Octanauts Swim School-Brighter Future Beyond Covid

by Octanauts Swim School in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

Octanauts Swim School-Brighter Future Beyond Covid


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We'd love to raise £1000 to help sustain and support the future of our Community Swimming Lessons long beyond Covid-19.

by Octanauts Swim School in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

Each year around 600 people in the UK die from drowning, despite lockdown this year will be no exception and may even see an increase. With pools closed we are hearing daily reports of people getting into difficulty in open water.

Who we are and why we do what we do

Octanauts is a small team of local mums and young people who have come together to provide accessible lessons to the community of Coventry. Every member of the team has gone through Internationally recognised Swimming Teacher and Rescue Qualifications led by Susan Murrell the Swim School's Manager and Aquatic Tutor. Sue and each member of the team are passionate about ensuring children love the water during their lessons, while we subtly instill an understanding of the dangers and ways to stay safe whilst teaching them to swim.


Let me introduce some of the team. Shona heads up our adult and child lessons, Nichola is amazing at supporting our swimmers with additional needs and Kate leads the competitive levels each week. Meet The Whole Team

More Opportunities in the Water

At Octanauts we understand not every child wants to swim lengths each week and may have a passion for other water based activities. With this in mind, as well as offering standard swimming lessons we include other disciplines including Lifesaving, Water Polo and Artistic Swimming in the timetable. There is also a Student Teachers course for young people who are considering taking up the career and Adult & Child classes to start little swimmers early and guide parents.



We understand there are so many great activities available to children and that monthly fees can soon add up, lessons with Octanauts begin from just £5.25, most importantly we ensure all equipment (except swimsuit and towel) and awards are included so there are no further costs to our families or disappointed children on award days. 

Our hope is to be able to offer more opportunities, to more children and families once pools are able to open. Accessible swimming lessons significantly reduce the chances of a child drowning if they accidentally find themselves in water, they also promote physical and emotional well being. We all really appreciate any support you may be able to offer us in covering our instructor training, pool hire fees and lesson equipment costs.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, every penny adds up and even a £1 donation will help us keep lessons available for the community of Coventry.

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