New Maths Exam Board

by The Maths Teacher in Worcester, England, United Kingdom

New Maths Exam Board
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To create a new Maths exam board that splits the government specification into three sections - core, industry and academic.

by The Maths Teacher in Worcester, England, United Kingdom

Why does every student need to learn Trigonometry?

Lockdown has caused many students to miss out on a large part of their education. This is the time to review the education system and look at how we can improve it. 

The current Maths GCSE is split into two sections (Foundation and Higher) with some students struggling to know which tier to take and both have a high breath of knowledge which does not allow teachers to go into a deeper understand and increases the stress put on both staff and students. 

This stress is leading to many professionals leaving the profession even with bursaries of over £30,000.

We would like to change this by creating a new exam board and having a three tier system -

Core Maths - Every day Maths that will include context such as banking and pensions.

Industry Maths - Maths that you would be expected to see in the work place.

Academic Maths (Optional) - Maths required to go onto further study including A-level Maths.

This will reduce the breath of knowledge required by the first two tiers and allow teachers to go into a deeper, problem solving knowledge of each topic including context that students will likely see later in life.

This will hopefully reduce stresses of students, allow employers to have a better understanding of what employees understand and reduce the pressure on teachers to fit a large specification in a short space of time.

The new system can be reflected onto the current progress 8 system:

Core 1-4, Industry 3-6, Academic 5-9.

This system would also mean that not every student national would be taught topics such as Trigonometry and Arc Lengths (Foundation topics) but allow deeper understanding such as how interest rates affect mortgages.

Our plan is to build an exam board to focus on re-takes and key skill courses in colleges in year 1 and to look at implementing at a GCSE level in schools in year 2.

Please let me know if you need anymore details, but please do help in reducing the stress for students, staff and parents and allow students to have a richer Mathematical education. 

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