MISFIT Barbell Club needs NEW specialist Equipment

by Adrian Bradbury in Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 14th September 2020 we successfully raised £10,528 with 81 supporters in 45 days

Local East Sussex community sports club Misfit Barbell is fund raising for new specialist equipment to use in our non profit UK group

by Adrian Bradbury in Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The extra funding will help us grow the club and equipment to use in more locations, teach more workshops in community centres, coach more lessons in schools and help a bigger reach for fighting against mental health, osteoporosis and obesity. By using strength and fitness as a goal.

Strength is not a size, Strength is not a gender, Strength and fitness is for Everyone.

Fighting obesity, mental health, unemployment, social exclusion and building a strong fun community sports club in East Sussex

About us:

Misfit Barbell Club is a Sussex Non Profit Community sports fitness club started in 2017 that teaches strength and resistance training in a fun welcoming way to all abilities, all ages, all genders, all sexuality, all mental health, all races, and all walks of life. We have a strict no ego and no bullying policy.

Our club provides happiness, fun, security and friendship to our local community and welcomes anyone who wants to learn the many benefits of resistance fitness.

Resistance training not only increases your cardiovascular health but also strengths your joints, the muscles that surround them and makes your skeleton denser helping boost your immune system to help prevent disease, infection or illness.

Boosting your mood, increasing your hormones, helping you sleep, increasing sex drive, accountability, confidence and a fun hobby are some of the many benefits

We have upto date safeguarding, child protection and DBS certifications.

We have a twice weekly club night for active members, coach hobby junior and teenage athletes, we teach youth in schools and run workshops for unemployed through East Sussex council projects.

Previously the club had been run from different gyms and studios who provided our equipment to train with. We ran on donations of equipment and accessories from previous member and gym goers. But recently due to COVID19 our future in these spaces are not guaranteed and the future of the community club looked slim. The equipment and space they provided is now used for paid premium members of those gyms and studios. We have secured a new private club house space for the Misfit Barbell club to train from.

The head coach won outstanding sports coach award 2019 at Eastbourne District community awards. We house junior and teenage British and European champions. Team GB lifters. The club holds British, European and world records in junior, teenage, open and masters groups. We run social meets and outings also to help provide to our local community and businesses.




We are crowdfunding for the specialist equipment we need to teach strength movements to our members new and old.


We require/need training bumpers and weights, competition bumper and weights.

We require/need training barbells for women, youth, junior, schools and disability.

We require/need competition, variation and adult barbells.

We require/need storage equipment for the above.

We require/need selections dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands.

We require/need fitness racks, support cages and squat stands to suit our populaces.

We require a modern computer/ipad to store all information for the club.

We require a camera to record and document the club.

We require uniform for coaching and club kit for members. 

We require support from coaches and volunteers.


How does this help us:

Having this equipment provides a club that helps build confidence in community, improves mental health, creates friendships, creates opportunity, improves health and fitness and fights against osteoporosis and obesity.

The club is more of necessity now after the pandemic as people need support, friendship, a boost of mental health, self esteem and physical well being. 






x2 Statement of Endorsement and sponsorship.

 A letter of endorsement supported and provided by Owen Boxall – British Weightlifting, Southern regional relationship manger and British commonwealth champion.


“As a former international weightlifter I think the misfits barbell club offers a unique opportunity to the local community and young people in the area. I started weightlifting at school when I was 15 years old and it changed my life for the better. During my time as a weight lifter I won the commonwealth game 2002 in Manchester, I won 3 gold medals (Snatch, Clean & Jerk and total) I still hold the British and commonwealth games records until this day.


I believe Misfits barbell club coaches to a very high standard and takes a very profession approach, with the target age groups I think there is the potential to develop champions of the future and I would like to help support Misfits barbell club in any way I can.”


Delroy Mcqueen – British Commonwealth 3 x Gold Medalist 


Testimonials from coaches and members.

Volunteering as a coach for Misfit has enriched my life so much, I'm able to give to other people what Adrian gave to me - a huge boost in confidence and self esteem as well as a form of therapy. As someone who has been plagued by poor mental health in the past, i can honestly say this has been the perfect resolve; I've truly found my sense of purpose in this role, it's reinforced my belief in myself and my ability. Misfit has helped me find my calling in life and now I want to support people in enriching their own lives, through health and happiness,  friendship and laughter.

 Assistant volunteer coach – S


As a volunteer at Adrian's misfits barbell club I have met and helped teach people from all walks of life. they are very friendly, understanding and always happy during class. taking in new knowledge and always sensible and respectful.

Assistant volunteer coach – M





"Misfit barbell club has been a revelation for me. I have always be scared of Gyms where lifting occurs, because everyone just looks so unfriendly. However the Misfit barbell Club has been so welcoming, friendly and supportive, I feel completely at ease in the gym. Adrian has taught me all the techniques I need to lift well and safely and the program is designed for all levels to lift what they feel comfortable with and no one is pressured into lifting anything they don't want to. In fact there is no shame in lifting less than anyone else because we all, as a community of people for whom lifting seemed like it wasn't for us, or a bit scary, support each other to lift what we are capable of lifting, so the only person you are really competing with is yourself. It has brought me so much confidence in my own abilities and kick started me on a whole fitness journey that is paying dividends in my personal life and my other sporting activities. I can't thank Adrian and Misfit Barbell club enough for making lifting fun, social and something I look forward to attending"

Russell Philps


Misfit barbell club, the attitude of the head coach and those that helped with the club have really encouraged me to  keep attending. I struggle with mental health in regards to depression, self worth and confidence and this club has helped me deal or cope with same issues. This club and the people who attend are soo welcoming, a loving community.  because of this, the misfits barbell club is a major part of my life and it is very important to me. from experience or point of view, I believe this club can could help a lot more people if given the chance.

 Micheal Conan


Misfits is one of the best things I've been involved in, I look forward to my sessions, training with a group of people from all backgrounds with varying abilities but everyone is so supportive, welcoming and passionate. It gets me off my sofa and through my working week, makes me smile, laugh and feel part of an awesome community of kindred spirits  x

 Karra Brenchley


As someone who has struggled with motivation to exercise and also suffers from social anxiety especially in an environment like a gym the Misfits barbell club has really helped me find a desire to be active and improve my health and mental health in a really positive and welcoming group. Just from my first session I felt relaxed and didn’t feel judged at all for my weight, my lack of experience or lack of ability. At the end of the session I felt the group will be a very positive part of my life and really guide me to improving physical and mental health.

 Craig Gibson


Physical exercise is something that comes quite naturally to me... but I often talk myself out of it as I'm too anxious of doing it wrong, or making mistakes in front of others. Misfits has not only helped me get back into a hobby I haven't loved for over ten years, but given me great confidence to step outside my comfort zone and interact with a new group of people. A new group of friends.

 Michelle Petti


Misfit has contributed so much to my life I don't even know where to begin. I've gone from being a social recluse to thriving in a group of people and social situations used to be nightmare. I've expanded my friendship circle and discovered a side to me that I never knew existed - one full of confidence and happiness.  Before I attended misfit my anxiety dictated everything I did, and this became a vicious cycle with other mental health issues; these problems are pretty much a thing of the past. This club is a safe space for me and so many others, the approach to training is the same regardless of your ability and everyone is always rooting for you in a safe and fun environment. I'm proud to be a Misfit

 S M


Its such an uplifting feeling lifting heavy, improving on technique and surprising yourself at what you can achieve, this totally translates to other things in life and has helped my confidence inside and out of the gym. The community that misfits provides is so valuable we support each other in achieving our goals whilst having fun! I look forward to every Sunday of Adrian’s coaching, he is inspiring and has great spirit. Go misfits!

Nicola Simmonds


It most definitely helps with my mindset, keeps me on a level balance and gives me something to focus on. Being around others who enjoy excersise is so uplifting. And it's like a big community social gathering and gets you interacting with people you may never had met.

Leigh Anne Russell


Misfits isn't just great for my physical health, it's become really important for my mental health too. It gives me a real positive to focus on all week, and I'm applying all of the coaching tips to my regular workouts. I can really see the difference lifting has made to my weight loss, and also in managing and improving a long term back injury. It's great to be part of a community that creates soo much positive energy and to such a diverse mix of people!

Sara Humphrey


Misfit has been just as beneficial to my mental health as well as my physical health. I tend to be quite an anxious person and lifting weights and being in such a friendly supportive group has increased my confidence so much :) it’s the highlight of my week!

Eliza Bobbins


Misfits has helped me realign my strength goals, made me enjoy fitness again and enjoy a social community around fitness

Ps my gf says it’s made me a lot less boring




The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for  misfit barbell a  small British non profit business, an east Sussex community project. Which is going to make it very challenging for the club to survive. Together you can help us a build a stronger future for the club.

We are the Misfits, the outsiders, the rebels, the outcasts, the ones on the outside looking in. We make a difference, we stand together in strength.

Please help Crowdfund Misfit Barbell Club


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