No Rest For Us - A Short WW2 Grad Film

by Jordan Melia in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

No Rest For Us - A Short WW2 Grad Film
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No Rest For Us is a story of loss and abandonment, set in WW2. It centres around two soldiers alone and far from home with little hope left.

by Jordan Melia in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any Money raised that is not used for production will be given to the Help For Heroes charity. It is a charity with close connections to our film and is a way to help those who have suffered in similar circumstances.

The Story:

In 1940 during Operation Dynamo, 338,226 allied soldiers were rescued from Dunkirk and the French shoreline. However, 40,000 were left behind, left to be captured, humiliated and tortured by the enemy. The heartbreaking reality was that these men were the ones helping their friends and fellow soldiers onto the boats to escape, the ones holding back the surrounding enemy forces from the beach. They were so close to home but ended up so far, left behind and alone.

Our story begins on the shore as three soldiers, Dale, Stanley and a body was up on the beach after failing to evacuate from Dunkirk. They are deep behind enemy lines and far from allied forces. Dale has been mortally wounded, but hides it from his friend. Stanley believes they can still get home, refusing to accept that their chance of rescue is now gone. As the story unfolds, Dale's condition worsens and he loses his grip on reality, haunted by those he will leave behind and memories of his wife. Stanley struggles to come to terms with a future without his friend and being alone, surrounded by danger, so far from safety, so far from home.

With this production I want the audience to feel the reality of war and its effects on these soldiers. A representation of what these men felt after bing left behind, being so close to home with the reality they may never make it back. Losing those close to them and being alone with a real treat of death every moment of every day they remain. Your donations will help us achieve this goal.

  • How you can help us:

For this film to be truly authentic and successful our costume will need to be a correct representation of those worn by soldiers in 1940. We will be closely working with the Royal Exchange Theatre Costume Department in Manchester to create the three uniforms and your donations will allow us to include realistic props and outfits for our characters to truly create the setting of the second world war. 

With our location, we are hoping to film in the idyllic hamlet town of Annaside in Cumbria on its stunning stretch of beach. Your money will help us to turn our location into an accurate war torn French beach that truly represents the situation these soldiers would be left in. We will use props and set dressing to make it truly feel like a hostile, lonely place.

Any funds over what are needed will be donated to the Help for Heroes charity.

Meet the crew:

Jordan Melia - Director/Producer

I'm Jordan, the lead on this project. I'm a third year film student with most of my experience as a producer through my years in university at Manchester Metropolitan University. For my graduation film, my final project I wanted to make something that truly felt my own, I wanted to direct and produce a film with a theme that felt personal to me. I had the concept for this film for around four years and wanted to focus ion the idea of loneliness and coming to terms with your own demise. The reason I choose the WW2 setting was because these were the feelings many soldiers felt in this war, death being a looming fear for everyone involved. After researching I discovered that 40,000 men were left behind at Dunkirk and from their testimonies, they said they were left in France, captured and tortured, for some, five years. I wanted to tell a story of how they must have felt right before their capture, being so close to home. I have a fantastic crew working with me who I know will help me to make this film the best it can be and tell this story completely.

Aaron Holmshaw - Cinematographer

I've been invested in cinematography for a few years now and even managed to win a couple of film festivals on the way, this film is a chance for me to really push my self and make the best film possible. I've always been a fan of war films growing up from films like saving private ryan, the attonement and more recent films like Dunkirk. these films inspire me in a way which other film genres don't, and I feel that the emotion that comes with it is important to be shown in these films.

Holly Leece - Assistant Camera

Holly is a passionate, driven documentary and narrative filmmaker who is currently working on an exciting documentary that explores identity in post-war Bosnia. Holly has worked as freelance filmmaker for the past two years, working for a number of independent organisations such as the NHS, on top of completing 5 films over her current time at Manchester School of Art.

Edward Murden - Writer

Ed is the writer for our project and has been involved in many production during his time at university. He and the director have worked together in the past on the short documentary We're Drawn To This. He is currently working on many exciting scripts and has really helped to create the harsh world and heart breaking story for our unfortunate soldiers. It's a story that helps to represent some of the horrors of the Second World War.

Kiran Crampton - Editor

My name is Kiran Crampton and I am a third year student studying Filmmaking at MMU. I have a deal of editing experience and have worked on many short films and other projects including documentary snd exhibition pieces. Im excited to tackle the tone and mood of this film as well as working with the subject of war and mortality. I love the friendship these two characters have and am excited to get to work making it come to life.

Sam Hills - Stanley

I'm Sam, I'm playing the part of Stanley in this film. I'm 20 years old and I'm a current first year student at Manchester metropolitan university studying English at film. Outside of university however I am an aspiring actor trying to make my way in that world. I am a member of the national youth theatre which has helped me really look into what style of acting I want to follow as well as being able to make connections. I also got the opportunity to be an extra in 1917 which really got me interested in this film. Stanley to me is a character that I can easily connect and sympathise with and his journey through this film has really got me excited for this project. Other than acting I've got a general love for all arts and enjoy a good gig or exhibit. I have also recently found enjoyment in rock climbing as a good release of stress. I am very excited to have been chosen for this project and I know that we are working on something special.

Ben Stitch - Dale

I’m Ben Stitch and I’m studying Media and Performance. I’ve done a lot of theatre work over the past three and half years and will soon be staring in a performance of ‘Out of Sight, Out of Murder’ with the Almost Famous Theatre Company this February. Last year I took a year out to work as a Performing Arts Technician at a school and gained a whole new technical experience. Alongside this, I’ve worked as an amateur filmmaker, starring in my own films, purely for the love of the art. I heard about the project a few months ago and am delighted to have been cast as Dale, I think the project is really ambitious, I want to translate that to the screen. I think I work best as a naturalistic actor and am hoping to bring a sense of honesty to this character. Dale’s story is really fascinating to me, there’s a lot to explore here. He’s essentially someone the same age as me, just born 80 years earlier, his world is very different from ours. It’s interesting to explore how that world has affected him, yet also in what I share with the character, the details that still resonate with us today.

We are all very excited about this project and hope you will consider being a part of it too.



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