Arts& Crafts Community Bus/ Free Isolation artpack

by Hayley Watson in Exmouth, England, United Kingdom


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To provide a fully equipped mobile arts and crafts bus delivering fun and engaging workshops to promote mental well being in the community.

by Hayley Watson in Exmouth, England, United Kingdom

I am an artist from Exmouth who is collaborating with other woman in the community with a history of working with vulnerable children to the elderly. We are passionate about delivering therapeutic arts and crafts workshops that promote mental wellbeing and connection. We would like to raise money for an arts and crafts community bus so we can reach people in the community that would normally be isolated and bring the workshops to them. With experience of delivering workshops to mental health groups, youth clubs, schools, children in care and many more this funding will be put to great use.  


We will be collaborating with local charities and community groups to deliver and distribute workshops that focus on connecting others through the creative arts. Through collaboration with community groups and councils we are able to highlight the most vulnerable families and sectors of people within the area and create bespoke workshops to cater specifically for their needs and outcomes.  


During COVID-19 we are creating a community movement called ‘Isolation Community Creations’ and distrubiting free arts and crafts packs through community groups, charities, social media and anyone that would like a pack. We have created a FB so the people we reach can share their creations on the site. We will be putting up tutorials, videos and encouraging all people from the community to stay in touch via this site. This has already begun and we are applying for funding and working with ‘Open Arms Mental health Charity’, ‘ECI’ and ‘Friends in need’ as well as much more interest and progression in such a short time.  


My inspiration for starting the Art and Crafts community bus was watching my mum deteriorate with Parkinson’s Disease. It made me determined to bring arts and crafts to the most vulnerable and isolated in our community. My mum was a vibrant, outgoing woman who would regularly attend events in the community. When she got ill and became immobile it was devastating for her as she was lonely, isolated and bored with life. I was thankfully able to do therapeutic art sessions from her armchair at home even into the latter stages of her illness. It gave her real joy and purpose in a time when there was not a lot of joy or purpose to her life. It would give me so much pleasure to see the same difference made to others in the community, as it did my mum before she finally passed away. 

my story 

• Creative Design workshops for       schools.

hello• Workshops tailored for nursing homes and dementia .

• Bespoke workshops for outdoors.

•  (silversmithing experience) Workshops                                                                        

• One-two-one therapeutic tailored workshops.

• Create with your mates workshops / birthday celebrations.

•Mental health charities/groups workshops.

Mental health therapeutic art workshops

• Community projects.                                                              

                                                                                   • Family well-being workshops.
•Festival/events workshops and installations.


• Mindfulness workshops for people dealing with trauma and loss.

• Community environmental installations

I have a wealth of experience in art, craft and design. This is from the extensive skills and training that I have received and developed over the past 25 years. My background is in interior design, mixed media, precious metal clay and silversmithing.

For the the last 5 years I have been delivering highly successful arts and crafts therapy workshops, working with the community producing art installations and teaching recycling through art. My mission is to support clients and groups with arts and craft sessions that focus on delivering a therapeutic experience.I have been working alongside local organisations in East Devon. This includes councils, charities, mental health groups/mental health workers, schools, youth groups, nursing homes and festivals just to name a few!! I can deliver training and workshops to large groups and on a one to one basis. The participants range from very young children to retired adults, of all abilities. Techniques vary in difficulty, from simple paint and tie dying techniques to intricate fine jewellery silversmithing. I am incredibly passionate about teaching people how to help the environment by using recycled materials and turning them into inspiring works of art.

My values are to inspire others through art therapy. Creating a relaxed environment and allowing experimenting with a creative approach. I encourage testing out different mediums and techniques in art, craft and design in a fun creative atmosphere.

No matter who the client, the results are always the same. Not only are new skills learnt but the joy of crafting and being part of a group activity is always felt by participants. Mindfulness and wellbeing is at the heart of everything I do. The positive impact it has on all those involved is what keeps me motivated and why I simply love what I do. 

A mobile art bus will be the central hub for my work. It will allow me to visit more people, deliver a wider range of crafts and create more positive difference in the community.

Being mobile will allow me to access the most isolated and lonely members of the community. I can hold the workshops in the art bus or in the comfort of their own homes. The bus will be specially adapted to allow access to wheelchairs and those with mobility  or disabilities.



As Coordinator of Open Arms East Devon it is a privilege to work with Hayley. Her enthusiasm and work with vulnerable people within the group has made her an essential part of the group. Her work rate and devotion to her work has helped so many of our group become more confident and creative . We could not do without her and will continue to involve her. I cannot recommend her enough.                  Garry Wakeham

Open Arms , mental health

Community mural working with local schools and mental health charities 


   Therapeutic home workshops created for  people with health issues ,feeling lonely    and isolated



• creating group sessions for people with mental health and curating exhibitions to show case the groups work for self worth and therapeutic well being .

 Mental health Art exhibition


What a wonderful result , so inspiring , great leadership. Win Honiton 

 Repeat client



Children’s nursery 

Hayley has been coming into Discovery nursery this year , working with all the children on mini art projects and transforming the secret garden into a magnificent recycled festival garden.

The children have really enjoyed all the new creative activities Hayley has been bringing in.especially decorating a bike and making a magic rainbow tree .

Hayley is such a inspiration to the children and the staff have been really excited about what she has been doing ,and the excitement passes on to everyone else .

We can’t wait to see Hayley every Thursday with her amazing inspiring talents ,creating with the children and staff to finish off our festival garden .


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£3 or more

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£ 3 reward isolation arts and craft pack

Your £3 reward will pay for materials for a therapeutic arts and craft pack For people in the local community that are isolated in these very hard times !! This will put a smile on their faces !!! And help with mindfulness.

£1 or more


Every little bit helps!!! Every single supporter counts, so as a little thank you from us We will name you in our launch and let the community know this wouldn’t of happed with out your amazing support

£10 or more

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£10 reward craft kit donated to someone in need

A therapeutic craft pack that will be donated to someone in the local community ,that is lonely/isolated You can have your name or a special message put on a gift tag , showing you have donated this pack to someone in need

£50 or more

2 of 5 claimed

£50 creative painting workshop

Watch magic happen in front of your eyes ! Therapeutic acrylic pouring workshop Crate your own piece of art to take home. Can be gifted to someone that needs therapeutic art or that is isolated/lonely Within the local community and would like a home visit workshop .

£75 or more

2 of 10 claimed

£75 silversmithing ring workshop

Make your own 925 sterling silver ring Using traditional silversmithing techniques Can be gifted to someone that needs therapeutic art or that is isolated/lonely within the local community and would like a home visit workshop .

£100 or more

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£100 advertisement / sponsorships on art bus

Sponsorship/ advertising on the art bus of your business Showing that you really this amazing art bus , making a real difference to the community. we will be also be advertising you on our social media platforms as a special thank you.

£150 or more

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£150 Reward - Creative Day with an Artist

This entitles you to 1 day workshop health and wellbeing creative workshop using different mediums with myself. Can be gifted to someone that needs therapeutic art or that isolated/lonely within the local community and would like a home visit workshop.

£250 or more

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creative session for a community group

A bespoke workshop, tailored to suit any age and ability for a local community group / charity / nursing home / school

£250 or more

0 of 2 claimed

Silversmith and Precious Metal Clay Workshop

Create a Sterling Silver Ring and Necklace set using traditional silversmithing techniques. Can be gifted to someone that needs therapeutic art or that is isolated/lonely within the local community and would like a home visit .

£1,000 or more

0 of 5 claimed

£1000 Reward - 5 Day Precious Metal Workshop for 2

In depth 5 day course creating stunning jewellery and learning all associated techniques. Can be gifted , special occasions, birthday parties or hen/stag parties

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