Help Oasis Farm Stay Cooped Up!

by Oasis Farm Waterloo in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Oasis Farm Stay Cooped Up!


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Oasis Farm Waterloo needs your help to replace our chicken coop.

by Oasis Farm Waterloo in London, England, United Kingdom

There’s a dangerous presence snooping around Oasis Farm Waterloo. A red, brush tailed, sneaky new resident is making our farm an unsafe place for our much loved chickens to live. There’s been a few sad run ins with this less-than-fantastic Mr Fox and as of now we don’t have any chickens on site. The combination of having fewer people around the site over the last 12 months and our coop being too old to withstand this modern fox’s level of cunning is too big a risk for us farm folk.


Never fear though! We have a plan! We have searched the world of chicken coops and found a shiny new replacement for our current coop that would withstand even the most determined fox. Our struggle is, after a challenging year the cost is an obstacle to getting our feathered friends home.

This coop from is the coop of our dreams! 

(images belong to Omlet check out their page for amazing homes for pets)



Here’s were you can help! We need to raise £800 to buy and install the new coop. With this in place we can get back to having fresh eggs for our education programme (young people cook on the farm each week). As well as feathered helpers to scratch through our compost and most importantly, the hope of some spring chicks. Right now, we figure some hope would be great. 


If we get to our target, we’re planning a great coop raising party as soon as it’s safe to do so which all donors will be invited to. Donors to the project will also be immortalised on a sign above the new coop AND you’ll get a vote in the names of the new chicks come spring. Sounds like a great time right?  



How can you get involved?

You can help out right now by donating to the project here. Or you can help by spreading the word through your preferred social media channel. Or you can read more below on what Oasis Farm is all about.


What is Oasis Farm Waterloo?

We’re an urban farm in Waterloo, a hidden gem just moments from the Southbank. Since 2014, we have been working with Feilden Fowles Architects and Jamie’s Farm to transform a strip of wasteland into a flourishing community resource. We have enabled hundreds of young people and local community members to experience the physical and mental health benefits of caring for plants, animals and ourselves in an urban oasis.

We’re not-for-profit; every penny goes back into the work that the farm and the wider Oasis Hub does in the Waterloo Community. We’re proud to be a part of the Oasis Waterloo network that also comprises of a Debt Advice Centre, Foodbank, ethical coffee shop, library & community playspace. 

What we do:

Week to week we run therapeutic and educational activities for children, workshops and seasonal events, and welcome volunteers. 

Working closely with Jamie’s Farm we offer a transformational learning programme for young people based around the Jamie’s Farm philosophy of farming, family and therapy. The programme aims to help tackle challenging behaviours, engage children in academic life, improve their self- esteem and resilience. We do this by creating an environment where they feel respected, and are given opportunities to display their talents and show responsibility, whilst practically helping with the practicalities of running an urban farm.

Sam, on one of our recent programmes said: 

“Every Wednesday I always look forward to coming back to the farm. You do so much for me and are really nice people to be around. It’s nice having people to talk to and it makes me feel good when you understand.”

We also run community outreach programmes, which include; an after school young farmers club, free Friday feasts for the community through the summer holidays, family open days and volunteering programmes that involve the community in the work of the farm.

Kelly, one of our volunteers said:

“Being a volunteer at the farm has helped in so many ways. Without the peace & tranquility that this place offers my mental health would be worse. It has helped me get through some very difficult moments in my life and enabled me to meet some great friends. I love this place with all my heart and recommend so much for people to become volunteers here it will change your life for the better."


 Our impact:

Our school programme focuses on working with disadvantaged pupils. Our data shows that, after visiting the farm:

  • 79% of young people reported improvement in their self-esteem
  • 50% of young people were no longer considered at risk of exclusion, when they had been considered so before

These results demonstrate the transformation people can experience through gardening, food growing and animal care.

Let's make 'Help Oasis Farm Stay Cooped Up!' happen

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