Olive & Joy: from lockdown pop-up to brunch heaven

by Olive & Joy in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Olive & Joy: from lockdown pop-up to brunch heaven


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Our aim is to transform our lockdown pop-up into a permanent neighbourhood spot serving delicious, natural and ethically sourced foods.

by Olive & Joy in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

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With Covid infiltrating all aspects of our life right now, we know how important outdoor seating is and meeting up with the people we love. We want to be able to get extra seating outside, covered by a stunning canopy and heaters so we can continue to operate outside and seat tables from mixed households.



As two friends, we came together to see if we could put a little spirit back into the community as lockdown ripped through our worlds both personally and professionally....We decided to fight back just as Elly's Dad John had done whilst in critical care after contracting Covid-19. 

A coffee & sweet treat pop-up in Dyson place became our home for an initial idea of a 4 week venture! We couldn’t believe the (socially distanced) queues and the support we had. The support and love was overwhelming so we’ve decided we wanted to stay! 




EllyJoy was created to encourage a balanced lifestyle by adopting an "Eat Well, Live Fit and Treat Often" mantra. We use only the most natural ingredients in all our products to offer nutritional value in every treat. Not only this, our business is focused on using sustainable ingredients and packaging to reduce our impact on the environment. 

EllyJoy has been creating and producing plant-based and gluten-free treats for 3 years now here in the heart of Sheffield. Our small team of bakers have redesigned many well-loved classic treats and made them using alternative ingredients that are free-from animal products and gluten without compromising on taste. We had resided in Cutlery Works for 1.5 years, but were forced to leave because of Covid-19, we also provided wholesale to local cafes and attended events all over the UK. Froconut, our signature soft-serve ice-cream, is a summer favourite that usually travels up and down the country in our vintage horsebox, Nelly.

Olive and Joy is a new collaboration that started as a 4 week plan between two lifelong friends and has grown and developed into a full blown exciting adventure that neither of us ever expected. 

We are both passionate about bringing healthy, fun, creative and unique foods to the Sharrow Vale area as well locally roasted speciality coffee, EllyJoy sweet treats and Froconut. 



We’ve reinvested everything we’ve earned over the last 18 weeks to achieve our dream shop but to make it truly the best place we can, we are asking for your help during these unprecedented, yet exciting times. 

Thanks to all of you, we’ve decided to take the plunge and completely renovate our new home at Dyson place to provide a unique eating experience which offers a range of healthy lunches, smoothies, EllyJoy signature baked treats, coffee and our well-known Froconut. 

This project will allow us to refit the entire unit including;

  • Takeaway hatch 
  • Extraction unit for the kitchen area
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Protective screens
  • PPE for our staff members
  • Allow us to invest in the equipment that we need to increase our menu to cater for all dietary requirements
  • Froconut machines for more exciting flavours & desserts 
  • Pay local tradesmen (yes, Ellys dad handy work does have its limitations) 


1603819002_cbe72fa5-5898-4ff3-930d-b7ae98c30337.jpg 1603825205_121520359_262210198451777_5740424328693132465_n.jpg



  • We continued as a pop-up for as long as we could to build as much finance as we possibly could for our refit 
  • We are fully independent and a brand new business, we have no external investment and everything so far has been reinvestment from our pop-up
  • We have been unable to apply for any government help or loans during this time due to being registered as a new business 
  • None of our staff will be protected against any further lockdowns caused by covid-19 again because we are registered as a new business and therefore we need extra funds to ensure we can continue to operate
  • Who else didn’t realise covid-19 would still be impacting so massively on our lives? Us neither! Our original plans have had to be changed already due to the tier restrictions and we are just praying we can re-open 
  • We want you all to be apart of our journey and our success. You are the reason we've managed to get to this point. 
  • Great rewards! - because of crowdfunding and this page we're able to create and design some of our best rewards, many of which haven't been released before.  



  • £1 or more – Every little helps, no matter how small

We'd give you the biggest hug, if that was allowed but it isn't right now so a big virtual hug and eternal gratitude. Thank you for being involved in our journey!1603824041_unnamed_(2).jpg

  • £12 or more – Doughnot forget to smile tote bag and a little thank you card

We'll send you one of our brand new, organic cotton Doughnot forget to smile tote bags and a little thank you card for helping us on our journey1603822260_10764257856.jpg

  • £15 or more – Childrens Festive Froconut Decorating

Entertain the kids with our popular decorating class. We’re organising a wintery decorating session and they are so much fun! They'll pull their own Froconut and decorate them with delicious toppings to make a festive snowmen or Rudolph Froconut! *This isn't specifically for children and anyone is allowed to join the festive fun (Please note these sessions will be dependent on the covid restrictions)


  •  £20 or more – Exclusive taste of the Treat Often subscription box

We have been developing a brand new vegan & gluten-free subscription box full of your favourite snacks. This is your chance to try a one off box of your choice; 

- Eat Well - Granola, bake at home banana bread, flapjacks, surprise treat pouch, two brownies

 - Live Fit - Granola, 2 flapjacks, protein cookies, energy balls

- Treat Often - 4 baked treats, cookie dough, soft cookies, surprise treat pouch


  • £40 or more – Brunch for two including coffee and a sweet treat to takeaway 

Join us for delicious brunch and coffee any day of the week, we've got a brand new menu to entice you with, we've got something for everyone. Once you've filled your boots chose a delicious treat from our counter to take home with you. Perfect reward to treat someone with.


  •  £50 or more – “Just because” 

This one is just because you love what we do and you want to show your support. Maybe you’re too far away to visit us and this is your way to give us a good a kick in the right direction. We’ll know who you are and send personal thanks 

  • £50 – Coffee & sweet treat loyalty card for you to use 10 times whenever you like

To use 10 times, whenever you like! Come and grab a coffee and a sweet treat to sit in or take-away. We'll give you a loyalty card to come and wave at us and in return your favourite coffee and treat will appear.


  • £60 or more – EllyJoy plant-based festive hamper + tote bag

Perfect gift for this festive season! These will be available to collect from the shop during December. Your hamper will be filled with; - Bird & blend tea bags - Lemon curd - Granola - Ginger biscuits - Festive flapjacks - Cookies - Honeycomb bites - Peanut brittle - Bake at home banana bread - Chutney & we'll throw in our doughnot forget to smile tote bags too!


  •  £70 or more – A giant birthday Doughnot every year for 5 years! 

What makes for the perfect birthday cake? A giant Doughnot of course! Choose your favourite flavour and enjoy every year for 5 years. What could be a better birthday present!


  • £80 or more – Brunch, Froconut, and a box of take-home treats for you and your family 

Bring the family for a stack of pancakes from our delicious brand new brunch menu followed by your favourite choice of Froconut and toppings. Still have room for more? Pick a box of sweet treats to take-away.


  •  £100 or more – Doughnot forget to smile hoodie + a box of brownies 

We'll send you one of our brand new organic cotton 'Doughnot forget to smile' hoodies AND tote bag PLUS a box of 6 of our delicious brownies for you to enjoy at home.


  •  £100 or more – “Just because” 

This one is just because you love what we do and you want to show your support. Maybe you’re too far away to visit us and this is your way to give us a good a kick in the right direction. We’ll know who you are and send personal thanks 


  •  £150 or more – Become a baker! 

Come and spend a day at the bakery with our team. Join our bakers and learn how we make our delicious vegan/gluten-free sweet treats from behind the scenes.


  • £150 or more – “Just because” 

This one is just because you love what we do and you want to show your support. Maybe you’re too far away to visit us and this is your way to give us a good a kick in the right direction. We’ll know who you are and send personal thanks 

  • £200 or more – D.Y.O Doughnot & Froconut topping

Come spend a day in our bakery and design your own Doughnot flavour and Froconut topping along with our chefs. Your creations will make it onto our specials menu for two months!


  • £500 or more – Coffee & a sweet treat for a whole YEAR!! 

Oh yes, the ultimate treat which lasts a whole year! You’ll have a loyalty card that lets you join us for a coffee & sweet treat whenever you like for a whole year.  


  • £750 or more – Hire our Froconut & horsebox for up to 100 people

Served from our vintage horse-box enjoy a dessert like no other. Choose your favourite Froconut flavour and toppings and we will make sure your party day will be one to remember. 


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