Mount Hawke Millennium Green - Fit for Play

by Mount Hawke Millennium Green Trust in Mount Hawke, England, United Kingdom


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We need YOUR help to buy new play & exercise equipment suitable for all ages & abilities to use in our space at the heart of our village.

by Mount Hawke Millennium Green Trust in Mount Hawke, England, United Kingdom

Mount Hawke Village Millennium Green is run and maintained by volunteers, which many people don’t realise. A handful of volunteers gave up over 150 hours during the last year to tidy, maintain and most importantly fundraise for the millennium green.


Improvements in 2020

Their tireless fundraising has already led to the replacement of much of the old play equipment and we all know it couldn’t have come at a better time! 2020 really showed us how important it is to have an open shared space in the heart of our little village.


Now we need YOUR help, YOUR voice and YOUR donations.

Help us to raise the remaining funds needed for the installation of more much-needed outdoor activity equipment and more importantly help shape the future of the green for everyone who uses it. Even a £1 donation will make a difference, please give what you can to support the work of the volunteers who help make the green such a wonderful asset for our village community.

Play Space

We want to provide outdoor equipment for all ages and activity levels. Just a handful of volunteers secured £18,500 in funding in 2018-20. We now need to raise additional funds of £35,000 to finish the play space project by 2022. 


Seating and Meeting

We would also like to see new seating and meeting areas installed so more people from our community can come together and share this beautiful space. Wooden benches just don’t have the lifespan and low maintenance value of some other alternatives, so we aim to introduce some low maintenance and robust seating options all around the green to allow the community to come together and make memories for many more years to come.


Planting & Wildlife

We want to work harder to improve the biodiversity and educational value of our space by planting more native wildflowers and plants to benefit our local wildlife and teach our future generations the importance of their environment and community.


To be in with a chance of securing an additional £5000 in funding from the Calor Rural Community Fund 2021 we need your likes, shares and donations through the Calor Crowdfunding page. The projects with the most likes and donations will be selected as finalists with the top 11 campaigns going before a panel of judges to be awarded £5000.

So please click, share, shout and dig deep.

We will be awarded 10 points for every donation our campaign receives and 1 point for every like/vote and 1 point for every share. Follow the link at the top of this page and register to donate and like.

The projects with the most points will then be reviewed by a judging panel who select the winners and if we are selected we will receive £5000 in funding for our project! How amazing would that be?

How can we REWARD you? 

You can be sure that once the crowdfunding campaign comes to an end and we have the funds to install new play equipment and seating we will be raring to host our annual Summer Fair! (In line with updated COVID restrictions) 

What’s even more exciting is this year is the 21st birthday of our Millennium Green. Such a milestone needs celebrating! We can’t wait for the supporters of this project to join in with our birthday festivities.


We are offering several specific rewards to say thank you for contributing to this next stage in creating a space fit for future generations of the Mount Hawke community.

The rewards listed to the right include an invitation for all donors to join us at our next Summer Fair and aticket for our 21st Birthday prize draw.

We have a range of rewards on offer to thank you for your donation, just click to donate and claim them. We are also offering packages that will be of interest to local and parish based businesses. So if you know someone who would be interested in supporting their local community, please share our story and our project page.

Sometimes it’s not about money!

It’s been a hard year for so many and we understand that a monetary donation isn’t always an option. However, we need votes just as much as donations. Could you encourage 10 friends to sign up and vote for our play space project? Points really do mean prizes (well funding!)

This is also an opportunity for us to shout about our monthly green workouts, hosted on the second Sunday of every month between 2-4pm. You can contribute to our community space by litter picking, light maintenance, gardening and pruning tasks.


We will keep you updated throughout the campaign on our Facebook and Instagram pages - please follow along to share in our progress  

If you haven’t already watched our fundriaising video, I urge you to follow the links above. The lovely Diana Rodda, Chairman, Trustee and Volunteer for the last 21 years has put pen to paper to sum up the importance of our green space and what you can do to help it flourish  

Our Funding Poem

Here in Mount Hawke, right at its heart 

Our Millennium Green is a gem!

Somewhere to walk, talk and take part 

Play, laugh, meet again and again.

How lucky are we?... to have such a space... 

A place for us ALL to play.

Our green, safe and sociable, fabulous place 

From 2000 right up to today.

But time has a way of moving along

So we need to get things updated

Wooden equipment can’t always stay strong 

But plastic is just overrated!

Help is needed for children and adults to play 

Make the most of the great outdoors

We’d like to present some ideas and to say... 

We’re happy to listen to yours.

With fitness equipment to help with your health 

And some natural places to play

If together we can raise enough wealth

Our green space will improve day by day.

It may not happen overnight

The amount that we need is quite large

But perhaps with the help of skilled people we might 

Make a hole in the size of that charge!

Designing and building our own play creations 

Will certainly be quite a goal

But for the sake of ALL generations

Let’s go at it body and soul.

So let’s make the story of our lovely Green 

A dream that will really come true

The next generation need to be keen

And its future’s depending on YOU!

If ALL of us give just a little amount

Either it money, ideas or time...

Then we, as a village, can make something count 

Which will last for a very long time.

Thank you


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Wildflowers - small patch 1msq

Help us support the bees, butterflies and wildlife while bringing wonderful flowers to our little patch of green!

£10 or more

Bulb Planting Party

Join us for a bulb planting party this autumn. You can get involved and help us plant flowers that will not only brighten our space but be the early sources of nectar for bees and other insects when they wake from their winter slumber! Let’s brighten up spring!

£15 or more

1 of 25 claimed

Fence of Fame - small plaque with personal message

A message of your choosing to be placed on our fence of fame. You can dedicate it to your family, a lost loved one or your best friend. You could even write a message to make a stranger smile. The message will be displayed on a wooden plaque 25 x 15cm landscape. Number of characters and design options agreed at a later date. All wording must be agreed with the VCA and must be suitable for a public space used by children.

£25 or more

2 of 5 claimed

Dedicated Wildflower patch 1msq

We will sow a little patch of wildlife heaven that will forever bloom with native wildflowers and grasses. Your name and message will appear during the planting process.

£25 or more

1 of 25 claimed

Fence of Fame - large plaque with personal message

A message of your choosing to be placed on our fence of fame. You can dedicate it to your family, a lost loved one or your best friend. You could even write a message to make a stranger smile. The message will be displayed on a wooden plaque 40cm x 20cm landscape. Number of characters and design options agreed at a later date. All wording must be agreed with the VCA and must be suitable for a public space used by children.

£150 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Repair and Renovate the Pergola

The pergola offers a small area of covered seating and we know it’s well used by so many of you so the volunteers would like to install some permanent seating. This would provide some much needed sheltered seating so the space can be enjoyed whatever the weather!

£200 or more

Benches and seating

Help us to provide more seating and places to meet and commune. There can never be enough places to take a moment, to enjoy the view, listen to the birdsong, appreciate the fresh air. We aim to provide practical and accessible seating fit to last for decades to come. We can arrange for a personal message of your choice to be included.

£450 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Replacement Toddler Swing

Unfortunately one of the new toddler swings was damaged shortly after installation. The cost to replace the one broken swing is £450

£500 or more

0 of 3 claimed

New Picnic Bench

We all know how special it is to have a space we can sit and share a sunny afternoon with friends and family. Wooden benches are lovely, but they just don’t hold up to heavy use or Cornish Weather. We would like to install a number of recycled plastic benches around the park, meaning low maintenance and long lasting! That way we know that the community can continue to use them for the next few decades at least!

£5,565 or more

0 of 2 claimed

Activity Centre Climbing Frame

The trust is looking to install more play equipment to replace the old wooden kit that only has a a short time it will be safe to use. If you would like to support the space with the installation of a new piece of equipment then we would be happy to work with you or your business to select, install and dedicate the equipment with your choice of message.

Let's make 'Mount Hawke Millennium Green - Fit for Play' happen

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