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We want to grow our social enterprise to support new initiatives. To do this we need to improve our infrastructure.

by North Devon Permaculture in Highampton, England, United Kingdom


Over the last four years we have seen our project grow and develop into something that people have begun to admire and feel inspired by. People who visit us, say it feels like they are coming home. We want to harness this, and the work we are doing with Early Years education, by developing the infrastructure at Wishtree. 

Plants For a Future came to visit us in the Spring and gave a wonderful description of what we're doing. 


We have seen how much people have benefited from the natural woodland, surroundings of Wishtree for their wellbeing and how, through Permaculture education and the new Children In Permaculture curriculum, we have been able to support our community with food and wellbeing initiatives such as our Nourish and Flourish Early Years project and Incredible Edible community food growing project, which we are facilitating as part of our local community group, Hatherleigh Spaces. 


Preschool Testimonial:

“Wendy and Iain have been working with us at preschool for the last two years. In that time they have really become part of our team. With weekly visits the children have really got to know them as friends and some even ask why they aren’t in. They have extended their involvement from being mainly outside to also using the sunshine room and den for small groups, bringing in different challenges each week for staff as well as children, which have made everyone’s confidence grow. And they have given us planning to support their ideas. The children were able to be involved in creating the garden area, growing and planting the crops and then harvesting and eating them. Who would have thought that 2, 3 and 4 year olds would be happy to eat raw cabbage!? – but they were, because they had been involved “hands on” in every part of getting it onto their plate for snack time. Permaculture supports our British values of mutual respect and care for each other and the environment around us. Also the staff training made us challenge ourselves to think about things in a different way. All in all we find Permaculture a big inspiration to our preschool in many different ways and we are looking forward to our next project together.” 


We would like Wishtree to become a key element in our work. We already run a small nursery which enables us to sell to the public or donate to the community projects we do. 

We would like more people to be able to benefit from the Tagorean feel of Wishtree as well as improve the infrastructure and legal requirements we need, in order to support Early Years education and deliver additional learning across the spectrum of ages and abilities. 

We want to make Wishtree accessible to all. We also have a vision to support the new Nature Prescribing initiative, helping local GPs to signpost people to us for their physical and mental wellbeing. 

What We Need 

The infrastructure we need is not just structural. As our work has increased we need to increase our capacity to write our evidence base reports. 

We'd also like to increase our capacity to run courses and workshops all year, rather than just in the Summer months. 

In addition we want to ensure we are running efficiently and as a professional centre, so this crowdfunder will give us an opportunity to attend relevant training, to add to our already existing record of development.

This crowdfunder will also enable us to purchase the required insurance for the land and to update our skills and training. 

A very important element, and probably the most key point is.... it will also enable us be more accessible by improving our access paths and parking! 

What We’ll Use Your Money For 

So here’s what we’d do with your generous investment: 

•Purchase a suitable teaching structure that can withstand the weather conditions such as strong winds, cold, damp and wet. We'd like to buy a yurt which we can set up as a strong, warm, cosy teaching space. This will also increase our abilty to run courses and help put income into the buiness. This will in turn support the work we do with early years education....our main focus and commitment. 

•Purchase additional solar panel and battery. This would improve our ability to write up our reports and save on fuel, travelling to the library for electricity. 

•Our office is a leaky shed. We’d love to be able to mend the roof! 

•We love the mud but it can wear us out when walking on pathways. Firmer, drier hardcore ones would be a dream come true and make wheelbarrowing easier. 

• Our 4 year old mobile phone keeps us in touch somewhat with the world but it’s slow and often doing research is a slow process, time consuming and therefore inefficent. Purchasing a landline would ensure we didn’t miss bookings and would enable us to do our research much faster! 

•We’d like to fine tune our skills to include forest school training, first aid training, further teacher training, and other CPD.

•Help support the growth of the Incredible Edible community garden and our local community.

We've learned that in order to be able to spread our knowledge of permaculture, these are the elements that will help us to fulfill our vision of a more resilient, regenerative world.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£200 or more

Course weekend

A free place on any of our courses including catering (and accommodation depending on season)

£10 or more

Personal Thank You And Seed Guild

We will send you a personal hand drawn thank you card and a selection of seeds from our nursery to grow your own edible plant guild.

£25 or more

Thank you and Seeds For a Year

Hand made thank you card, and we'll send you a polyculture packet of seeds grown by us, three times throughout the year, so you can grow amazing plants with the seasons.

£50 or more

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Thank you, Seeds for a Year & Perennial Shrub

A thank you card created by us, a polyculture of seeds for a year and a perennial shrub of your choosing. (Seeds and plant availability will depend on weather conditions)

£250 or more

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Edible Garden Design

We will work with you on a basic edible garden design. Designs through email accepted.

£500 or more

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A Weekend Camping At Wishtree

We will dedicate a weekend to you, giving you personal 1-2-1 attention where you can experience how we live and work. You will be able to learn the basics of Permaculture. We'll provide food and locally produced beer and wine. You will also receive a free Reiki therapy session from Wenderlynn, a trained Reiki practitioner.

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