Off Grid Festival 2016

Off Grid Festival ran for 6 years between 2009 and 2014. Now it's time for it to return! Help make Off Grid happen near Exeter in 2016.

We did it!

On 19th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £7,618 of £6,000 target with 59 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

The initial funding being applied for here is to ensure the pre-event running costs are covered in full, and thus ensure the event can happen. The full cost of the event is much larger, however this will be covered by the income generated through sales as in a normal way for an event. 


The stretch funding above is around 50% of the total needed to produce the event. 

Off Grid Festival 2016

August 11th-14th, Near Exeter

Let's make it happen!

We need your support to help Off Grid happen this year. Buy your tickets through this Crowdfund campaign NOW.

Off Grid Festival ran for 6 years between 2009 and 2014 at venues in and around Somerset. It was visualized as a deep exploration of community living, creativity and consciousness; an intimate environment in which to share skills, trade knowledge, impart wisdom and make a difference. Four days out of the world to get into changing our world. We think of it as an experimental innovation lab for a new paradigm of economic, ecological and community thought, a radical gathering of empowered people making a difference in their lives and celebrating emergent culture.


Over the years the festival has educated and informed thousands of people about the skills and knowledge required for a low-impact ‘off-grid’ lifestyle. This knowledge has been imparted through various vessels:-

The Off Grid College: A 12 module course held as part of the festival, covering sessions in 12v technology, DIY renewable energy systems; eco-build skills; permaculture and organic food production; natural waste water treatment; low impact law and much more. Supported by Shift Bristol.

Crafts and Tech Area: A place for practical demonstrations in eco-building skills, traditional and native British crafts, appropriate and low-fi technologies. We've had everything from practical strawbale and roundhouse build projects through to converting your campervan; hurdle-making through biogas bread ovens to rocket stove construction. 

Conference: Each event has held themed conferences and forums covering in-depth topics such as land law and low impact living; smallholdings; future farming; One Planet Living and New Economics amongst others. This year's theme is Another World is Possible with co-producers including Transition Exeter, Exeter Pound, Exeter Community Energy and The Biophilia Project.

44600-cee3c0a6f083177d822f5a0d66933bb8.jThe Wildwoods: Bushcraft, Forest School, Nature Awareness, Mens and Womens Circles, Sweatlodges all take place amidst the trees at each event.

Between all this there is Live Music from a range of grassroots superstars; amazing home-brewed beers and ciders; talks; workshops; demonstrations; a buzzing kids area; permaculture gardens; freshly prepared organic food from our canteen and cafes; Gaia Dome - our deep ecology space; Therapies; Holistic Activities from Yoga to Sacred Singing and so much more...

Off Grid is a hands-on, fully participatory experience. We recognise that each and every person who attends has something to share - be that knowledge, skills, wisdom, music or whatever else take their fancy. There's nothing quite like it out there and we want it to return in 2016. We hope you do too!

Why do we need the money?

Off Grid has the opportunity to come back as a small, perfectly formed Gathering in 2016. The venue will be the exciting Biophilia Land Project at Goffin Farm on the edges of Exeter, Devon. It's a beautiful 96-acre 44600-12dc55e2dffdaf14dc26c11c78af3acd.jcommunity-centred farm project in it's inaugural stages. Biophilia would like Off Grid to have a permanent home here, partnering to build a beautiful community and contribute to the land and its facilities. That means building roundhouses, compost toilets, bushcraft shelters in the woods and much much more.

We are running this Crowdfunder prior to a full launch of the event to ensure that there's definitely enough interest to make the event happen. By essentially purchasing tickets through the Crowdfund campaign, you are showing us the support is there. As a small, family-focused, grassroots event - Off Grid only exists because of its community - that's you! Should we raise £6000 minimum, then Off-Grid will take place in 2016. All money raised will go towards the core costs of producing the event which in total costs between £25-30,000 to produce.

We're excited by the chance for a new direction and a new phase of our journey.

What do you get in return?

Through this Crowdfunder, we're offering a variety of ways of getting involved in making sure this happens. This includes buying tickets at a variety of prices; becoming a Member or investing larger amounts through sponsorship or by becoming a long-term event partner. Off Grid has always benefitted from the generosity and support of its amazing community - be this through unexpected donations to the cause; by giving of welcome time and energy to make the events happen; through the sweat and tears of those who build and break the event or just by turning up and contributing in some perfect and unexpected way.

Tickets: Available at £55 (Bursary Rate), £75 or £95. Additional donation options are available at £10, £20. Higher investments with added benefits range from £150 - £1000.  Tickets are provided with Membership Packages (see below).

Membership/Affiliation:- All donations over £20 inc. membership of the Off-Grid: Biophilia Project. The Biophilia Association will be organising seasonal events each year at Goffin Farm which includes an Off-Grid Camp, banquets and other special occasions. Association Members/Affiliates get discounted access to all such events. 

By committing to support Off Grid, by buying a ticket this early or one of the other supporter options, you are ensuring that this event can go ahead and the magic can return this coming August. It means we can begin planning; booking speakers, contributors, musicians and pulling together our Team.  



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