Voyage of thanks to Hampshire NHS Families

by Carol Freeman in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

Voyage of thanks to Hampshire NHS Families


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Join us in showing our heartfelt thanks by offering 24 young people, who are NHS workers or their children an exhilarating sailing adventure

by Carol Freeman in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

Do you know someone who works for the NHS in Hampshire who has gone above and beyond to care for our home county during the pandemic? Would you like to nominate them, or their children, for an adventure of a lifetime? Here’s how you can get involved… 

With this campaign, we hope to raise £15,000 by Wednesday 30th September to offer 24 people aged 12-25, who are either NHS workers or their children, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in a week’s sailing adventure. As well as a whole range of fantastic rewards, for every donation - from £5 to £5,000 - you will get the opportunity to nominate an NHS worker of your choice. 

During the lockdown there have been some remarkable stories of the selfless work of the NHS, and the sacrifices and risks their families have had to take.  Now, you can say ‘thank you’ and give back to those who have been caring for our home county throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


If you back this project, as well as giving a life-changing experience to a deserving young person, there are a variety of rewards ranging from £10 to £5,000 including:

  • £35: A limited edition Tall Ships Youth Trust t-shirt plus your name featured on our website
  • £100: A limited edition Tall Ships Youth Trust hoodie, coffee mug plus a shout out on Twitter
  • And much more…


A girl in a blue shirt  Description automatically generatedI first sailed with Tall Ships in 2003 as an unconfident 16 year old. Now, I look back and credit that experience with giving me the determination to get into medical school and become a doctor in the NHS.

After my first voyage I was asked to come back and sail as a member of the volunteer crew. I have since taken part in 12 voyages helping many other young people develop themselves in the way that I have done.  Being part of a team, meeting like-minded people, overcoming fears, and leadership skills are all aspects of my character that were developed through my experiences with the Tall Ships Youth Trust. 

Now, as a local doctor, I meet people all the time who look my life and think the things I have done aren’t possibilities for them. What they don’t see is that I also have serious health problems; severe asthma and other conditions that have meant I have spent too much time on ‘the other side’ of the doctor/patient divide. 

I spent a week seriously ill in QA with sepsis last month and am beyond grateful for the care I have received from my colleagues. Having been a patient on a ward that has treated covid patients, I have seen from both sides the dedication and unrelenting care that is given to everyone. It is a bit of a cliche, but I genuinely believe that it is down to all the staff - not just the doctors and nurses. All those who aren’t ‘seen’ such as the cleaners, admin staff, laboratory technicians etc. make the NHS what it is. It is humbling to see the public get behind us all, and I hope everyone now sees how lucky we are with the hospitals and GPs we have in the South. 


Our plan is to set sail with 24 young people, who are either NHS workers or their dependents, aged 12-25, from Hampshire. The young people selected will take part in a programmed voyage next year.


Our youth voyages are unforgettable experiences suitable to any ability – no experience necessary. They are truly exhilarating adventures.



It costs £7,500 to operate each yacht on this voyage which includes running costs, berth fees, fuel, food and snacks for everyone on board.

With your help and with support from Crowdfund Portsmouth, we can raise £15,000 which means the voyage will be free of charge for everyone taking part and they will just need to contribute £19.95 to cover the cost of their insurance.

We know we can do it with your support! 


Donate to nominate – For every donation you will have the chance to nominate a deserving NHS worker who has been working tirelessly throughout the covid-19 pandemic for Hampshire’s NHS, all you need to do is simply donate to our Voyage of Thanks Crowdfunder.

In addition to the fantastic opportunity you are giving to young people, you could get lots of truly fantastic rewards! 


If you would rather forego a reward, you can of course simply donate any amount of your choice. 


We are the UK’s oldest and largest sail training charity, but becoming a sailor is not the only outcome. We are a youth development charity that helps young people redefine their horizons through adventure learning at sea.1594131057_jm_19-11-21_arc_0493_1.jpg

We take young people aged 12-25 on residential youth sailing voyages on board ocean-going yachts. Out on the water, under sail, they learn lessons that set them up for life and help them realise their full potential.

To support our mission, we also run a programme of adventurous voyages for adults that directly subsidise our highly effective Youth Development Programme.

We have a vision of society where the exclusion of young people and lack of opportunities for them are things of the past. Together with our supporters, we are doing everything we can to help young people from all over the UK stand taller than ever before.

In line with government guidelines we had to cancel all our spring and summer voyages, but we are doing everything we can to ensure that we will operating again as soon as we can, in a safe way.

Want more information about the Tall Ships Youth Trust? Find our more about our fantastic work here.


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The obvious risk for each voyage is the weather, but the Challenger yachts have circumnavigated the world, and are built to cope with the worst weather. If we don’t achieve the full target, we will work to secure top up funding, if needed. 



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