Help Young People Stop Brexit

by Lara A Spirit in London, England, United Kingdom


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OFOC is a group of young people trying to get a People's Vote (and if we annoy Richard Tice/Nigel Farage in the process that's a bonus).

by Lara A Spirit in London, England, United Kingdom

The Chairman of the Brexit Party, Richard Tice, is taking Femi to court.

Richard Tice co-founded Leave.EU in 2015, and left it shortly after the referendum. The organisation has recently tweeted out flagrantly anti-semitic material. It's absolutely disgusting, and Femi called it out. 

Femi doesn't think Richard Tice is an anti-semite, he's just pointing out his role in setting up an organisation that is now tweeting racist things.

Richard Tice is now using his big bank account to try and stop Femi calling it out. 

Femi doesn't want any donations wasted on long legal battles that won’t help stop Brexit. In fact, that's exactly what Richard Tice and Nigel Farage want. 


As Femi says in his video, what will rile up Tice and Farage the most is if their action – designed to intimidate and bully a young campaigner into silence – might make a People’s Vote more likely. 

So, as Femi says, please donate anything you might have given to his legal fees to OFOC - it will annoy Farage and his money man Tice far more! 

We hope you can stand with us. Femi and OFOC are going to remain laser focused on trying to stop Brexit and secure a People's Vote. One wealthy man threatening Femi won't change this. 

Let's make 'Help Young People Stop Brexit' happen

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