We need to be open / We need to be safe Nothe Fort

by Nothe Fort in Weymouth, England, United Kingdom

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On 7th July 2020 we successfully raised £10,212 ( + est. £1007.00 Gift Aid ) with 214 supporters in 28 days

Before reopening, Nothe Fort must carry out essential alterations to ensure the building is safe for visitors and volunteers.

by Nothe Fort in Weymouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


We need to change our evacuee school's programme to ensure safe social distancing.  Nothe Fort is a perfect environment to create an 'outdoor' classroom environment. 

 We would work with local Weymouth schools (small groups who could walk to us wit no coach costs!).  At this time of crisis it is important that valuable learning experiences are still available.

We would also love to develop a new learning programmes around our Nothe Fort Artillery for younger children who study castles, turrets and tunnels. 


Nothe Fort is a major historic landmark for Weymouth and our reopening is important to the town. Nothe Fort’s successful reopening will be a clear message  that Weymouth is on the road to recovery.

We have been working hard to respond to the covid-19 crisis by reducing costs and furloughing staff, but our income is 100% generated by our visitors.  If Nothe Fort does not reopen we will run out of money before next season. We MUST reopen.


“In June 1980 Nothe Fort first opened its doors to the general public.  The renovation of the Fort had been due to the determination of local volunteers. Rather than having a party to celebrate our 40th anniversary, we once more now find ourselves fighting for the survival of the Fort, and of Weymouth!”  

James Farquharson, Nothe Fort Chairman



  • Nothe Fort is Weymouth’s No.1 heritage attraction
  • Last year we had nearly 70,000 visitors 
  • We have an army of over 100 local volunteers who not only help run the Fort, but also contribute to the economic wellbeing of Weymouth
  • Our school programme is over-subscribed, with over 3,330 children participating in our evacuee experience
  • We are involved in numerous community partnerships, for example Museum of the Moon which had over 15,000 visitors in one weekend.

“The Nothe Fort is recognised as being one of the foremost drivers of tourist traffic in Weymouth. The Weymouth BID are delighted that Nothe Fort is working with the town to develop successful ventures such as 2019’s Museum of the Moon."

Claudia Webb, Weymouth BID 



Loss of income and tourist visitors. Nothe Fort opens seasonly from April - October, and therefore we could lose the year’s income.  . We have been financially self-reliant and have had little support from local authorities. We need to reopen to generate income.

Loss of use of historic monument.  Due to social distances we will be unable to reopen areas below ground, with narrow corridors and small rooms.  However, we are lucky to still have the use of the large historic space of the parade ground and Fort ramparts which command stunning views of Weymouth Bay.  

Loss of volunteers.  Nothe Fort is able to open to the general public due to an army of local volunteers, many of whom are over 70 years old .  We need to support our volunteers to return and ensure that Nothe Fort is a safe environment.


“Mum used to take us (4 girls) regularly to Nothe Fort.  We used to love looking for the mice!  As teenagers we used to hide in dark corners and frighten the tourists!

Now that I’m a mum, I bring my boys and I take pleasure seeing the Fort through their eyes.  They love looking for the mice just as I did when I was a child!

I’m a primary school teacher, and recently I offered my specialist skills to help the Fort review their education programme.  I was really nice to see how I could make a difference.”

Suzannah Martin



In order for Nothe Fort to reopen we need funding to undertake essential alterations to the museum’s entrance and display areas.  The work will include:-

  • Alterations to the ticket desks 
  • Alterations to the entrance area to ensure 2 metre distancing
  • Barriers at the entrance 
  • Signage at Nothe Gardens and in the Fort
  • Portable hand-sanitizer stations
  • Alterations to exhibition areas to allow social distancing
  • Story boards around the grounds



We would be delighted to receive any size of donation that people can make, as every pound moves us nearer towards our target of £5,000 and being able to double that amount thanks to Dorset LEP’s match-funding.



We would love to invite you to a private opening of Nothe Fort, where we will thank you in person for supporting our crowd funding campaign.

We look forward to changing our campaign to:  We are open.  We are safe.  



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Private View Opening

We would love to invite you to a Supporters only Private View Opening of Nothe Fort where we could thank you in person for your amazing support.

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