something truly incredible. Here it goes...


When the Britannia Bar and Nightclub (The Brit) closed its doors at the very beginning on 2019 it was very much another nail in the nightlife coffin in Scunthorpe. This iconic building has been left empty ... but Britannia House will become the towns hub for commercial business space and will also house the Black Door. 



When people look back over the years at some of the incredible venues this town has had the one thing that comes up again and again are the memories of yesteryear. Whether that be in the 70's, 80's 90's or early 00's this town did have a great nightlife. You could meet up with with friends 4 nights a week in the town centre and have a truly (messy) great time. This has gone... but where?

People grow up. They have kids, buy houses, start working more and so when they do find the time to treat themselves to a night out they decide to travel out of Scunthorpe to Leeds, Manchester or Sheffield and it leaves our town centre empty. What are these people drinking which they can't get here? Its our belief that people are now bored of commercial lagers and spirits and want to treat themselves to something which gives them a new experience and also perhaps gives them a connection to the brands they choose.

This is exactly what we want to do with The Black Door. We want to bring the big city feel for drinks and atmosphere into the centre of Scunthorpe's current hospitality sector. We are launching our own spirits range which we will use in the bar and we will also sell these online to the general public. We will not sell any commercial draught beers or stock any brands associated with large corporate brand owners. Our focus will be on smaller companies who create absolutely amazing products which you may well have not heard about but are doing really incredible things.

Our cellar will be installed by a professional cellar service team and will not be linked to any brewery, we will own our own equipment out right so we can sell what we like when we like. No ties!


Who Are We?

We already have a team of staff ready for the opening who are truly incredible and ready to serve you with 20 bespoke cocktails developed specifically for our venue by Nick Whitby. He was the Head of Bars for The Botanist and led their drinks development for many years. He will be training the team on how to create and serve these to our guests and then keeping on top of all of our training and development for the foreseeable future. 


Why We Need Your Help

This is no easy task to complete as what we are aiming to do with this place is extremely ambitious. As well as council grants, government loan schemes and personal cash, we still need to some additional funds so that we can truly do this historic building justice. We will also be able to invest further in the training of staff, get all of the products we aim to release in place and also to give everyone who participates in this the opportunity to be involved in something that could change this towns nightlife. 



I'm taking on the majority of the work myself and stripping the venue to its bones and then starting again. I've worked in the drinks industry for over 10 years and I've worked with some incredible people. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and I’ve also seen the decisions people make when things go well and not so well. I want to bring a touch of each of these bars to this venue. 

And So...

Please take a look at what we are offering you in return for your hard earned money. We still want to be able to give you something back and so we've come up with some really interesting and creative ways to get people involved.

Thank you so much for your support so far by sharing our page on Facebook and growing our page to over 1,200 likes!

*Over 18's only. you may be asked to present some ID with regards to our spirits.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

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The Black Door London Dry Gin

We've lowered the price of the gin. This gin is absolutely delicious and it would mean to much to us if you would buy one and support our project. Every penny from every bottle will go into opening our venue and getting the staff prepared for you! For those who have already purchased one, we will give you a £20 tab to use whenever you visit us.

£30 or more

Founders Wall

Have your name inscribed on the front of our bar for life.

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Black Door Bundle

1 bottle of our Black Door Spirit Company London Dry Gin, 1 x branded T Shirt, 1 x Tote branded tote bag AND 10% all of our drinks for 1 year!

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Black Door Bundle XL

1 bottle of our Black Door Spirit Company London Dry Gin, 1 x branded T Shirt, 1 x Tote branded tote bag AND 15% all of our drinks for 1 year!

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Name a cocktail (1 year)

Name a cocktail... why are we doing this? Seriously.... You get to have this for free whenever you visit too

£60 or more

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Spirit for The Special Occassion

A bottle of our Black Door Spirit Company London Dry Gin. These will be ready when we open and will be sending them out when they are ready. Produced for us by an incredible distillery in South Wales.

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