Funding for Milk Alternative & Nut Butter Machine

by Kathy Sirl in New Milton, England, United Kingdom


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To provide milk alternatives made freshly, to individual tastes, no additives and no packaging - we can't recycle the cartons in our area.

by Kathy Sirl in New Milton, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Kathy and I have recently opened the first Zero Waste Refill Shop in the New Forest area.  We are located a mile from the nearest beach and a mile from the New Forest and are very aware of our environment with regular beach cleans and forest litter picks and lots of community members really appreciating the service of zero packaging shopping we are offering.

I noticed that there are no recycling facilities in the New Forest area for the cartons that milk alternative products come in and so I offered to take in packs and take them to the next county to their recycling collection facility.  In the first week I received over 750!  This made me think - most of those brought in were from oat, almond, soya and coconut milks.  There is obviously a need for recycling in our area but I have been unsuccessful in getting our councils to take this need on board so, I thought outside of the box and thought 'Can we provide a service which would mean customers can make their own milks on site and not use these cartons at all?'

The answer was yes!  So I made a Facebook poll and asked who would use it - the result was overwhelmingly in favour of us getting a machine but - to have two Nutramilk machines in store would cost us just over £1000.  So, I have started crowdfunding!

By getting a machine we can offer the raw ingredients to make all the milk alternatives at a lower price than a carton would cost to buy, allow customers to make their milks to their own preferred recipes and concentrations and all with no additives - meaning a fresher, cheaper product with no waste!  It's a win-win situation, we just need help to raise the funds.

We would need two machines to start to allow for one to be being washed while another is being used and hopefully one day we can increase to an extra head which would allow both machines to be used at the same time.

We can look forward to offering a great fresh product that our community wants and that will help reduce plastic waste and so have a positive impact on the community all round.  Please help if you can.

If every person who liked our Facebook page gave just a pound, we would be nearly there!

Thank you


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Get 25% off your first house blend nut milk or butter

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Get your name on the board of thanks in store when the first machine is installed

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Get 50% off your first house blend nut milk or butter

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Get your first house blend nut milk or butter on the house in a reusable bottle or jar!

Let's make 'Funding for Milk Alternative & Nut Butter Machine' happen