Music in these Four Walls

by Flick Heath in London, England, United Kingdom

Music in these Four Walls


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Raising funds for Help Musicians and We Need Crew. A zine packed with interviews discussing a year without live music due to the pandemic.

by Flick Heath in London, England, United Kingdom


‘Music in these Four Walls’ is a printed A6 zine that’s been curated by Flick Heath to raise funds for Help Musicians and We Need Crew – two incredibly important charities that have been carrying out amazing work to support musicians and industry professionals throughout the pandemic.

The zine consists of approximately forty interviews with music industry professionals who've been affected by the loss of live music this year, with everyone from artists and tour managers to radio presenters and promoters. 

These honest, and, at times, raw interviews reflect on the challenges and pain of the last 12 months, but also allow us to look forward to a brighter future. I hope the zine allows readers to feel connected and comforted in collective reflection of how the last year has impacted everyone, whilst also providing hope.

In this 80+ page zine, I'll be asking each interviewee about the impact the loss of live music has had on them both professionally and personally, how they've kept their love of music alive, how they've adapted to working virtually (if they’ve been able to) and what they've been doing in a year without events. They’ve also shared a photo of themselves representing what music has meant to them over the last 12 months, whether that’s sitting in their home studio or holding up records they’ve had on repeat.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates as I release a full list of who I’m speaking to – including musicians, tour managers, radio presenters, live music photographers, music video directors, artist managers, promoters... the list goes on! I’ll also be sharing interview teasers where I’ll reveal some thought-provoking quotes from the conversations.


I’ve freelanced in production/events for over 7 years and have worked on numerous live shows, from Glastonbury to the Brits and more. Alongside having worked in the industry, I’m a huge music fan – nothing quite matches up to watching musicians lose themselves on stage, hearing and seeing a crowd of fans roar, booking gig tickets in a panic as you know they’ll sell out instantly, and working with such inspiring and fun colleagues who are equally energised by their love of music.

I wanted to do this project to help support those who’ve lost work or been affected by the loss of live music due to the pandemic. The zine is an important reflection that whilst we’re all dealing with the realities of the last year in our own way, we are all in this together and need to support each other through to the other side and focus on the positives that are to come.


There’s a reason I’ve delved into the minds of these brilliant people and that’s to raise money for two brilliant charities – Help Musicians and We Need Crew. I’ve outlined more information on each of those charities below:

Help Musicians is a charity that loves music and for 100 years has been working hard to make a meaningful difference to the lives of musicians across the UK. They want to create a world where musicians thrive. Sadly, the impact of the pandemic means the charity is needed more than ever in 2021, its centenary year. Last year they were able to provide financial hardship support to over 19,000 music creators and increase access to their mental health services by 40%. In 2021, this ongoing need will continue at scale while the music sector recovers and rebuilds.

We Need Crew is a charity that was started by touring colleagues Alice Martin & Karen Ringland in October 2020, in association with 'We Make Events'. We Need Crew alone have raised over £250k for the charity 'Backup Tech’ with the help of their supporters. The charity usually runs a benevolence fund to offer their industry workers grants for living costs or medical expenses, including for mental health therapy. However, during the pandemic they opened a Covid-19 relief fund, and We Need Crew’s contribution went out in emergency financial grants and towards mental health support.


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- 100% of profits will be split 50/50 between Help Musicians and We Need Crew.

- Please ensure you order before the closing date if you’re interested in the project, otherwise you will not be able to get hold of a zine (but you will of course still be able to donate to the charities!).


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