Cards Against Fromanity - the second coming

by Cards Against Fromanity in Frome, England, United Kingdom


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Missed the first crowdfunder? This is the second (and probably final) batch of 'Cards Against Fromanity' - a local game for local people.

by Cards Against Fromanity in Frome, England, United Kingdom

Remember to choose a reward when you pledge rather than the 'Just donate' buttons or you may not be guaranteed a pack.

In February we successfully ran a crowdfunder with 117 backers to produce 'Cards Against Fromanity' - a local game for local people. You can follow all our updates on our previous page. 

However, we have had many other requests from people who didn't back the crowdfunder asking for their own packs. We had a few spare which we advertised on Facebook but they are now all gone as we only produced just enough for backer rewards with a handful of extras to roundup manufacturing numbers. 

Due to this high demand though, we want to produce a second (and probably final) batch of these cards before we move onto other projects.

The artwork is already prepared, the proofs are already accepted by the printing company and it could all be turned around within a few weeks of us placing the order.

This really will be your last chance to secure a pack. The game will not be available in shops.


What is Cards Against Fromanity?

For those not already aware 'Cards Against Fromanity' is an adult-themed party game for 4+ players based around the traditional game of 'Apples to Apples' and 'Blankety Blank'. CAF is compatible with other similar games such as 'CAH' and 'What do you Meme?'. 

There are no fixed rules but generally, a 'blue' card is played and read out by one player, the other players select a 'white' card in response and whichever card is deemed the funniest/rudest/most inappropriate is the winner of that round. Games usually last for 30-90 minutes but you can play for as short or long as you like.

Each box of Cards Against Fromanity is packed full of local references. There's an appearance by the Frome Festival, The Eastern European man who plays accordion on the bridge and Badger's Car. And if you ever wondered what the Mayor of Frome keeps the mayoral chains on when off duty then this game might help reveal the answer.

Guaranteed no 5G!

Cards are printed onto 305gsm Las Vegas casino quality poker-sized cards double laminated with a linen-textured feel known as "Sure Slip". The cards are contained within a 395gsm Zanta Board tuckbox which is soft-touch matt laminated.

Please watch our pitch video at the top of this page for more details.

Why use crowdfunding again?

The original project was not designed to make any money and so we aren't sitting on a pile of money to invest in printing more. There are also minimum order requirements at the printers for any second run to be economically viable, and this is why we are going back to crowdfunding. 

We have set the target of £1,600 which takes us close enough to the figure (after all the fees are deducted) for us to confidently place an order without it costing us more to make than pledged!

It was quite difficult for us with a newborn baby to deliver the packs from the first crowdfunder in person so for this crowdfunder we'll also be asking for contributions towards postage and packaging if you are unable to collect from us. Please ensure you select the appropriate reward, "collect" or "delivery". keeps all the money in escrow and so you can feel safe knowing that if this project does not reach the minimum goal then you will not be charged


A pack of Cards Against Fromanity

A single pack of the game in a neat little box. Add an additional £20 for any extra packs you want to order. Please select either the "collect" reward if you plan to collect directly from us at our Frome address or the "delivery" reward if you need it posted to you via courier.

T-shirt combo deal

A pack of Cards Against Fromanity plus a limited-edition "smirking St Aldhelm" t-shirt in a size of your choice. 

Just the tee

Been there, done that, want the t-shirt? If you already have a pack of Cards Against Fromanity from the first crowdfunder or if you want to add an additional t-shirt to your pledge then select this option and choose your size.

Optional "tip"

This time around crowdfunder are charging us a reduced fee for the project and they will automatically add on a 15% "tip" on the checkout page for you. However, this is entirely optional and goes towards the running of and does not go towards the 'Cards Against Fromanity' project. You can easily use the drop-down to change the tip to 'other amount' and 0 if you don't want to pay this. 


For you, as a backer on, there aren't really many risks. As this is a second print run the game is already designed and the printing company have already approved the design. We've also already proved we can do it from our previous crowdfunder. If we do not reach the target then it won't be cost-effective to put into production and you simply won't be charged.


We will keep our backers updated along this journey by letting you know how far along we are in the manufacturing process with updates on estimated delivery dates. Please make sure when you pledge that you do not do it anonymously so that we can keep in contact with you.

Thank you

Thank you for reading our pitch and watching our video. Please consider joining this crowdfunder and then maybe next time it's game night at your house... you can put away the scrabble, and get out Cards Against Fromanity.

Love, Matt, Suzi & Aurelia


**By donating to our rewards you are declaring you are 18 years of age or over. You understand that this is strictly not a purchase - it is a gift from us as a reward for helping us turn our vision into reality. 'Cards Against Fromanity' is created by Matt & Suzi Sims and is not affiliated with Cards Against Humanity LLC.**


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£20 or more

A pack of Cards Against Fromanity (you collect)

One pack of Cards Against Fromanity in a neat box. Add an extra £20 for every additional pack you want to order. You must collect this pack from us at our Frome address. It does not include delivery.

£1 or more

Aurelia's tip jar

Pop a quid in the tip jar for baby Aurelia. She will be forever thankful (when she is old enough to understand).

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Just the tee (with delivery)

Just a T-shirt on its own. If you already have a pack and want to show your support by grabbing one of the limited edition "smirking St Aldhelm" T-shirts then select this reward. Includes postage and packaging.

£23 or more

A pack of Cards Against Fromanity (with delivery)

One pack of Cards Against Fromanity in a neat box. Includes postage & packaging anywhere in the UK. Add an extra £20 for every additional pack you want to order.

£35 or more

T-shirt combo (you collect)

One pack of Cards Against Fromanity and a limited edition "smirking St Aldhelm" logo t-shirt in a size of your choice. You must collect this reward from us at our Frome address. It does not include delivery.

£38 or more

T-shirt combo (with delivery)

One pack of Cards Against Fromanity and a limited edition "smirking St Aldhelm" logo t-shirt in a size of your choice. Price includes postage & packaging.

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