MISHMASH - celebrating the work of LAMDA graduates

by Emily Carewe in London, England, United Kingdom


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This project is a chance to celebrate the self-created work of LAMDA graduates in the performance industry, illustrating training in action.

by Emily Carewe in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With more pledges and more funding, I will be in a position to pay myself and any of the graduates involved. I am currently creating this project for free as it is something I care hugely about, but as a producer, it is also massively important to me that I set a precedent of paying the professionals I work with as best I can. 

Beyond paying the creatives involved, I will also be able to put any extra investment towards the funding for the future LAMDA festival. The more I raise, the bigger and better these celebrations for graduates and their work can be!


Thank you so much to everyone that has donated so far. I've so thrilled that we've met our initial target so quickly, so much so that I am aiming higher! With my new, very ambitious target of £1000, I would be able to pay each of the acts involved in the evening, making the work they are putting in more worthwhile. I would also be able to pay myself (something that is very easy to forget to do when creating something like this) and hopefully also invest in the future LAMDA Festival this is a test run for. The more I raise, the more I can pay everyone involved! So every little helps! 



My name is Emily Carewe and I'm an actor and producer who graduated from LAMDA in 2017. 


I've been given the opportunity by LAMDA to create an event celebrating the work of our graduates as part of the Hammersmith and City Arts Festival. I'm calling the event MISHMASH - celebrating the breadth and variety of work being created across the industry. LAMDA have been kind enough to donate The Carne Theatre on Saturday 8th June and I am in the process of programming a mix of 20-minute pieces created by graduates, at different stages of development and encompassing a range of styles. 


This project is especially important to me as LAMDA has given me this opportunity as a test for a bigger idea - a LAMDA Festival. This is my chance to prove to them that I can pull something really exciting together, so they'll trust me with my bigger idea for the future.


With LAMDA's donation of the space, I am lucky that costs for the event are low, however I do need to raise £400 to pay for Front of House and Technical staff. 

This is where you come in. If I can get 40 of you to donate £10, then the target will be met - that's it! And for such a small donation, you could really help make this project a reality. 

LAMDA has never hosted a public production of graduate work before, so this is a really exciting chance to bring alumni from far and wide back into the building and celebrate how our training has been put to practical use. No matter how big or small, every donation will help make this celebration as successful and inspiring as it should be.

If you are passionate about funding the arts, and if you want to be part of something bigger in the future for both LAMDA and its graduates, then please donate!


One of the things that I believe LAMDA encourages in its students is the ability and agency to create your own work - any graduate reading this will be familiar with Auto-Cours and Make Your Own Films, projects that are deeply loved and embedded in the school curriculum and allow students to experiment with expressing themselves creatively in a safe environment. 

This encouragement has led to a huge number of LAMDA Graduates taking their career into their own hands, establishing companies and going on to create incredibly exciting work - from the West End to Broadway, across festivals, London theatres and touring the UK, productions created by graduates are everywhere and this needs to be celebrated!

Thank you for your help!


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